WordPress vs. GoDaddy: Which is the Better Host? in 2021

Last updated on December 2nd, 2021 at 03:54 pm

It truly is tough to make an online business without thinking of two big-name in the industry: GoDaddy and WordPress.

GoDaddy is your net’s top domain registrar — above seventy eight million domain names are purchased via it, and WordPress’s free, open-source content management system has become the absolute most popular CMS on the web easily.

Nevertheless, you will possibly not understand these companies provide website hosting services that can be well-suited for newcomer site owners looking to establish an online business, blog, or personal site.

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Though like their focus on audience, these providers vary in price, attributes, and site-building capabilities.

A solid online presence wants a proper server. Thus, within this specific guide, we will inspect the difference between WordPress.com and also GoDaddy web hosting. After all, you’re going to be in a position to pick which option performs best for your website’s needs.

WordPress vs. GoDaddy Internet Hosting

Nevertheless known primarily because of the free CMS, WordPress now offers free and paid web hosting services through WordPress.com.

GoDaddy is just another domain provider, famous for competitive pricing, straightforward setup, along exceptional client services. These two choice are all absolutely fitted for new blogger.

But, GoDaddy is also suggested for anyone that prefers simplicity and fast setup inside their site management.

WordPress perfectly satisfies blogger and other admins who want personalization for display and work to get a lower cost.

All hosting providers differ inside their benefits and disadvantages; therefore, I will split WordPress.com and GoDaddy web hosting with four important facets: pricing/plans, page-building applications, security, and performance/uptime.

Pricing and Plans

Let us start with covering what is probable first thing in mind: price. When picking an hosting resources, think about the number and quality of capabilities from both services for your price. In addition, be cautious of discounted hosting rates for the very first year.

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These can be ineffective because providers usually increase the month-to-month fee right after the end of your very first term.

WordPress.com Plans and Pricing

WordPress Price & Plan

WordPress.com’s hosting plans are all targeted toward personal site owners along with more small businesses searching to get an all-purpose WordPress solution.

WordPress.com supplies an entirely free hosting plan plus four paid hosting options.

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Even the Free plan could appear attractive; however, its capabilities and storage systems are slightly limited compared to paid plans.

You may nonetheless pursue personal online projects; nevertheless, you are unable to join with any personal domain name, and also, you’ll need to be in for WordPress advertising that sporadically appears on your pages.

For an even far more powerful personal site or perhaps a small business site, obtain yourself a paid plan. WordPress recommends the best class for your needs, ranging from $4 per month to $45 per month.

All paid plans are charged yearly and also comprise a free domain name annually. They all include various free site templates (that WordPress requires “theme”) to pick from.

As prices grow, therefore, do storage space and available features. If you would like to have more extensive personalization or usage of monetization attributes, choose least the Premium plan, since this grade and high comprise unlimited premium themes and advertisement tools.

Also worth note would be WordPress.com’s limited customer support. WordPress.com will not support phone calls, but in the paid plans they have given the facility for 24/7 live chat and email support.

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These options won’t help solve complex technical arguments or difficulties with all third-party applications. For This Reason, you may need Personalized Expert Support sessions, even only to the eCommerce and business plans.

If you crash into problems, WordPress urges referencing its online instruction, knowledgebase, and support forums since you can resolve most of your WordPress-related problems this way.

Plans and Price of  GoDaddy

Godaddy Plan & Price

GoDaddy  goals its site hosting plans by new comer website admin, highlighting its own Simplicity of usage. Together with all plans, you may select your domain name, obtain hosting, and then immediately construct your site all in one place.

That makes GoDaddy perfect for first-timers that wish to obtain their site running whenever possible.

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GoDaddy provides four paid plans, starting up the Economy plan (commencing at $5.99 per month ) up by way of utmost (commencing at $19.99 per month ). Be aware these prices are discounted and applied throughout just your very first year using GoDaddy.

You may receive a lot done on GoDaddy’s cheaper hosting plans. All plans grand admin command throughout cPanel so you could instantly configure your own server and incorporate other online apps.

The most preliminary plan presents a lot of additional storage (100 GB) compared to WordPress.org, and also all greater tiers incorporate unlimited storage. ) Unmetered bandwidth along all plans could keep performance quick throughout periods of greater site visitors.

If you usually rely on customer support such as assistance, then GoDaddy includes a leg up over WordPress. GoDaddy has given its customer award winning 24/7 live chat phone and email support.

Additionally, all yearly plans include a free domain name. This can be actually a wonderful perk, also creates feeling — GoDaddy is popularly famous because of the domain name services.

If you prefer to utilize WordPress as your own CMS, then GoDaddy comprises free simple WordPress set up most of the plans.

Additionally, its provide managed WordPress hosting, so meaning your own server will probably be configured specifically for WordPress to security, uptime and optimize performance. You may watch its specialized WordPress plans.


If you are developing a website from the bottom up, a site builder may help you immediately arrange your web page architecture content and appearance.

Both WordPress.com and also GoDaddy possess their particular custom site-builders incorporated with hosting; therefore, let us compare them.

WordPress.com Site-builder

wordpress site builder

All of WordPress.com hosting plans include a free site builder, so which means you could assemble your pages and arrangement your site free of programming essential.

As opposed to GoDaddy, WordPress themes make it possible for you to personalize your pages’ designs. This empowers intensive customization of the web page as a swap to get a steeper learning curve.

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Building using WordPress may become somewhat concerned; thus, expect to put in a healthy total of tweaking to your website that you will want.

Be aware that WordPress.com’s site-builder differs from your WordPress CMS, and it is more flexible. Although WordPress site builder is significantly more limited in options, it provides the various tools that you want to create an engaging website, free from cost.

GoDaddy Site-builder

godaddy site builder

GoDaddy’s site builder(previously called GoCentral) emphases simplicity and user-friendliness. Those needing style and design experience might very quickly get yourself a site from the earth using GoDaddy’s templates and also drag-and-drop interface.

Search engine optimization and eCommerce applications can be obtained on increased plans.

As the ease of use with the builder defeats WordPress, it arrives at the price of flexibility. GoDaddy delivers much fewer template options than WordPress.com, with limited options for moving your page designs and layouts.

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If you are especially picky regarding your site’s appearance, you would most useful reevaluate into another builder option.

However, to get an easy, intuitive site builder who is certain to receive your online business off the ground fast, consider GoDaddy’s tools. Additionally, try out a few more flexible alternatives you can integrate with GoDaddy web hosting.


There is perhaps no increased threat to online businesses now than cyber-attacks. Still, the very popular sites show up small when it has to do with website security. Over thirty thousand new website are hacked daily.

Your server plays an important part in keeping your website safe and sound. Whenever deciding on a provider, contemplate its reputation.

At the same time, in the cyber-security space, assess the steps it promises to protect its servers and appearance for addons to protect your data.

WordPress.com Security

wordpress.com security

Recurrent updates are all vital to protect your WordPress site from threats. WordPress.com provides automated updates and backups, and it is just one less point that you want to consider. When something goes wrong, simply pull out of the latest backup.

All contemporary browsers may warn people once entering a site that isn’t protected by SSL, thus procuring your site inside this manner is just a must.

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All WordPress hosting plans, for example, free, comes using a pre-installed SSL certification to protecttraffic’ links into your hosting server.

While picking the proper web hosting important for procuring your site, a lot of the responsibility falls from the fingers of the site administrator.

GoDaddy Security

godaddy security

GoDaddy hosting includes many security steps for hosting plans, like steady security tracking, DDoS protection, and anti-spam and anti-malware characteristics for mailboxes. To get another $2.99 per month, then GoDaddy will instantly back up your site each day.

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GoDaddy’s cheaper plans tend not to provide a free SSL. Nevertheless, you obtain yourself a free SSL certification for a single year alone on its Ultimate plan. The Maximum plan comprises a free SSL certification through the whole period of your’s plan.

For extra security features for the GoDaddy site, contemplate its additional site security plans.

Load Time and Uptime

Page performance (i.e., just how quickly your pages load) and uptime (i.e., how frequently your website can be obtained online) is mainly up to your host. If it regards such facets, modest differences make any difference.

Any downtime will soon drive potential and present clients everywhere, and people expect the pages to load in just moments. Google also enjoys pages quickly, also incorporates performance into its rankings.

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Uptime and page speed may increase because you upgrade plans; however, any excellent plan may provide atleast 99.95% uptime over the normal basis, in addition to typical page speeds of just a couple of moments in the least. Let us consider just how WordPress and GoDaddy compare.

WordPress.com Load-time and Uptime

WordPress.com is transparent concerning its speeds and the uptime of all its servers, each of which can be comparable to GoDaddy.

As stated by WordPress’s status support page, downtime is most improbable, and users are promptly notified of unexpected downtime and planned maintenance.

WordPress’s widely distributed server system guarantees trustworthy hosting without interruptions, also as part of this system temporarily goes down.

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In addition, WordPress updates the current performance and status of both WordPress.com servers and associated providers here, and you can find lots of tools to lessen the load period.

GoDaddy Load-time and Uptime

GoDaddy promises 99.9% uptime for several sites with its services. That speed is not anything special, as .01 % down-time will probably add up and change your own purchaser experience in the lengthy term.

Even now, you may get credit from your plan when GoDaddy does not uphold your assurance.

In general, nevertheless, GoDaddy web hosting would seem trusted. An analysis by Hosting Facts discovered that uptime on GoDaddy’s most basic hosting plan stayed stable at approximately 99.7% uptime within a couple of years.

For the price label on cheap hosting, then then this really is in fact just a fantastic effect.

The same review also reasoned that GoDaddy page speed is competitive with different hosts, even with loading time arriving in approximately 500 milliseconds normally.

That is well under the eye brink of their normal site visitor, so many thanks in huge part into the unmetered bandwidth across plans.

Summing Up WordPress vs. GoDaddy

GoDaddy and WordPress both equally offer trusted and scalable hosting alternatives for brand new online businesses.

Considering several factors to think about, it is simple to shed a tab on the pros and pitfalls of each. To help your choice, we have added a table beneath outlining the Key advantages of these providers:

summarize benefites

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