Best WordPress Slider Plugins – Performance + Quality (Comparison).

Last updated on March 29th, 2022 at 08:54 pm

Do you required to include a slider to your WordPress site? There are many WordPress slider plugins that you can choose from. Not all slider plugins are the same. Too many scripts could drop off your site.

This guide will focus on the best WordPress slider plugins for speed, ease-of-use, and overall features. We are looking for the finest WordPress slider plugin, both in terms of quality and performance.

The issue with Sliders in WordPress

WordPress sliders can be slow. A slider that is poorly coded can dramatically increase page load times.

Your server might respond slower if you don’t have reliable WordPress hosting.The ease of using WordPress slider plugins is another problem.

Many of them are cumbersome and require a lot of learning for beginners. Make sure your WordPress slider is compatible with mobile devices. Many of them aren’t.

How can you look through all these slider plugins? You don’t need to. We did all the research, and here are the results.

The competitor for the finest Slider plugin in WordPress

We chose to highlight the most popular and recommended WordPress slider plugins for this article. These slider plugins were highly recommended and used by many.

  • Master Slider
  • Slide Anything
  • Smart Slider 3
  • MetaSlider
  • Soliloquy

We tested each product and compared their performance. We are looking for compatibility, features, ease-of-use, speed, and other criteria.

Let’s go!

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Speed – Which WordPress Slide Plugin is the fastest?

Sliders can slow down your website, which is the #1 problem. Speed and performance not only impact user experience but also have an important impact on SEO.

Slider speed is the most important factor in our comparison. We will first compare the features of the slider plugins to determine which one is the fastest.

We installed  every slider plugin in a demo website. The same images were utilized  to make the slider. The slider was embedded on a blank WordPress page. We didn’t change any settings.

The test was then run using the Pingdom speed tester tool. Here are the results from our testing for each slider plugin.


You can see that Soliloquy was our fastest-loading WordPress slider. Meta Slider was closely followed.

Soliloquy is the best WordPress slide for you if you are looking for a fast, high-performance WordPress site.

It is tempting to believe that all other sliders work well. We think Soliloquy is faster than all other sliders.

You will notice that Soliloquy increased the page load size but not the speed.

This is possible using a simple trick. The main slide and all other slides are loaded at the same. You can upload high-quality slider pictures with minimal performance

Easy of Utilize – Which Slider provide a Greater Customer Experience in WordPress?

Making sliders is not as easy as it seems..  All the top WordPress plugins use too many technical terms in their user interface. Our slider plugin should be easy to use and simple to learn.

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Let’s look at the top competitors in this area.

Master Slider

master slider

Master Slider  another slider plugin, has a different user interface than the rest of the WordPress screens. Although it is simple to use, many options can be difficult to find.

It automatically imports demo slides and starts by selecting a template. These slides can be deleted and replaced with your own.

It comes with beautiful templates and can be easily embedded into WordPress post,  pages,and sidebars using the shortcodes, Gutenberg block and template tag.

Master Slider is best if your WordPress theme automatically loads jQuery upon page load. You can change the plugin settings to force your theme to load assets upon page load if it doesn’t.

Slide Anything

slide anaything

Slide Anything allows you to add any content to a slide. Slide Anything allows you to add text, HTML and images as well as videos. Although it isn’t as intuitive or easy to use as other WordPress sliders, many allow you to add additional types of content.

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All slide content will need to be placed inside an HTML editor. It could be a small tough to sustain your slides as you wish.

Smart Slider3

smart slider

Smart Slider3 has a new user interface that feels different from the rest of WordPress’s admin screens. It’s simple to utilize, and even newbie would find it simple.

However, it has a lot more options than most people realize, which can make it difficult for new users to use. Overall, the user experience is good. You can add a slider to pages and posts using the template tag, short code, default block and template tag.


meta slider

MetaSlider, another WordPress slider, is easy to use. It is easy to create a new slider, and it will automatically take care of all technical settings.

You can choose from different slider scripts, themes and styles, as well as add captions or SEO titles. You can skip all these options for beginners and simply insert a slider anywhere on your site with shortcode, Gutenberg block or widget.



Soliloquy is our most user-friendly WordPress slider plugin. Simply create a new slide and drag and drop the images.

Other things such as resizing images and choosing a theme for the slider, navigation style, and so on are taken care of by it. To save the slider, you can just hit the publish button.

It uses WordPress coding guidelines and seamlessly integrates with the native WordPress admin interface. Soliloquy offers a simple but intuitive interface for creating slides with the default WordPress media uploader.

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It is easy to add your slider to WordPress pages and posts. Soliloquy offers a variety of options, including shortcodes and a Gutenberg block editor block. You can also access the classic editor and widget by clicking on this button.

Features – Which WordPress Slider Plugin Offers More Options?

Any of these free WordPress  plugins may be utilized to make easy slide shows.

Soliloquy, MetaSlider offers many more features. These sliders are fully responsive and work on all screen sizes and devices. Both support video slides, HTML5 videos, featured content slides and themes, animations, transitions and animations are all available.

Both offer a simple interface that is easy to use. They also have add-ons you can download to increase their functionality.

Soliloquy offers slightly more features, such as WooCommerce add-on for product slideshows and social media integration.


Another factor that can help users decide on a WordPress slider plugin is the cost. Here’s the price for one site license of these plugins.


Soliloquy is the most affordable paid plugin, but it doesn’t grant you all of the add-ons. To access all add-ons, you will need the developer license, which costs $89.

Smart Slider3 and MetaSlider3 allow you to access all add-ons with one site license.

Conclusion on the Best WordPress Sliding Plugin

These plugins have been compared, and we can confidently state that this is the best WordPress slider plugin.

Soliloquy It is the fastest WordPress slider plugin on the market. It adheres to all coding best practices. It is well-documented, easy to extend by developers, and even simpler to use by users.

SmartSlider 3 would be our second choice. It is a great combination of functionality and speed. Both developers and beginners will find the interface easy to use.

We expect this article has clarified some doubt about your query the best WordPress slider plugin, both in quality and performance.

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