Best WordPress Questionnaire Plugin for Your Website in 2021.

Last updated on April 15th, 2022 at 06:13 pm

A quiz can be used to increase user engagement and decrease bounce rates. These are excellent metrics Google uses when ranking sites.

Also, quizzes can be a valuable tool to gain insights into your visitors’ preferences and behaviors. This is precisely important if you sell products on your website. 

Because of this, you can get insights from your customers about how to improve your product offerings.

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Just like A/B testing plugins allow you to determine which content resonates with your readers, questionnaires do the same thing. It asks for their answers in an entertaining and fun way.

It’s fine if you don’t want to use a plugin, but you still enjoy writing blog posts and asking readers for their opinions in the comment section.

But, if the neat and professional layout of plugins is what you love, then continue reading to find our top five WordPress  plugins.

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In short these are the best questionnaire plugins in WordPress.

Modal Survey


This is a exceptional WordPress plugin with lot of customers. You can create any type of quiz, poll or survey with Modal Survey. You have also the choice to export the results or print them.

The WordPress Rest API is supported, so the results are available in mobile applications and other third-party software.

This plugin create it simple to make a WordPress quiz using images.The package also includes social sharing buttons. It is possible to assign scores or categories to the answers.

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You can then display the results based upon the category scores on various chart types including radar or pie charts. It also excels in terms of data analytics

The plugin allows you to visualize individual or cumulative data in different graphs or plain text formats, right from your WordPress dashboard.

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This premium plugin is expensive, but it provides all the necessary features to create beautiful questionnaires. . This plugin is available for free at WordPress directory.

The best features

  • Add scores and categories to the quiz.
  • Make conditions and take actions based upon the answers.
  • Emails to admin and auto-response.
  • Massive variety to display results, including graphs and charts.
  • Campaign Monitor, Active CampaignMailChimp, Benchmark, , and many other features supported.

Quiz from OpinionStage


OpinionStage allows you to create interactive content with powerful tools. You can create quizzes, polls & surveys, forms, stories, and other interactive content.

OpinionStage is the perfect tool for you if your primary goal is to increase engagement on your website and gather valuable information about prospects and leads.

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OpinionStage’s quiz maker uses a free model. This means that you can get a lot of features from the free version. 

OpinionStage, a SaaS platform, is even more cool. This means that you will have your very own dashboard in the cloud where you can optimize, analyze, and create quizzes and polls. Isn’t that cool?

WordPress users can use a plugin to connect their site with the cloud-based platform, just like any other SaaS service.

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Give OpinionStage an opportunity! It’s easy to use, cloud-based, and some of the amazing features included with the free plan are pretty impressive.

WP Quiz Pro

wp quiz pro

This popular WP Quiz Pro plugin has over 20 000 active installations. It’s extremely flexible and customizable for creating basic quizzes.

There are many quiz options, including single, multiple, and sorting choices. You can also include images or videos in your questions and answers. 

All questions can spread across multiple pages or displayed on one page.

The shortcode allows you to indicate where to place the quizzes on your website. You can also import a demo from your site with one click.

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WordPress Quiz Pro allows you to create responsive quizzes that work on all screen resolutions. It also includes the social options that allow you to generate buzz about your content.

Features of WordPress Quiz Pro

  • Randomly sort questions and answer.
  • Send score to owner via email.
  • Limit the number of times that a user can take a quiz on the basis of IP and Cookie.
  • Customized Interface.
  • Multiple quizzes can be displayed on one page.
  • Place Shortcodes at any location on the website for  quiz placement.
  • Chart with statistical data.
  • Export to CSV.

WordPress Viral Quiz

wp viral quiz

Are you familiar with the trivial questions that appear when you visit your favorite gossip and lifestyle sites? These “what type of cat are you?” quizzes were created using WP Viral Quiz plugins.

Buzzfeed popularized this type of quiz with their quiz, which has received over 20 million views.

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This quiz maker is an easy way to segment leads and drive conversions.

WordPress Viral Quiz: Top Features

  • This option unlocks after sharing, which encourages users to share their contents before they can see the results of their quizzes.
  • You will need an email address to view the results.
  • You can choose from two themes.
  • Fully responsive on different screens.
  • It integrates easily with MailChimpActiveCampaign and Aweber

Quiz and Survey Master

quiz a

You can create highly customized quizzes with Quiz and Survey Master. This will reflect your brand and personality. There are many options for creating unique questionnaires.

There are many options for creating quiz formats, including single or multiple choice questions, true or false questions, true/false, fill in the blank and open-ended responses.

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It is one of the most elegant quiz plugins available, despite the fact that it can be confusing for some users.

The top features of Survey Master and Quiz Master are:

  • There are many customization options available for your questionnaire.
  • Automated email.
  • Social media sharing buttons.
  • Large selection of quiz templates.
  • Leaderboards.

mTouch Quiz

mtouch quiz

The mTouch quiz plugin is optimized for mobile users. The responsive design ensures that the quizzes would show well on all screens.

This quiz plugin is distinguished by its simplicity and ease-of-use. It won’t overwhelm you with all the customization options and buttons. This create it simple to utilize and efficient.

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The plugin also allows you to adjust the number of attempts for any question as well as the point value. This makes scoring simple.

There are some things to be disappointed with, however. mTouch doesn’t allow you to create multiple quiz types. Multiple choice questions are not allowed.

Top features of the mTouch Quiz

  • It is easy to use and navigate the interface.
  • It offers flexibility scoring options.
  • Extremely responsive, even touchscreens.
  • These are some solutions suggestions.
  • Randomized questions and their answers.
  • Navigation menu for longer quizzes.



Watu is an excellent alternative to quiz plugin. There are  number of sites using Watu’s quiz plugin. You can choose from a premium or free version, making it more accessible to everyone.

It is similar to mTouch’s quiz plugin. It has an easy-to-use interface. It provide many question types, such as unlimited essays. 

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It allows you to assign points to questions, and calculates your score immediately after the visitor has completed the quiz.

It supports basic social sharing and is mobile-friendly.

Watu’s top features

  • Touchscreen friendly and extremely responsive.
  • You can create buzz by sharing your content on social media.
  • Notifications by email.
  • Premium versions include pagination, random questions, quiz categories and printable certificates.
  • Integration with third-party programs such as MailChimp or WooCommerce is easy (available to premium customers).


It can be difficult to create a quiz or questionnaire. However, these questionnaire plugins will make it easy for you to design effective quizzes that increase user engagement, improve your search ranking and give you valuable insights into your audience.

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Our review revealed that Quiz Master and Survey Master are the most popular plugins. This can be due to the more features and options features available.

WordPress Viral Quiz is a better option if you want a simpler quiz maker with higher sharing.

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