Best WordPress PayPal Plugins For Your Website in 2021.

Last updated on March 25th, 2022 at 02:33 pm

Are you searching for an option to accept payments through your website? Don’t look any further! In this article, we’ll be going over the best WordPress PayPal plugins that will allow you to begin making money online right now.

If you are searching to accept donations and  to sell digital goods, PayPal is a great solution. For one, PayPal is a well-known known, well-loved, and trusted brand.

According to the statistics of Statista, the number of PayPal accounts active was 277 million PayPal accounts active across the globe in the first quarter of the year 2019.

The internet’s users recognize the PayPal logo and associate it with safe, reliable, secure, and safe payment processing. It is an advantage for you because nothing stands between you and turning an online visitor into a customer.

Furthermore, since PayPal handles transactions on the site, they do not have to worry about PCI security and compliance issues. They accept the risk and hassle so that you don’t need to. This is the reason PayPal is among the most well-known ways to accept payments.

You can choose to incorporate PayPal into your website. The simplest, most effective method is to set up an easy-to-install plugin.

If you’re looking to take donations, offer a handful of items, or even add the shopping cart feature on your website, These are the top WordPress PayPal plugins that can help you!

(Side note: You’ll must have a PayPal account as well as a self-hosted WordPress website before you can get started.)

WP Easy PayPal Payment Accept

The WP PayPal Easy Payment Accept accepts payments for services, products or donations with just one click so that users don’t need to sign in or even register to make a purchase.

As demonstrated in this illustration, the plugin can be used to pay with one click for services or products.

The plugin may be employed in many diverse ways. You can utilize shortcodes to embed the payment form wherever you want on your site.

Another alternative is to call the function by using templates. You can also use to contact the “WP PayPal Payment” widget in the Widgets menu.

The plugin provides various payment options, customized pictures for payment buttons, taxes collection and shortcode parameters to allow greater customization and the possibility of returning users to a particular page following the payment (like the thank you page).

The WP Easy Payment accept doesn’t allow shopping carts to be used.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

wordpress simple paypal

With a variety of choices, WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is worth a look if you want to add different offerings to your website with additional product offerings and a complete shopping experience.

It’s a lightweight plugin that doesn’t affect the speed of your website but offers the most robust options of a shopping experience that includes the “Add to Cart” button and PayPal checkout.

Shoppers can even choose to delete items or alter the number of items they purchase.

This plugin is suitable with the NextGen Photo Gallery plugin to facilitate the sale of photographs. The plugin is also consistent with PayPal smart checkout/buttons for the sale of digital goods, services, and physical goods.

WordPress PayPal (WP PayPal)

wordpress paypal

This WordPress PayPal plugin lets you include payment buttons on your blog posts and pages by using shortcodes.

  • Buy Now
  • Add to Cart
  • Donate
  • Subscribe

As a simple plugin, WP PayPal provide quite several options. It can, for instance, support regular payments when you wish to provide an account on a weekly, daily or monthly, or even annually.

It also allows you to add several items to your basket, coupons/discounts, as well as multiple currencies.

It is possible to charge tax and shipping and sell items that need different options, such as size, colour, or price.

Compatible with all WordPress themes, this plugin lets you monitor and manage your orders through your WordPress dashboard. This is extremely useful.

Quick PayPal Payments

quick paypal

Quick PayPal Payments differs from similar plugins due to its support for different payment options.

The plugin lets users complete a form using the reference numbers (like the ID number or an invoice number) and the amount they wish to pay. And it’s all it takes is one shortcode, [qpp] create the form!

In general, when you think of online payments typically, you think of the cost of purchasing products. But, Quick PayPal Payments offers an option for small businesses to accept online payments for invoices and other services provided.

Alongside variable payment options, This plugin also offers more traditional options like styling forms coupons, form styling, preset IDs and amounts multi-forms on one website, GDPR compliance, and some customization.

PayPal Buy Now Button

paypal buy now

The name of the plugin summarizes the function it performs. It allows you to include a PayPal “Buy Now” button anywhere on your website to market goods or services.

Accepting payments is much more straightforward than this! The plugin includes a PayPal button inserter in the edit area. Simply click on the button inserter and provide a little information.

Then you can click the Buy Now button which is created to suit your needs and then placed on your blog or website.

The addition of the PayPal button to your website is just as simple as clicking your mouse using the PayPal plugin.

The plugin is compatible seamlessly with every WordPress theme. You can pick between the four available PayPal button styles and how the PayPal window opens as well as the payment URL you have successfully entered.

Easy PayPal Shopping Cart

easy paypal shopping

If you like the ease of use of the Buy Now Button plugin above but would prefer shopping carts, you should consider Easy Paypal Shopping Cart a viable alternative.

This plugin allows you to market products or services through your website through the “Add to Cart” and “View Cart” buttons. PayPal hosts shopping carts.

The plugin may be utilize with any WordPress theme. It also allows you can add cart buttons to any place on your website.

Like the PayPal Buy Now button plugin, Easy PayPal Shopping Cart adds the option of inserting a button to the editing area. Simply click the button inserter on the spot where you’d like to put an order button. Then fill in a few fields, and then you’re done.

PayPal for Digital Goods

paypal for digital goods

PayPal to Digital Goods processes your PayPal payments and provides your digital downloads, including videos and PDFs, eBooks, and music and eBook files.

This plugin utilizes shortcodes to create a custom payment button. It opens an open-ended window where a customer can pay immediately using PayPal’s Express Checkout API or Gateway.

The user can’t leave your website to pay because the payment occurs in the pop-up window. Making sure that your site’s visitors stay on it is always a benefit!

After making a payment, the client will be able to save their file(s). This streamlines the process while making delivery quick and straightforward for the part of.

Sell Digital Downloads

sell digital

Another option for those who want to sell and ship only digital items on your website is the Sell Digital Downloads plugin.

This plugin is focused on making it easier for consumers to market digital products.

Therefore, if you’re not interested in getting too involved in development work or coding, Sell Digital downloads could be the perfect plugin suitable for you. (Note that the plugin could be extended using filters and hooks if you wish to alter the settings.)

Simply upload your media files to WordPress just like you do. The plugin handles the payment and forwards the download to your customers via email in encrypted links.

You can create unlimited products and custom orders. The plugin utilizes specific post types, which means it’s simple to manage your orders and products via the interface of WordPress. Custom post types make it easy to manage your products. 

PayPal Events

paypal events

Selling tickets to events typically have different requirements than selling goods. This is that’s why the Paypal Events plugin is an excellent solution.

All you have to do is input your PayPal information, then set up an event, add your shortcode onto the website, and then you’re in a position to begin selling tickets.

The e-ticket with the QR code will be delivered to every customer following the purchase. Selling tickets is straightforward with PayPal Events. 

Many event plugins provide more complicated options, which are helpful if you need thorough event management. However, if you want simple event fulfillment, PayPal Events is a simple plugin that lets you sell tickets online through PayPal as simple as it is.

PayPal Donations

paypal donetions

Are you looking to take donations? Do you need to accept donations? PayPal Donations plugin is a great solution. Simply include a PayPal donate button on your site using a shortcode or sidebar widget.

You can choose the donation option you want to use, which includes using the button of your choice. Another advantage is the possibility to choose another default purpose or reference. Each time you click this button click, the settings will be changed.

PayPal Donation

paypal donetion

Similar to the donation plugin, this PayPal Donation plugin functions as a button; it also functions as a sidebar widget in which you can pick from various buttons and make your own. Donors can use the funds from their PayPal accounts or credit cards to give.

If you’re seeking flexibility in designing the donation buttons, PayPal Donation allows each button to have its own:

  • Language;
  • Currency;
  • image; and
  • PayPal account.

You could create a drop-down menu of predetermined amounts if you desire more control over your contributions.

PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

paypal express checkout

When you’re using WooCommerce to run an online business, it’s possible to use WooCommerce’s PayPal Express Checkout payment gateway available for the WooCommerce plugin that allows you to accept payment via PayPal’s gateway.

You have a range of payment options through this plugin, including credit cards and PayPal Money. The user can place the purchase from the cart page. There’s also the option of a quicker checkout by skipping the review page.

Your site’s users never leave for payment, and this improves their shopping experience.

WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway

woocommerce paypal checkout

Another option if you’re working with WooCommerce can be using the PayPal Checkout payment gateway plugin made by WooCommerce.

With this plugin, you’ll be able to sell subscriptions securely, and PayPal’s servers handle other products with no worries as the transactions. Customers can also pay without having a PayPal account by using any major debit and credit cards, as and Venmo.

As per WooCommerce, the company recommends that you have a PayPal Business account is required.

CP Contact Form With PayPal

cp contact form with paypal

Perhaps you’re thinking of using an online form to process your payment methods, like booking, contact or purchase form. The Contact Form CP integrated with the PayPal plugin adds an online form onto the WordPress website and links it to the PayPal payment.

By clicking an icon, you can insert the form with a payment function in your blog post. Here’s how it will work:

After filling out the fields of the form and presses Submit, the submitted data is stored in the WordPress database. The user is redirected to PayPal to pay the bill.

When the payment is complete, the administrator of your site (aka the email you’ve specified within your WordPress setting) gets an email containing details of the form, and the user is sent an email confirmation or thanks you.

Each form is displayed on the WordPress settings section and is shown in the form of “Paid” or “Not Paid.”

Other features include captchas that can be added as payment recurring, refunds, donations and an acceptance field for GDPR.

Contact Form 7 – PayPal & Stripe Add-on

contact 7

Are you making use of Contact Form 7 on your website? It is possible to connect the PayPal (and Stripe) payments through an easy add-on.

This plugin can provide each form with its individual PayPal settings. When a user fulfilled form , they would be transfer to PayPal to pay.

Choosing the Best WordPress PayPal Plugin for Your Needs

We’re at the end of our list! Now you know how to integrate PayPal into your website, Which plugin should you select? It is possible to think about the following points before you take the next step.

Your Requirements

Find out the “what” first. What is it that you must achieve? What’s your goal?

Knowing your needs and objectives will narrow down your options to help you choose which plugin will make perfect sense.

For Now Versus For the Future

It’s possible to get moving quickly, as getting things done will allow you to reach your goals faster. But, establishing an online store or only a couple of products requires some time.

You’ll be frustrated when you decide to change your decision and need to re-do the entire process in just a couple of months.

Consider if the plugin you’re currently using will continue to grow as you. If not, you might need to consider a different plugin that does.

When to Level Up to Pro

The free PayPal plugins provide enough functions and features to help you get going. If you can’t recognize what you require, do not hesitate to upgrade to a paid version.

A majority of these plugins have a Pro version. Suppose the paid version gives the features you require. It’s time to upgrade. You’ll probably save time and money in the end through investing in a more efficient solution today rather than later.

There are numerous options to accept payments online using PayPal. Who knows which one of these plugins is the most effective? We’ve provided the opportunities, and now it’s your choice to select the one that best suits your requirements and then act accordingly.

If you’re feeling inclined, please comment below which plugin you’ve chosen and the reason for it. If you know of an perfect PayPal plugin that we’ve not found We’d love to hear about it!

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