9 Best WordPress Heatmap Plugins And Tools.

Last updated on March 27th, 2022 at 10:31 pm

There are many tools that can help you understand your website visitors better. But, even platforms that collect user data like Google Analytics can’t tell exactly what attracts your visitors’ attention.

You can quickly implement Heatmaps on your website to collect this information. You can make the most of your design choices and content by understanding what your visitors look at as they scroll through your website.

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In this article we would shortly describe how to use a heatmap to improve your WordPress website. We’ll then introduce you to some of the most popular heatmap plugins. Let’s get started!

How to Use a WordPress Heatmap Plugin

Heatmaps can be a powerful visual tool. Heatmaps are a layer of color that is applied to your website pages. It indicates ‘hot’ or ‘cold” areas. Red will be used to highlight the locations of your site that accept the main engagement.

Unhighlighted sections or those with less interest will be displayed in lower colors, such as purple, green, and blue. Yellow and orange are usually areas of moderate interest where not many people have taken the time to read them.

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His information is different from what other website analytics tools offer. You can see which pages are most popular in Google Analytics, but you cannot tell what is appealing to visitors.

Heatmaps, on the other side, will show you how users engage with your pages. It includes how long they scroll and what they click. You can use these data to help you decide on the content and design that will appeal to your visitors’ tastes and interests.

Best Heatmap Plugins

A plugin or other third-party tool is required to create heatmaps of WordPress pages and posts. There are many quality options. We’ve included nine choice beneath to assist you get begin.

WordPress Heatmap

heatmap for wordpress

Heatmap for WordPressoffers mouse tracking and real-time analytics. This plugin includes color overlays that are easy to read for your website so you can quickly identify your problems and see what needs improvement.

This plugin collects data on both smartphones and desktops. It allows you to get insight into mobile users as well as those who prefer desktop browsing. Heatmap for WordPress doesn’t affect your site’s performance and keeps user data confidential.

Although there are free plans present, they only allow you to host one website and five pages per person. You won’t have much data to work from. Paid plans start from $100 per month.


crazy egg

CrazyEgg’s WordPress plugin adds a tracking script on your site to allow you to track your visitors’ behavior. CrazyEgg’s data tools, including heat mapping, can be used to help you better understand your visitors and optimize your site accordingly.

CrazyEgg offers a 30-day free trial that will help you determine if CrazyEgg is right for you. After the trial ends, plans start at $24 per monthly.

This platform is ideal for collaboration because you can add other team members at no additional cost.

It can be challenging to view both desktop and mobile snapshots simultaneously. CrazyEgg is still a popular heatmap tool. Although the plugin for WordPress makes it easier to add the tracking script, it is not necessary to the platform’s functionality.



HotJar is an excellent heatmap and customer data collection tool. HotJar doesn’t require the corresponding WordPress plugin. However, it makes it much easier to set up the tracking codes on your site.

HotJar, like CrazyEgg, has multiple tracking options in one platform. You can also view five heatmap views to pinpoint different behaviors such as scrolling, clicks, and downloads. It’s entirely free for up to 2000 page views.

HotJar may not be as robust as the more analytics tools on the above list. You must add the tracking code to the header for each page you wish to track. However, the WordPress plugin can do this automatically.



Clicktale was created to address digital experience challenges. It is an independent tool that can help you capture and interpret customer behavior on your website. Their product results from years of experience working with large-name customers such as T Mobile, Office Depot, and Ancestry.

Clicktale offers many other features, including session replays that allow you to replay a user’s actions. This feature could prove to be particularly useful for auditing and testing.

This platform might not be the best for small WordPress sites. Clicktale is geared towards enterprise-level analytics tracking. To find out the cost of Clicktale, you would require to plan an appointment. It doesn’t have a plugin that allows for easy integration.



Mouseflow, a heatmap tool, can track all user activities anonymously and show key trends in an easily read format. The heatmap feature of the tool can help you see where your users are located in the world, along with their clicks and mouse movements.

Mouseflow also offers a WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate the tool into your website. To ensure it is the right fit, you can try it out for 14-days before submitting payment information.

Mouseflow is more expensive than other tools. For 2,500 page views, plans start at 29EUR per month (about $31 per month). The 399EUR Pro plan is required if you want all your team to have access to your data. This platform is best suited for small sites.

Lucky Orange

lucky orange

Lucky Orange is more than just heatmaps. Lucky Orange is a powerful toolkit for conversion-boosting. It comes with anonymous customer recordings, detailed funnel analysis, and even funnel analysis. You can also use the sales chat function to connect with leads.

LuckyOrange WordPress plugin automatically inserts your tracking codes, making it easy to set up. The flexible pricing starts at $10 per month, and you get a discount if your contract is for one or two years. All plans include unlimited heatmaps.

You will need to buy storage extensions if you wish to store data for longer than 30 days. Unless you buy an add-on, LuckyOrange branding will be displayed in chat windows.



Inspectlet, an influential session recording, and a heatmap tool are available. It can track cursor movement, scrolling and clicks.

You can also access conversion funnel analytics and powerful filtering features. You can tag users with a powerful tagging filter. You can track how users interact with returning visitors. Inspectlet provides form analytics that allows you to optimize your lead generation.

Inspectlet pricing starts at $39 per month, with limited access to 5000 recordings. You can also get a 100-session free plan for one site.



Ptengine is web analytics and heatmap tool. It offers hit, transaction  tracking, and catalog heatmaps. Designers can also use Alpha Bete testing among two heatmaps.

The web analytics features include page analysis, campaign performance,  one-click filters and device segmentation.

Ptengine charges $7 per month for one site with five heatmaps and 25K page views. A no cost  plan is also present with one heatmap for a one website with 1000 page views limitation.



SeeVolution makes it easy to add heatmaps to a WordPress website. There are plugins available for every CMS, including WordPress. They offer an easy-to-use dashboard that allows users to see the data clearly.

SeeVolution heatmaps include mouse interactions, clicks, scrolling, and movement heatmaps. These heatmaps also provide site-wide analytics that provide you a broad view of how your website is perform.

SeeVolution offers a 1000 visit free plan, but only for one site. The paid plans start at $79 per month and can be used for two domains. Every plans proceed via  fourteen day no cost trial.

Heatmap Data for Site Improvement

Online, first impressions matter. It takes very little time to grab a visitor’s attention and then guide them to your Call to Action. Heatmaps can be a great way to collect data about whether or not your design is successful.

There are many things you must be conscious of when looking at heatmaps. First, users should stop scrolling. It could indicate areas that users are becoming bored or distracted and maybe a sign of a flaw with the content or design.

It is also helpful to track where users click. You use this information to analyze the data and determine if CTAs should be revised or if users are confused as to which elements are clickable. To determine how your design works across all devices, compare your desktop and mobile heatmaps.

You can combine heatmaps and split-testing with helping you evaluate different design options. It would permit you to choose which one is most effective for your site’s goals. That is why many of the tools we have covered include A/B testing functionality.

We wish you find the above guide useful in getting the best WordPress heatmap plugins and tools for your website.

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