Best WordPress File Upload Plugins in 2021.

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Do you need to permit file add on WordPress? There is not any way to add files directly on WordPress.

With the right plugin, it is possible to create forms that allow users to send file attachments. You can also accept file types beyond the WordPress limits.

This article will show you the top WordPress file upload plugins. You can use them to get files, PDFs, and other content from visitors.

Why Must You Utilize a File Upload Plugin in WordPress?

You can ask yourself why you must get files from customers. You might be asking yourself if file uploads are useful in many situations.

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You may begin by getting additional details from user to best understand their conduct. Facilitating the needs of your audience may help you enhance the  customer experience your site.

These are just a few examples of situations in which you can use the WordPress file upload plugin to accept files:

  • Enhance Customer Support # By accepting screenshots of the problem, you can quickly get more information and fix it for your customer.
  • Accept Guest Posts # You can ask your users to submit guest articles to your website using a file upload plugin
  • Collect User-Generated Material # Your visitors can submit audio, video, and images through a file upload feature.
  • Acquire Resumes and Cover letters # If your website has a job board, users can upload their resumes through the plugin.
  • Get Quotation from Customer # File Upload plugins create it simple to accept quotes from customers in the form of PDFs file , spreadsheets and other formats.
  • Permit Images Upload for Cheap # You can make it easy for customer to add photos for giveaways or contests using a file upload plugin

You may notice that this plugins creates it easy to get files on WordPress websites.

The Best WordPress File Upload Plugins

Which plugin should you choose? We’ve compiled a list of the top WordPress file upload plugins. Both premium and free options are available.



MonsterInsights, the best Google Analytics plugin, helps to track file downloads. It’s vital to determine whether people prefer eBooks, spreadsheets or audio files.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics does not recognize file download monitoring. MonsterInsights is a free plugin that allows you to track file downloads without having to modify code or perform additional setup. The plugin automatically tracks file downloads.

MonsterInsights allows you to track multiple file extensions. It automatically tracks file extensions such as doc, pdf and ppt. You may also include file types to Google Analytics.

The best part is that you can view the report right from your WordPress dashboard with MonsterInsights. You don’t need to go outside your website to see the files that people have downloaded most.

MonsterInsights offers more than just file download tracking. It also has additional advantages that create it simple to utilize Google Analytics, including:

Price: MonsterInsights pricing starts at $99.50 per annul. 

File Upload Type by WPForms

file upload type by wpforms

WPForms File Upload Type plugin allows you to accept additional file types from your website by clicking a button.

WordPress allows users to upload certain file types by default. WordPress will warn users if they upload file types that are not allowed.

You can use the File Upload Types plugin to overcome this problem and allow people to submit various file formats. This plugin expands the functionality of WPForms by allowing file extensions to be added to your file upload forms.

These are the key features of File upload Type by WordPress:

  • Accept file types that WordPress does not support natively
  • Extensions and.xml are supported.
  • Compatible with WPForms
  • Simple to use plugin
  • Whitelist internal file extensions

Pricing: The File Upload Type feature by WPForms can be used for free.

WPForms Plugins

wp forms

WPForms plugin is the top most WordPress forms plugin. The plugin allows you to create file upload forms that allow your visitors to submit media. You may also alter the file sort that users may submit to each form.

WPForms has a drag and drop interface that create it simple to build and customize the forms you want.

You may even use pre-made templates to easily include forms to your site. It’s compatible to other plugins so that you may monitor form submit in WordPress.

WPForms is a great WordPress file upload plugin:

  • Mobile responsive form templates.
  • Simple drag and drop builder.
  • Accept file uploads using AJAX forms sans refresh.
  • You can choose from many different forms templates.
  • Accept payments via your forms.
  • Spam protection.
  • Make WordPress surveys.
  • You can easily embed forms on any WordPress site.
  • Smart conditional logic enabled.
  • Integration with marketing platforms is easy

Pricing: WPForms pricing starts at $39.50 per annum

WP User Frontend

wp user frontend

Another popular WordPress file upload plugin is WP User Frontend. Although it is used to build a frontend for a website, you can also use it to receive file uploads from users.

The best thing about the plugin? It allows people to upload files directly from your website’s frontend. You don’t need to grant backend access to your site to enhance security.

This plugin allows visitors to upload images and other content. This plugin is great for providing better customer service. WP User Frontend also allows you to accept sponsored posts and guest posts on your site.

These are just a few of the additional features that you can look at:

  • Allow attachment and file uploads
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Accept featured images from users
  • Frontend allows users to make changes to posts
  • Frontend editor is easy to use

Pricing: While WP User Frontend is free, the Pro version has more features and starts at $49 per annum.

WordPress File Upload

wordpress file upload

WordPress File Upload is a easy plugin that you may utilize to permit file save on your site. The plugin provide a shortcode that you may utilize to allow file upload on various posts, pages, or acquire files from your website’s sidebar.

Users may post audios, posts,  images, videos and many type files on your site by the plugin. This plugin also permit you see all the saved files in your dashboard. You may also organize and manage all the uploads.

That said, there are more features offered by the plugin such as:

  • Simple integration using shortcode
  • Get email notifications for file uploads.
  • Manage and organize files from your dashboard.
  • Assign a storage location for uploaded files.
  • Offers filters and actions for before and after file upload.
  • Supports multiple languages

Pricing: WordPress File Upload is available for free. It also offers a premium version that costs around $20 per year.

WP Extra File Types

wp extra file type

WP Extra File Types is another highly rated WordPress file upload plugin. It’s straightforward and very easy to use.

If you need to include additional file extensions to the pre made list of document sort permitted by WordPress, then you may utilize the above plugin.

But , it do by permitting you to saved document by the media library. That means, if you want users to upload files to your site, you’d have to give them backend access.

With that, here are a few features of WP Extra File Types:

  • Compatible with other form plugins like WPForms.
  • Open-source plugin.
  • Enable additional file types for uploading
  • Add a custom file type for your forms

Pricing: WP Extra File Types is a free WordPress plugin.

Frontend Uploader

Frontend Uploader is a manageable WordPress plugin for file upload. Utilizing this  plugin, you may permit your customer to post files from the front end.

It utilizes distinct short codes by which you may make personalized submit forms and locate them somewhere on your WordPress site.

Since Frontend Uploader allows people to upload content, it’s perfect for accepting guest posts or sponsored posts on your website and make more money.

You can take a closer look at some of its features:

  • Allows uploads for multiple file types.
  • Easily create and customize file upload forms.
  • Add file upload forms anywhere on your site using shortcodes
  • Accept files from the frontend (no need to give backend access)

Pricing: free to use.

Gravity Forms Plugins

gravity forms

Gravity Forms is a influential form plugin for lead capture, feedback, and support forms. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder tool to assemble your website forms, and over 30 custom fields to gather nearly any type of data you want.

Among these fields is the upload field, which allows users to submit file attachments like photos and text documents.

The upload field can accept single or multiple file uploads, and you can specify which file extensions your form accepts as well as the maximum file size per upload.

Gravity Forms automatically stores user submissions on your server, and all uploads can be viewed inside your WordPress dashboard.

Of course, Gravity Forms isn’t just for file uploading — it’s a fully-featured builder for all your site’s forms. 

Pricing: Gravity Forms is available on three tiers: Basic ($59 per year), Pro ($159 per year), and Elite ($259 per year).



Forminator is a form builder plugin from WPMU DEV for easily deploying any type of form, be it contact, payment, email, feedback registration, or file upload.

The upload field of Forminator’s forms allows for single and multiple files, and it lets you set limits on file types, number of files, and file sizes. For your users, uploading a file is as easy as dropping and dragging it onto the page.

Beyond its file uploads, Forminator has robust integrations with popular CRMs and payment processors if you want to use the tool for your checkout process. There’s even the option to add a poll or a quiz to your site to increase engagement.

Pricing: Forminator is available as a basic free version. For full functionality, purchase Forminator Pro for $5 per month. Or, you can subscribe to a WPMU DEV membership (starting at $15.83 per month) for access to all premium WPMU DEV plugins.

File Manager

file manager

At over 700,000 downloads to date, File Manager is a popular enhancer for the WordPress back end — it lets WordPress admins upload, download, copy and paste, edit, and remove server files and folders from inside the WordPress CMS, replacing the need to modify server files through another means like FTP.

Among its many capabilities, the File Manager plugin handles file uploads to your WordPress back end. There are no size limits to the files you upload, though admins can set size limits and also control which file types may be uploaded and downloaded through the plugin.

File Manager is best for administrators who want a powerful way to interface with their server files without leaving WordPress. Plus, it’s free.

The developers also offer paid add-ons for uploading files from WordPress to cloud storage, and there’s a premium version that enables a code editor and syntax checker, user permissions, and a built-in database manager.

Pricing: File Manager is available for free and in two paid versions, Pro ($25) and Developer ($99). Paid extensions are $19 each.

Our Final Thoughts

To sum everything up, if you want to track file downloads, then MonsterInsights is the best WordPress plugin to select. It automatically sets up file download tracking on your website and you don’t have to edit code or hire a developer.

But if you’re looking for a free WordPress file upload plugin that lets you add additional file extensions to your site and is easily integrable with submission forms, then we suggest using File Upload Type by WPForms.

And if you’re looking for a solution to create file upload forms and combine them with extra file formats, then you can go with WPForms.

It’s the leading forms plugin for WordPress and offers multiple form templates to use. Thanks to its drag and drop builder, you can customize your forms in a matter of minutes and integrate them with other marketing services as well.

And that’s it!

We wish you loved our guide on the best WordPress file upload plugins.

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