Best WordPress Feedback Plugins in 2021.

Last updated on April 4th, 2022 at 09:00 pm

WordPress is a popular content management system with over 75 million websites. This open-source software offers over 53,000 plugins, which allow users to enhance the functionality of their sites. These plugins include catching tools, landing pages, social media integration and SEO tools.

There are many user feedback plugins available that you can use to kickstart your customer feedback program.

WordPress users looking to set up feedback forms on their site quickly can use user feedback plugins. You probably know that almost 100 pages are displayed when searching for “user feedback” in the plugin library. It is not easy to choose when trying to choose one.

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Here we are discussing a list of the top 10 WordPress user feedback plugins .

Best WordPress Feedback Plugins

Here is list of best WordPress Feedback Plugins . These are as follows-

1 # Mopinion


Mopinion, a free plugin that collects visual feedback (screenshots), on-page elements, allows users to record suggestions, bugs, compliments, and other feedback.

All this is possible by a visitor clicking on the visual feedback button on your website. You can modify the feedback form to add or remove questions, change your logo or design, and even choose your language.

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After collecting feedback, it will immediately be available on the personal Mopinion account created after downloading the plugin. Users can also opt to receive feedback alerts directly in their email inbox.

2 # Formidable forms Builder for WordPress

formidable form builder

The above forms provide many choice contact forms, survey forms as well as quiz forms. This Formidable forms has drag and drop editor which makes it easy to create forms. You can also be view form entries from your WordPress dashboard.

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It would be best if you exported contact form leads to another digital marketing software like Mailchimp. You may export your form leads into csv file, and you can import them anywhere.

3 # Ninja Forms

ninja forms contact form

The above plugin is perfect for newbie. The Ninja plugin’s drag-and-drop form creator makes it easy to create complex forms without any coding. There is no limit to how many forms you can create or how many fields you wish to add to each form.

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The above Forms plugin also permits you to send “success message” to your users or switch them elsewhere after completing the form.

4 # JotForm

jotform feedback button

You can use the JotForm Feedback Button to request feedback from your website using a customized button. You might utilize  above plugin to create your jot forms.

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Once you have installed it, the feedback button would automatically present on all pages of your site. This plugin is free for up to 100 submissions per month. You can upgrade you plan to the premium services if you are planning to submit more forms.

5 # Quiz and Survey Master

quiz and survey master

As you can probably guess, this Quiz and Survey Master plugin allows you to add surveys and quizzes to your website. You can choose from multiple-choice, true and false, open-ended questions, fill in the blank, and many other types of questions.

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Each quiz or survey can include unmetered result pages, customizable with your text. Do you required a follow-up attr? You can request that the plugin send you the survey results or quiz after the user has submitted it!

6 # CBX Feedback

cbx feedback button

CBX Feedback, a plugin for user feedback, provides users with a simple vertical feedback button. You can customize the feedback button in full (choose your background, text and hover colors, etc.).

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The free version allows you to create one button. However, if you upgrade, PRO, you’ll have unlimited buttons and form support (from Ninja Form or Contact Form 7 Gravity Form)

7 # CaptainForm


CaptainForm is an easy-to-use form builder plugin. This plugin allows users to create various forms such as order forms, payment forms, applications forms, contact forms, and feedback forms. The form editor has more than 25 fields and can be customized to make any form.

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You can set up the plugin to allow multiple users to receive notifications about form submissions. After data has been collected, users have the ability to sort, filter, and analyze it or export it as CSV, Excel, or PDF.

8 # WPForms


WPForms allows users to create forms and subscription forms. It is mobile-responsive and optimized for speed. You can also use it to collect user feedback because the form fields are completely customizable.

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It has a long and impressive list of features, including File Uploads and MailChimp forms, AWeber Forms, Spam Protection, Campaign Monitor Forms, and many other options.

9 # Form Maker from WD

form maker

For both beginners and advanced WordPress users, Form Maker is a great choice. The user feedback plugin provides a simple, visual toolbox for creating forms. You can create unlimited forms, surveys, questionnaires, registrations, and online applications.

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You can customize the templates included in the package by downloading them from the internet. You can view the results in either CSV or XML format.

10 # Helpful Plugin


The helpful plugin is an easy-to-use feedback plugin. You can place it under posts and ask visitors, ” Is this helpful” with the answer options ‘yes’ or “no” with an option to reply.

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The integrated dashboard visualizes the data and simplifies the analysis process. The options panel permits you to personalize the form or select a theme from our Helpful library.

Choose your User Feedback Plugin

Asking your customers is the best way to find out how they feel about your website. You can use all of these plugins to gather user feedback, but which one is the best for you?

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There are a many things you required to consider. Consider factors such as trigger options, customization, analysis, reporting, and technical knowledge needed to get your plugin running.

Are there any other WordPress feedback plugins? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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