Best WordPress Document And File Management Plugins in 2021.

Last updated on November 26th, 2021 at 09:22 pm

The relevant document and file management plugin can improve the workflow of your website’s file organization and allow users to find, access, and download files easily.

This article will take a look at the top WordPress file and document management plugins. We’ll also look at the most notable attributes of each tool to assist you choose that suit for your website.

Reason For Selecting WordPress Document And File Management Plugins

Businesses and webmasters can use file and document management plugins to manage their files from a central dashboard. They can also share files with team members and users in a secure manner.

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You can use passwords to protect files and allow only authorized users or logged-in users access to them.

These are just a few of the many things you can do using a document and management plugin.

  • Make files and documents available for download, e.g. If you wish to share PDF files among your site visitors.
  • You can restrict access to files and documents, e.g., selling online courses or running a membership website.
  • You can better manage your documents in WordPress.
  • Your team will easily access files and documents, e.g., If you wish to share important documents with your team members.

These are the main features to highlight when selecting a suitable WordPress document and file management plugin.

  • You should be able to display files and documents on the front end. It should allow you to display files individually or a group of files within an archive.
  • Document security features, such as encryption and directory protection, are essential. It would be best if you had directory protection and encryption.
  • It will assist if you have full control over what documents are made available to users.
  • The above plugin you use must permit you to make downloadable files.

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Best WordPress Plugin for Document and File Management 

We’ll be looking at the top WordPress Plugin for Document and File Management that can enhance your website’s file management and allow you to serve them with others.


filr plugin

Filr plugin is a WordPress plugin for document and file management and uploading. It allows you to share, secure quickly and distribute files from your WordPress site.

Filr comes with various file protection options, including filename encryption and file expiration depending on the number of downloaded files. You can also display files on your website pages with simple shortcodes.

The Key Features

  • It allows you to fix customer’s  reach to documents  and files on your site, making them only reachable to authoritative users.
  • Filr is a quick and easy way to make a document collection and include more or one files to your site’s front end.
  • You can group files or documents using lists. It allows you to organize and track files quickly on the back-end.
  • You can make files available to users on your site in two ways. Users can download individual files or multiple files in one zip file at any time.
  • By changing colors, font sizes, and borders, you can alter the appearance of your document library.
  • Restriction of file access by the user (email or user role)
  • You can organize your files in folders in an easy-to-use and modern way that is UX-friendly
  • Provide a live search option and pagination to show hundreds of files in a library
  • Password-protect ZIP files to ensure maximum security. Encrypt file names and shut down all external access
  • Upload only to secure folders to prevent uploaded files from being visible as attachments. It also blocks Google and other search engines from accidentally indexing your files.

It is simple to utilize and has the best feature set present. When you are handling customer data and viable data, don’t trust in unsecured products.

Price: A single version of the product is $49.99

WP Download Manager

wp download manager

WP Download Manager is a multipurpose plugin that you can use to organize your files. It will help you manage and protect your files with passwords.

The Key Features

  • Site users can download multiple files in one zip file.
  • You may manage who has reach to and downloads your files and documents.
  • WP Download Manager allows you to protect a complete zipped package, or individual files in a package with one or more passwords.
  • You can limit file download speeds, so users don’t abuse server resources.
  • It permit you to save files through FTP and then quickly convert them into packages.

It is a remarkable document and file manager for online entrepreneurs as well as membership site owners.

Pricing: A free version is available.

WP File Download

wp file download

WP File download is a WordPress plugin to organize and distribute files and documents on your site. You can connect his tool to your WooCommerce store so you can start selling its features, including sales statistics and payment systems.

The Key Features

  • You can use four themes to control how files are displayed to users. These include a standard listing and table, an accordion tree, a Google Drive view, and a sandbox.
  • WP File Download is a drag-and-drop and user-friendly WordPress File Manager that makes it easy to organize, categorize and move or duplicate files.
  • You can set permissions that allow users to view, edit, download, delete and update files. You can also limit access to files or file categories.
  • The flexible search engine allows you to quickly find the files you need using text search, category filtering, and tag filtering tools.

It is an excellent tool for freelancers and WooCommerce store owners

Prices: The Start Version is $29 for six-months.

WP Document Revisions

wp document revisions

WP Documents Revisions allows you to securely share files, including images and text, with others. You can use it to track the progress of each document and keep you updated about any changes.

The Key Features

  • It supports all file types, including PDFs, docs, and spreadsheets.
  • All your files can be safely stored, as well as any revised versions. All files are checked out and locked to ensure that revisions don’t get mixed up or edited.
  • It creates a permanent URL that authenticates each file and points to the latest version.
  • With a one click, you may switch among public, private, or password protection.

It is an excellent tool for professional web designers and small businesses.

Price: Free

Memphis Documents Library 

memphis documents library

Memphis Documents Library, a popular WordPress plugin for document management, allows you to organize and share files easily. The front-end upload button will enable you to upload files to your website quickly.

You can also create and manage file subcategories and file categories and search for files using the WordPress search engine.

The Key Features

Professional photographers and freelancers will love this option.

Price: Without any cost

Embed Any Document

embed any document

This plugin allows you to upload and add documents on your WordPress site. You don’t have to install extra browser plugins such as Acrobat Reader or Flash.

You can use online Microsoft Office or  Google Docs Viewer  to display documents on your site. If one isn’t working, you can always switch.

The Key Features

  • The interface is simple and easy to use.
  • It supports all file types, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Portable Document Format, (PDF), text files.
  • It can help with TIFF images, and you can also use Adobe Illustrator.
  • It is easy to upload documents to your media library quickly and then embed them in one click.
  • Document viewers are compatible with all browsers and fully mobile-responsive.
  • The documentation includes detailed explanations, videos tutorials, and screenshots.

It was designed for web designers, website owners and creatives.

Price: Free



Filebird is a WordPress document and media organizer. It permits you to make folders and sub folders that you can arrange your files.

Drag and drop interfaces make file management much simpler with folders. It allows you to move files and folders without changing their permalinks or breaking the folder structure.

You can use the document gallery plugin to create dynamic document galleries that include file-type thumbnails. This plugin is available in Gutenberg and the classic editor. The gallery on the front-end is updated whenever you add or remove documents from the gallery folder.

The Key Features

  • Compatible with all significant themes & page builders
  • Multiple file types and languages supported
  • Independent folder structure for different users
  • Upload folders/categories using 5+ file manager plugins


FileBird can be used for free and lets you create unlimited subfolders and folders. The Pro version is $39 and includes 6-month support via email, ticket system, and Messenger lives chat.

Document Library Pro

document library pro

Document Library Pro plugin provides everything you need to manage, add, and display files and documents.

You can add files quickly to the document manager using four methods: drag and drop file uploads, individual file uploads, or bulk uploads from a CSV. They are kept in a separate WordPress admin area making it easy to access them from other regions than the Media Library.

Once you have added the files, you can display them in a searchable and sortable table layout at the front end. Customers can choose from various forms, and they can also use the AJAX search and filters to locate the documents they need quickly.

This document management plugin can handle all file types. It also supports embedded audio players, video, and other multimedia content. This plugin is used for many purposes, including creating a WordPress audio library and video gallery, an eBook library, and many other uses.

It is easy to set up, and Barn2 offers lots of support and help if you need it. You will find detailed documentation, expert assistance, a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a document library, as well as a free course on how to do it.

Download Monitor

download monitor

Download Monitor allows you to upload and manage downloadable files, including multiple versions.  You can add download URL into log downloads and posts.

This plugin is great for organizing your files. This plugin allows you to easily track the number of files downloaded and also provides a way to link to them using shortcodes.

Download Monitor allows you to tag, categorize and add meta information to your downloads, keeping them organized. There’s even more! You may include various file type to your downloads. Each file version will contain its data, such as download count and file link.

You can also use the Download Monitor plugin to display your downloads professionally using various templates. You can manage your documents with powerful extensions like Page Addon, Amazon S3, Buttons, and Email Notification. Captcha, Google Drive, Email Notification, Downloading Page and Google Drive.

Easy Digital Downloads (eCommerce).

easy digital downloads

This post is popular with readers looking for a plugin that allows them to sell digital downloads. Pippin Williamson, a well-known developer, has created the best plugin for this purpose: Easy Digital Downloads. This plugin is free and comes with premium add-ons.

It is a difficult task for any of the major WordPress eCommerce plugins to sell digital downloads. This plugin is designed to change that.

Easy Digital Downloads doesn’t try to cover every feature but focuses on the most important ones. Its goal is to make it easy and complete to sell digital downloads via WordPress.

The plugin includes the following features:

  • Cart system to purchase multiple downloads at one time
  • Complete promotional/discount code system
  • There are many payment gateways. PayPal and Manual are available as add-ons with Stripe, PayPal Pro, and PayPal Express.
  • Complete payment history
  • The ability to download files again and view the user’s purchase history
  • Multiple files per downloadable product
  • Variable prices that you can use to purchase multiple products
  • Customizable purchase receipts
  • Sales and earnings charts
  • Download logs for file download and purchase details
  • Export options for CSV or PDF data
  • Many add-ons available
  • Developer friendly with many actions and filters


The proper document and file management plugin can make it easy to organize large files, share them securely, and then quickly access them whenever you need them.

We recommend the following key features based on the information above:

  • Filr is for anyone looking to improve the management of documents on the back-end and make them more accessible from the front-end.
  • WP Download Manager is for those who want to sell files and documents and take advantage of licensing features.
  • Embed Any Document to embed documents on your WordPress site.
  • Easy Digital Downloads (eCommerce)can allows them to sell digital downloads. It has all the feature to become a perfect solution.

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