Best WordPress Countdown Plugins in 2021.

Last updated on April 15th, 2022 at 06:04 pm

Many readers ask us how to add countdown timers to their websites. Countdown timers can be an excellent way for your website to create FOMO effect, excitement, and build anticipation.

Many countdown plugins permit you to make a timer for countdown. So which any one would be utilized? This article will discuss the top countdown plugins for WordPress, as well as the key features.

What is WordPress Countdown Plugin? When do you need it?

Using a countdown plugin, you can display a countdown timer that counts down until a specified time or date. Savvy marketers use countdown timers to create urgency and build excitement among customers. They can take advantage of the FOMO effect to increase conversions.

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Many WordPress plugins allow you to add countdown times to your website. You can divide these countdown timers into two categories:

Normal Countdown Timers

When people think about a timer, they often picture a regular countdown timer. The timer will count down until a fixed point. It could be the end of a sale or launch or any other event.

The endpoint of the countdown clock is the common for anyone and does not alter relying upon who is seeing it.

Evergreen Timer

An evergreen countdown clock, also known as a dynamic countdown clock, is unique to each user. When anyone reach your site, it starts counting down. They might have up to 4 hours to avail of a particular offer.

It is a powerful marketing strategy that creates a sense of urgency. Not all WordPress plugins can run countdown timers. Let’s now take a look at the top countdown timer plugins available for WordPress.

Best WordPress Countdown Plugins

We have create a list of best WordPress countdown plugins . These are as follows-



OptinMonster, a powerful plugin for WordPress that generates leads and popups, is available. You can use it to change abandoned website customers into readers and paying users.

OptinMonster permits you to make  static  and evergreen timers. You may make many timers as you like, using distinct timers for distinct pages.

OptinMonster offers many options for arranging your countdown timer. The best way to set up your timer is to locate a fluctuating bar at the bottom or top. It can sure that it is always visible. OptinMonster provides detailed instructions on how you can create and customize your countdown timer.

Notable: To use countdown timers, you will need the OptinMonster Pro plan or higher.

These widgets permits you to insert timers to floating bars and popups, inline widgets, scroll boxes and  full-screen welcome mats. You can also personify the timers by user’s location, page visited, and other factors.



If you need a page that is “coming soon,” the SeedProd plugin can help. This plugin allows you to easily create a landing page and place your website into maintenance or coming soon mode.

This plugin will create a regular timer for everyone. It counts down to the same point each day. It will be the day your site launches. You can’t use it to make an evergreen timer.

SeedProd’s clever feature allows you to set your site up to launch immediately after the timer ends. It’s simple to mislead to do this manually. When adding or editing the countdown timer to a page, turn on the “auto launch” feature.

Countdown Timer Ultimate

countdown timer ultimate

If you are looking to set up a countdown timer, Countdown Timer Ultimate is another option. This plugin is simple and does not allow you to display evergreen timers specific to each site visitor.

You can use Countdown Timer Ultimate to create as many countdown times as you like, and you can even customize their appearance.

Its pro plan offers many choice. You can show specific text after the countdown ends and have additional design options.

Countdown Builder


Countdown Builder is a countdown timer that comes in many different styles. You can choose from flip clock countdowns or circle countdowns.

You can place your timer within a WordPress post or page by choosing the Countdown block (under Widgets). You can also set it to display on specific pages or posts.

You can modify the clock’s appearance in detail if you wish, such as the font size and labels. It is possible without using CSS. You can use the built-in editor.

The pro version allows you to add email sign-up, set timers in advance, hide/show timers on mobile devices, and many other features. The cost of the pro plan begin at $19.99, depending on the features you choose.

Evergreen Countdown Timer

evergreen countdown timer

As you would expect, the Evergreen Countdown Timer allows you to create evergreen countdowns. You can also use it to develop normal countdowns.

You can configure the plugin to detect visitors by either a cookie or their IP address.

You will need to enter a shortcode to add timers to your web page. This shortcode can be copied and pasted from the Manager section in your countdown timer settings.

You can redirect visitors to any URL you choose once your timer reaches zero. If you are counting down to your course launch, you can send them to a registration page.

The plugin also comes with a pro version, which offers many more options. You may also select from many colors than black and white for your timer.

The pro version allows you to countdown the number of available spots, such as tickets or seats. It is helpful if you are selling tickets or seats for a live webinar.

WordPress Countdown Widget

wordpress countdown widget

WordPress Countdown Widget has free plan and it has easy drag and drop interface and simple to use . You may utilize it to make multiple timers for your website.

You may include countdown times to side widgets, pages or posts utilizing the shortcode. You may discover in depth advice on how to use the shortcode on the plugin’s website.

This plugin, unlike other plugins, also features “count up” timers. Your timer counts up starting at a point from the past and not counting down to the future.

You could, for example, create a plugin that shows how long ago it has been since a historical event like the birth or death of someone famous.

You can use it to indicate how long ago your company was founded or when you started your blog. It is an example we made:



HurryTimer’s free version lets you create regular and evergreen timers. To display the correct timer for each user, the evergreen timer uses IP and cookie detection.

To run a countdown between two dates, you can set up timers. It helps prepare for a sale ahead of time.

You can use the timer with WooCommerce. However, you don’t need to have WooCommerce installed to use it. If you wish, you can display your timer multiple times on one page.

You can also set up a recurring schedule if you are using the pro version. You can set up a timer to run according to your specifications. You could, for example, have a timer showing shipping cut-off times.

The pro version allows you to create an announcement bar that sticks at the top or bottom of your screen. It will keep your timer visible.

Finale Lite

finale lite

Finale Lite, a WordPress plugin with many features, is best suited for WooCommerce. It allows you to add sales countdown timers and discounts on your website. This plugin helps create urgency and motivates people to act quickly to avoid missing out on your offers.

Qi Addons

qi addons

Qi Addons are 60 widgets that you can add to Elementor. They include a countdown clock and a calendar. It is highly user-friendly. You can customize it in minutes with no coding skills.

Elementor Countdown Timer

elementor countdown timer

This elementor add-on allows you to display the countdown timer on any website quickly and straightforwardly. This plugin would permit you to make a Countdown Popup that attracts more people. This plugin adds widgets and works only with elementor page builders. This plugin will not work if your site does not use the elementor page builders.

Final Thoughts

Here’s a look at the top 10 countdown timers plugins for WordPress. This list contains multiple countdown timers with different price points and features. This list will have something for you, no matter what WordPress countdown plugin type you are looking for.

We would love to hear your feedback. Which WordPress countdown plugin do you prefer? We would love to hear your comments.

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