How to Add WordPress Button Code to Your Site?

Last updated on March 28th, 2022 at 08:15 am

Having trouble adding buttons to your WordPress website? Plugins are the best solution, as WordPress doesn’t provide a pre made feature that permit you to make buttons. This tutorial will show you how to use non-short code WordPress plugins and WordPress button short code.

What are short codes?

Before we start the tutorial, it is essential to understand what short codes mean.

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Short codes, which are basically simple code enclosed in square brackets ([like this one]), allow you to add more functionality and features to your WordPress post and pages. 

You can use a WordPress short code to display a button on your site by simply entering them in the editor.

WordPress button short codes are great because you can create one yourself if the codes do not meet your needs.

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This tutorial will show you how to create a WordPress button short code that allows you to add buttons to your website. We’ll show you how to use plugins instead, as it is more complicated than writing code from scratch.

If you need a different solution, we will provide it later.

Let’s go.

How to add buttons in WordPress

Website buttons can be a powerful way to get people to take a specific action, such as signing up, logging in, downloading a file, or signing up. Amazon buttons make it simple for customers to add items to their carts and make purchases.


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A button can also be added, as in the above example.

Using plugins to create a button short code

MaxButtons is our favorite WordPress short code plugin. MaxButtons has over 100.000 active installs, is compatible across all WordPress versions, and, most importantly, it is extremely easy to use so that anyone can use it without any difficulty.

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To get started, download and activate the plugin. Next, open the MaxButtons menu. After you have logged in to your plugin dashboard, click on Add New. The button editor will then open.

max button

You will need first to fill in the basic information, such as the button title (identifying and locating a button if there are multiple), URL (the link within a button), and the button’s text.

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You can change the text colors, hover text, size, and font in this section. The Live Preview is located on your right-hand side of the screen and shows all changes made .


Scroll down to see more options for customizing your buttons look. Click save to store the button design if your button design look good. 

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Go back to MaxButtons dashboard, and you will see the short code of the button you have just created. In the example, the short code is [maxbuttonID=”1″]


Short codes for Inserting Buttons

Simply you have to copy the given short code in the example and paste it into the text editor to insert the button. You can also click Add Button to choose the button that you wish to insert.


Next, change the URL and text of the button to suit your needs for each post. This way, you do not required to make various short codes in order to use them for various posts.

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That’s all! Now you have created your first WordPress button. The result may not appear in the WordPress editor. However, the button will be visible on the post once it is published.

Alternatives to Short code Plugins

MaxButtons, a WordPress plugin that allows you to add buttons with a minimal style change, is the biggest problem. You can add a button with a slight style change to it by going to the plugin’s dashboard.

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As an alternative, you can use a plugin that doesn’t require a short code like Forget About Short code Buttons.

Forget About Short code Buttons doesn’t rely on short codes, as the name implies. The WordPress editor allows you to create buttons immediately and then style them from there. Click the Insert Button icon to modify your button immediately.


You have the same options as MaxButtons: border style, background color and button size. You’ll love the added feature of being able to add an icon to your buttons.

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It is an simple mean to customize your button and create it more amazing. If you want to reuse the same button, you  do not required to start from scratch. Save it by selecting on Floppy Disk symbol. It can be re-used from the Templates tab at any time.

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After you are done, click on Update to insert your button.


Websites can benefit from buttons. They grab people’s attention and include call-to-action text that encourages them to take action.

WordPress does not provide a default feature for inserting a button on your website. You will need to use additional plugins.

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There are two types of WordPress button plugins: short code-based and not-short code-based. This tutorial has demonstrate how to use both. Which is better for you? You have the option to decide.

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