11 Best WooCommerce CRM Options for Your WordPress Stores.

Last updated on December 2nd, 2021 at 04:52 pm

CRMs, or customer relationship management software, includes several sizes and shapes. Many are manufactured for smaller enterprises, but some handle countless contacts to get big businesses.

Afterward, we’ve got eCommerce CRMs, most likely the main kind, contemplating the number of customers coming into those sites, acquiring services and products, and on the lookout for support.

Yes, CRM such as Salesforce or even Pipedrive can technically do the job with all kinds of businesses.

But imagine in regards to a WooCommerce CRM that syncs information to receive clients, products, orders, along with also other things from WooCommerce?

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When you are using WooCommerce, or plan about accepting the jump, you must own a system to keep in touch together and handle your web visitors on an expert level. And a WooCommerce CRM may be your means to do it.

Why Can You Desire a WooCommerce CRM?

The absolute most essential reason why you would like a WooCommerce CRM is that you required that syncing between your regular CRM along with also the WooCommerce plugin.The consumer’s details are captured in WooCommerce and never put in the CRM.

We summarize a number of those WooCommerce CRMs underneath are some stand-alone services and products, even though some are integrations for routine (non-WooCommerce) CRMs.

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But below are some motives why you require that WooCommerce/CRM integration:

  • To view more strong analytics on just about every customer, such as simply how each customer brings in on average.
  • To determine what special clients order.
  • Lead Management
  • To distinct client data from WordPress users.
  • To label transactions.
  • To email and provide support to clients.

Overall, a WooCommerce CRM will fetch the majority of the essential information into a dashboard.

You can run your online small business through WooCommerce and invite the CRM to get exactly what it’s supposed to do, which makes it a wonderful alternative to Shopify as well as also other eCommerce platforms.

The Best WooCommerce CRM Plans in 2021

Though we suggest seeing the total CRM reviews beneath, here is the following: a quick collection of all the suggested options if you are in a rush.

  • HubSpot for WooCommerce
  • ReadyCloud CRM
  • WP-CRM System
  • WP ERP
  • Sales AutoPilot for WooCommerce
  • Salesforce Connector for WordPress WooCommerce
  • Ninjodo
  • Agile CRM
  • Metrilo
  • Zero BS CRM
  • WooCommerce Integrations with Email Platforms

1 # HubSpot for WooCommerce

hubspot for woocommerce

HubSpot for WooCommerce is still a fast and effortless solution to join HubSpot’s CRM together with your WooCommerce retail store.

This means that you may automatically sync your WooCommerce users, orders, and products to HubSpot’s CRM and take benefit of the many marketing and sales tools found on the platform.

Interesting the option to monitor cart abandonment from your store, segment contacts into mailing lists using smart principles to create your follow-ups more robust.

The plugin is sold with seven ready-to-use eCommerce reports, which assist you in creating smarter decisions by simply assessing your data, website traffic, market trends, buyer behavior, and far more.

How Could This WooCommerce CRM Be Noticeable?

  • Routinely sync real-time WooCommerce customers, requests, and product in HubSpot’s CRM (unlimited customers )
  • You may cause lists to manage and arrange your contact, dependent on several different standards. The lists upgrade automatically as new contact add into your system.
  • Build advertising campaigns to accomplish your clients around the web
  • Monitor and regain clients’ abandonment carts.
  • Produce insightful reports on your clients and requests to monitor your business growth.

2 # ReadyCloud CRM

readycloud crm

ReadyCloud CRM is rocket fuel to get customer devotion and sales in the current eCommerce world.

Even a cross-channel eCommerce CRM solution, ReadyCloud features powerful customer sequence timelines detailed together with return and shipping information, invoice and monitoring number, notes, group calendar, tagging, email marketing integrations, detail by detail reportings, task and team management, shipping profitability report, and also much more.

There aren’t any plugins to either put in or bloat information a website code. No upgrades to be worried about. ReadyCloud WooCommerce CRM software conveys API together with your WooCommerce store and retains your site rapidly and agile. It is CRM to the WooCommerce entire world.

New functions have been added monthly! Begin a complimentary trial now free with no credit card desired. The fee following the demo is $24 for each user/month.

How Could This WooCommerce CRM Be Noticeable?

  • Comprehensive report that you simply won’t see on your WooCommerce dashboard.
  • No overhead on your WordPress website. All are managed through the REST API.
  • Insert Multicarrier returns and shipping together with the Premium ReadyShipper along with ReadyReturns plugins.
  • It is Cross-channel, which means it additionally links to programs such as eBay and Amazon.
  • Has email integrations such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.
  • Produce events, tasks, watch contacts, simply take notes, and a whole lot more!

3 # WP-CRM System


WP-CRM System is a completely free WordPress CRM plugin that lets you supervise your clients, task, and activities easily. In addition, it Is available in Spanish, Russian, and Polish.

You may join it with WooCommerce using their premium WooCommerce Connect extension that’s included inside their own $199 package deal.

WP-CRM System lets you possess an unlimited quantity of data and permits you to provide everyone within your organization get the data from your CRM.

How Could This WooCommerce CRM Be Noticeable?

  • Keep all of your customer’s order information at your fingertips.
  • The developer support with this CRM is fantastic and also stands out in the WordPress community.
  • Very easily watch order history for every single contact form inside the contact list.
  • The WooCommerce Connect extension will routinely develop a brand new contact in the WP-CRM system when clients make an order when an individual by that name does not previously exist.
  • New associations are also generated automatically in the event the customer enters the company name at checkout.
  • You can certainly make a brand new order from your contact’s record.

In addition, there are premium extensions to extend the CRM, such as email notification, client spot, Slack notification, form integrations, Zendesk integration, custom field, invoicing, and even syncing together with your MailChimp list.

4 # WP ERP

wp erp

WP ERP  Plugin is a completely free plugin that unites equally small and big enterprises having a CRM, HRM, and Accounting solution. It now has over 7,000 with active installs using an unusual 4.5 from a 5star rating. Their WooCommerce premium integration fees $99.00.

It permits you to sync with your WooCommerce order details and customer data with WP ERP and invite your CRM agent to keep track of your product sales.

This WordPress CRM plugin is written of different modules, and one to get his or her CRM operation and a substitute because of its own HRM and accounting infusion.

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They have no constraints about whatever you’re able to cause because many entrances as you need in most of those modules.

Just how Can This WooCommerce CRM Stand Out?

  • Assist for Forty Four currencies.
  • Watch each of the orders and also transactions achieved by WooCommerce from your CRM and Accounting module.
  • Automatically exports recently registered clients towards the CRM contact list and Accounting customer checklist.
  • Produce dynamic lists of clients by segmenting them predicated on over 22 important filters. Then, save those lists for delivering newsletters and emails.
  • Permit your CRM agents to monitor WooCommerce requests.
  • Filter clients that have bought the same, significantly less than more compared to the amount.
  • Permit your CRM agents to observe exactly the client’s log out of your contact’s profile, which comprises every one of the activities the customer has taken on your website.

5 # Sales AutoPilot for WooCommerce

sales auto poilet

Sales Autopilot for Woo Commerce is just another scenario by which a stand-alone CRM has built-in technological innovation for incorporating WooCommerce.

Hence, the combination creates sense if you are already using Sales AutoPilot or if you may love to pick out a brand-new CRM that is certainly likely to do the job well with WooCommerce.

To get a much higher level CRM, the $14 per month selling price is not all that bad. But it is dependent upon your email list size—for example, an email list of 750,000 costs at least $1,598.

Thus, Sales AutoPilot supports all types of businesses. Additionally, it isn’t important if you are conducting a huge business or even a tiny startup, then Sales AutoPilot has something for you personally.

The key capabilities include stuff like CRM, eCommerce, a help-desk module, affiliate monitoring, and basic email marketing. In addition, landing webpages have been packed set to amazing pages which connect with your ads.

You may even go for SMS marketing if you may love to tap customer mobile phone numbers and write them specified promotions.

How Could This WooCommerce CRM Be Noticeable?

  • It’s multiple marketing and advertising tools that you don’t find in other CRMs. Get SMS affiliate and marketing monitoring, as an example.
  • Sales AutoPilot provides tools for making membership sites with different access levels, a password reminder feature, and total integration in your marketing method.
  • It gives an amazing selection of pricing choices, encouraging large and tiny businesses. Additionally, this ensures you never wind up paying out too far or perhaps not gaining the most suitable capabilities.
  • The WooCommerce integration just lets you replicate a code out of Sales AutoPilot and place it to WooCommerce.
  • Sales AutoPilot comprises an exceptional payment solution for collecting payments from visitors online. Thus, even non-eCommerce sites can benefit from online sales.
  • Sales AutoPilot additionally incorporates a few popular billing software.

6 # Salesforce Connector for WooCommerce in WordPress

salesforce connector

Even the Salesforce Connector plugin sells for roughly £ 199, and it really is a onetime fee. You, but sign-up to get extra service spans, which raise your pricing. There is an installment fee if you prefer not to finish the method yourself.

The Entire purpose of the WooCommerce CRM would be to connect Salesforce into Woo Commerce. In its most elementary, the CRM syncs all of WooCommerce products and clients with Salesforce.

You may even move the opposite ways, delivering all of the Salesforce requests and products you’ve got into WooCommerce.

All versions of Salesforce are encouraged from the plugin, which isn’t important if you’ve got Professional, Developer, Unlimited, or even Enterprise. For the large part, this CRM appears to sync almost all of your items in real-time.

But it processes majority data if required, also , you’ve got the option to disable real-time purchase synchronization if needed.

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How Could This WooCommerce CRM Be Noticeable?

  • Clients answered in regards to the support from the developer.
  • This makes a bridge between your very widely used eCommerce WordPress plugin and also typically the many used CRM.
  • The synchronization of requests happens properly at checkout.
  • The integration stipulates an opportunity to produce focused customer sections in Salesforce, all predicated upon your data from WooCommerce.
  • The Salesforce Connector takes benefit from a cloud-computing service that activates a worldwide system for the organization.

7 #  Ninjodo


Made for smaller entrepreneurs and teams, Ninjodo supplies a clear and clean CRM without any of their mess or confusion or heavier apps.

The software is intended to improve your sales, control your contacts, simplify mails, and receive structured information.

The company sells a few pricing plans, the most affordable, which is $49 monthly. Even a 14-day complimentary trial offer permits you to examine your system.

However, from then on, you’re going to be activated to your Phase One program, which supports as much as 5,000 contacts along with 5 users.

What’s intriguing about the Ninjodo plans is that they’re named Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3, in an effort to show the manner that your business how the firm needs to progress together with Ninjodo. 

So it expects you simply to reach a revenue objective of $100k with Stage 1, $300k-500k in Stage 2, and about $ 1million in Stage 3.

How Could This WooCommerce CRM Be Noticeable?

  • Each plan comprises email templates, customer participation forms, and lead capture forms.
  • Ninjodo is popularly famous because of its notable how-to video clips, live chat service, and step-by-step guidance.
  • Ninjodo is undoubtedly among the Simplest CRMs for WooCommerce. It is built to be clean and modern, perhaps not packed up with tens of thousands of features.
  • Routinely sync your clients and requests from WooCommerce. As an example, you can track the dispatch and  distribute function and realize the orders at real life.
  • Ninjodo additionally incorporates nicely using Xero Accounting, Google-Drive, also MondoTalk.
  • Handle your complete CRM from the mobile app. The program may not merely appear easily digestible, but everything displayed onto a single page.

8 # Agile CRM

agile crm

Agile CRM may be incorporated into almost any eCommerce platform or site. However, it keep a particular outcome for WooCommerce.

Even the WooCommerce system comprises tools for consumer administration, intelligent workflows, web participation, and much additional.

The very best news for Agile is that it’s perhaps one of the absolute most potent CRMs available on the current market. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to choose to get a test drive at no cost.

Furthermore, the company gives a completely free plan for upto 10 users; therefore, technically, a smaller company may wind up paying out nothing whenever they don’t go on that mark.

Then, the prices continue to be pretty, very affordable. The Starter package is $8.99 a month, whereas typically, the very used choice would be $29.99. The CRM is divided into four sections: sales, marketing, service, and also extras.

Thus, you obtain things such as custom data fields and lead grading in the sales program, email campaign, a form builder in the marketing technique, a help-desk in the service section, and more than fifty plugins and integrations throughout the extras section.

How Could This WooCommerce CRM Be Noticeable

  • Agile comes with a completely free pricing arrangement for upto 10 consumers.
  • The Premium plan is affordable.
    Agile provides many of your marketing and CRM demands into a platform. This consists of sales, marketing, support, and even extras.
  • The help desk is exceptional to Agile; also, it lets for canned responses, labels, groups, and reports.
  • You obtain phone and email assistance with all plans.
  • The CRM incorporates programs Such as Google, Shopify, and Stripe.
  • Agile comes with a Chrome extension for producing the method less difficult on your browser.
  • The marketing department is significantly stronger than many CRMs with this checklist, using an email template builder, landing-page builder, marketing automation, and social media observation.

9 # Metrilo


Metrilo is just one of those couple of CRMs that is made simply for WooCommerce. It truly is intended to generate your WooCommerce analytics operate effortlessly with no debilitating integrations.

You can find three individual plans that offer various tools, every building on the last one. There are no limits for traffic, users, info, or mails on any of those plans.

Essential plan- comprises ecommerce Analytics and dashboard and product advice — $119 monthly.

Pro Plan- In this plan you will get all the feature  and customer database with individual profiles, retention analysis, and activity live views – $199 monthly.
Premium Plan  In ths plan  you will get all the feature of  Pro plan, email and customer responses — $299.

The most important strong point using Metrilo is that the mixture of email marketing and also CRM.

It really is actually a hub for optimizing and controlling almost all of your own eCommerce marketing in one location. Metrilo clearly incorporates WooCommerce. Nevertheless, you have the choice to join it to Shopify or even Magento.

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Just how Can This Woo Commerce CRM Stand Out?

  • Metrilo includes support for WooCommerce and also a few other eCommerce software.
  • You may deal with your clients, deliver mails and assess your stats, all in one location.
  • The Metrilo CRM catches all traffic and permits product interaction, cart abandonment, client segmentation, along with one-on-one emails.
  • Even the eCommerce email marketing module comprises alternate options for personalized e mails,  automation, custom domains, along with segmentation.
  • The eCommerce analytics field includes revenue evaluation, merchandise performance, retention analysis, pre-set sales funnels, and order statuses.

10 # Zero BS CRM

zero bs crm

Zero BS CRM is an extremely Inexpensive and Strong software made for WordPress and passed accessible free cost. The programmers sell loads of add ons, and however, the basic CRM application can be downloaded at no cost on your website.

We like this for a few reasons. To begin with, it offers entrepreneurs a better opportunity to become more connected with customer relationships, and it is excellent for keeping costs low. The truth is that we did the full comprehensive review of Zero BS CRM.

The principles behind the Zero BS CRM are always to keep things easy and efficient. The programmers say that they’d tried heaps of CRMs, simply to see that a large part of these is much overly distended and over-complex (and not, of course, costly ).

So this can be strictly why Zero BS CRM exists. Zero BS CRM may be installed within minutes.

As the base plugin is completely free, you’re going to desire to choose up the top Woo Sync extension for $49.00.

You might upgrade having several added strong extensions such as another:

  • Customer service tickets
  • Gravity Forms
  • Stripe
  • Contact Form 7
  • MailChimp Email Marketing
  • Google Contacts integration
  • Bulk tagger based on transaction keywords
  • Envato sales history
  • Lots of

Every extension goes for an unprecedented rate. However, it looks like the less costly once sell at about $29 a year, whereas the expensive one is listed at $129 each year.

Actually, somebody who simplifies the extensions has a wonderful selection of features for managing leads, delivering a quote, and producing leads with lead forms.

How Can This Woo Commerce CRM Stand Out?

  • Zero BS CRM is a completely free download using highly effective CRM features.
  • Due to their own extraordinary Woo Sync premium extension that it syncs attractively with WooCommerce and provides analytics.
  • You’ve got the possibility to obtain an offer with the Zero BS CRM, numerous extensions, support, and also access to its Slack community.
  • It is an entirely self-hosted, stand-alone CRM.
  • Link to other services employing the Zero BS CRM API.
  • It is mobile-ready, and it has options for making a mobile app.
  • A number of the completely free features incorporate your client portal site, transaction, lead generation, statements, quotations and client administration, B2B style, staff CRM, and info programs.

11 #  WooCommerce Email Integrations With Email Platforms

Plenty of email marketing programs possess integrations that could transform your WooCommerce store into a basic CRM. For many already using popular suppliers such as MailChimp or ActiveCampaign, these make sense.

Thus, you may construct your eCommerce store with WooCommerce, even though collecting and segmenting client information throughout the email marketing software’s automation and forms.

Which is WooCommerce CRM is Ideal for You?

Industry for CRM is packed one, but it does not signify it needs to be frustrating. Ideally, using this specific listing of WooCommerce CRM alternatives, you’re able to limit your search and find out the CRMs which are going to sync together with WooCommerce and create your own eCommerce business run better.

By the way, remember plugins could have a major effect on site overall performance.

Considering that a list of 11 even now leaves you some selections to create, we would like to split some situations where you may choose one particular WooCommerce CRM over the other.

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Zero BS CRM or WP CRM Technique — best for general Price. They truly are easy, feature-filled free without any extensions. Great match for online marketers.

Metrilo — a fantastic option if you would like exemplary email marketing using your CRM.

Agile CRM — ideal for all organizations which need a complementary arrangement for upto ten users. Small organizations should have a close look at Agile CRM.

Ninjodo or WP ERP — best for Smaller companies. They have an amazing interface.

Salesforce Connector for WordPress WooCommerce — Move for this species if you anticipate implementing, or are at present using, Salesforce as your own CRM.

ReadyCloud CRM — fantastic when you try to offload the job from the WooCommerce site and get the most out of additional Cross-channel WooCommerce integrations.

Sales AutoPilot for Woo Commerce — This WooCommerce CRM has the absolute most flexible pricing plan. Consequently, if you may love to prevent paying far too many funds, however, need enough support and attributes, Sales AutoPilot will be worth buying into.

If you’ve got some opinions or questions about the best WooCommerce CRMs, let us all know in the reviews under!

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