What is Markdown? How to Use Markdown in WordPress?

Last updated on December 3rd, 2021 at 05:11 pm

Recently among those customers requested what Markdown is? They found out about it from the buddy who utilized the Ghost blogging platform. Markdown is an effortless markup language that converts plain text to HTML.

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Consider it being a far more straightforward text editor. In the following article, we’ll explain the way you can utilize Markdown in WordPress.

What Exactly is Markdown?

Markdown is a markup language that converts simple text to html page. It permits users to utilize exceptional characters such as number signs, asterisk, dashes, and underscore in Markdown syntax rather than HTML. This markdown Syntax is subsequently automatically changed to HTML.

As an instance:

**That can be daring text**

The text as mentioned above is going to be converted by Markdown right into:

That can be daring text

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Markdown gives an effective means to generate rich text documents, especially for users. In the event you employ the written text editor to compose articles in WordPress; subsequently, Markdown could turn into a fantastic alternative editor for you personally.

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How to Insert Markdown Assistance in WordPress

The first issue you ought to do would be to install and then activate that the WP-Markdown plugin. Upon activation, then you have to see Settings -> and click Writing and scroll down to the markdown portion.

wp markdown settings

It’s possible to empower WP-Markdown such as pages, posts, and custom post types. You may even empower markdown services such as comments.

The plugin includes a menu bar within the editing area, which means that you may easily insert markdown syntax. However, if you’re a newcomer to Markdown, you definitely ought to enable the help bar. This can allow you to study markdown syntax fast.

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After allowing markdown support you have to click on save changes button for fixing your setting.

Utilizing Markdown in WordPress Post Editor

Once you’ve empowered markdown services such as pages and posts, you also can go to Posts -> Add New to determine it for actions.

The first step you will become aware of could be that WordPress text and visual editors have changed the default options with the markdown editor.

wp markdown editor

The edit screen now displays a live preview of text that you enter into the editor. On top, you have got a markdown help bar that enables you to add markdown syntax making use of the button. This help bar is helpful for new users to familiarize themselves using all the markdown syntax.

Markdown Syntax Cheat-sheet

Markdown syntax is relatively easy, but it usually takes time to become used to it. So, here’s just a fast markdown cheat sheet you may use as a benchmark.

*This is emphasized Text*

This is emphasized Text

**This is bold text**

This is bold text

#This is Heading 1#


This is heading 1

##This is Heading 2##


This is heading 2

###This is Heading 3###


This is heading 3



1. Ordered list item 1
2. Ordered list item 2
3. Ordered list item 3


  1. Ordered list item 1
  2. Ordered list item 2
  3. Ordered list item 3

*Unordered list item 1
*Unordered list item 2
*Unordered list item 3


  • Unordered list item 1
  • Unordered list item 2
  • Unordered list item 3

Incorporating Video As Using Markdown in WordPress

Usually, it’s possible to embed any YouTube online video just by pasting the movie URL in the post editor. This isn’t going to work WP-Markdown enabled. You have to wrap your movie URL right into.

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We expect that this short article helped you know about Markdown and how to utilize it in WordPress.

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