What is a Slug in WordPress and How to Change? in 2021

Last updated on December 7th, 2021 at 02:46 pm

It’s almost always an essential thing to incorporate the keywords in your post’s permalink, and that’s potential throughout the Slug; however, are you aware of what is a slug in WordPress website and how to optimize it?

If not, this guide has everything assembled to get you an idea of what slug keyword is crucial for search engine optimization and how to change it in a WordPress website.

In a nutshell, I’ll say Slug is really a keyword or name of your article that’s contained in your URL or permalink whilst creating a new blog post on the WordPress site.

The slug word will probably unite with the domain name and generate the complete URL, making it possible for the site post to index the different search engines.

However, there are various elements to consider concerning the slug keyword before the change. After the change, it creates a negative effect on your website when you want to know more about everything better than reading the whole guide.

Let first learn that what is Slug in a WordPress website in detail and how you might change it afterward will go over the issues with changing Slug and ultimately give attention to just how to fix the problems caused of a Slug.

What is a slug in WordPress and its own specific importance?

Whenever you have intended to write a post on a WordPress site, beneath the title, you’ve observed a URL subject to of change by clicking the edit option  and recognize as the permalink.

Where permalink will starts with the domain and are performed with the Slug, yes, Slug has been along with permalink to customize your URL by the addition of the keyword.

You may have observed the image below while writing the article.

what is a slug in wordpress

This has highlighted region called a permalink which comprises a domain with https like https://askjitendrakumar.com and lots of hyphens (-) separated by means of a word.

The word “types-of-seo-in-google” here is the Slug, which ending full permalink with the .html extension.

There are always some rules for slugs to follow, and all apply by default if you make changes with a permalink like the one below.

  • In  Slug, words will most likely take lower case letters.
  • All words contained in the Slug is going to be separated with a hyphen (-).

If you type Uppercase letters or different every word with only distance, it’ll automatically convert all of lower letters to letters separated by hyphens after clicking on Okay

OK, if you ask the difference between a slug and a permalink, you already know that the Slug is the part of the permalink where the permalink is made from a combination of the domain name + Slug.

To learn more about what permalink is and how to change it for a WordPress or Blogger site, make sure you know a detailed guide from a previously published post.

If you don’t realize that Slug isn’t only for content articles. It is going to be for each single content publish online, Whether it’s of a web page,  category, or post because, in any search engine to index, the original requirement is a URL

Therefore let focus on the significance of Slug will then talk about the way to alter with the post, pages, and category of  this WordPress site.

Significance of Slug: Exactly why we want this?

In the event you’ve heard  on page optimization guide about the best way to write your post targeting a keyword, you’ve probably been through the main point whereby we discussed adding your keywords in a permalink.

This is just a research study for on-page search engine optimization, where as whenever the search engine crawler visits your web site, it starts with the URL from the title, therefore it’s a good idea to incorporate the keyword in the URL.

Most of us understand that the only real means to incorporate a keyword is by simply editing or altering the Slug in the permalink because it carries the title of the post, page, or category by default .

However, the title exceeds the readable limitation, and also the recommended URL shouldn’t be significantly more than 53-60 character, and that means that you’re not positive whether your keyword is going to be inserted into the permalink?

To alter the default name in the permalink, additionally you ought to include things like the keywords by changing the editable Slug in the permalink.

That’s what that the significant relevance of this Slug in the WordPress site.

For the CTR, while an individual is searching for any particular query, let’s say what is search engine optimization, and he found top ten SERP out which your page comprises precisely the same keyword in URL as well as also in the title then it’s more opportunities to get more clicks.

Overall, Slug gives you the ability to optimize the permalink or URL that best fits search engine optimization and increases your CTR.

Below are a couple of highlights that provide you with confidence in modifying the permalink or adding Slug.

  • Slug makes it feasible to bring the keyword in the permalink and URL.
  • Through the Slug website owner can short permalink.
  • Slug help finish the vital variable of On-Page search engine optimization by adding the targeted keywords.
  • Slug help take away the default title from the permalink.
  • Through Slug you will able increased the CTR by reader participation.

Most likely, the points mentioned above are adequate to get you a good idea of why Slug is crucial for any published post and how it will also help to engage more visitors to the website.

Let Speak about how to alter the Slug in the post of a WordPress Site.

The Way to alter the Slug for Post in WordPress?

When you’re writing an article as exhibited previously in the screenshot, there was a permalink below the title name of the post that’s editable by clicking on the edit option.

To alter the permalink, only click the edit option, and also the Slug will turn to a editable text box where you may type the word you desire.

what is a slug in wordpress

As from the below screenshot, you’ve seen how “types-of-seo-in-google” has been changed to an editable box at which the domain name and extension .html are fixed and won’t be changed.

what is a slug in wordpress

Now I can make changes with the word Slug when necessary, shorten the number of words or add another word, and then click on OK and you are done.

what is slug in wordpress

Here you have seen that I have removed the “in” from the Slug, and a new permalink has been created and remember that the auto change will be default  applied by WordPress, such as lowercase letters and separated by hyphens when missed.

Changes in the Slug for a post will only be made from the post edit window, and I recommend making changes only when you are writing the post, not after publishing. Why? We will discuss it at the end.

If you have already published the post, go to post -> All Posts and click Edit out of the listed post, which lets you go with the screen above to make changes.

How to Change the Slug for Pages in WordPress?

Every website contains couple of mandatory pages such as About Us, Contact Us, and Also Privacy Policy. If you’ve indexed these web pages to search engines, then it has their particular permalink.

But this has ended with the Slug taken from permalink pages as we have Slug for the post, which similarly taking defaults the title name, the default title for the page is also taken as Slug.

If you wish to modify the Slug for those pages, subsequently do follow the instructions below.

Go to Page -> All Pages, it will list all the pages that are already published on your site, or you are going to add.

what is a slug in wordpress

Once you have a list of all the pages, the page you want to change the Slug, click to edit as given below, and you will be routed to a new edit page window.

what is a slug in wordpress

Here, on the edit page window, check the slug edit box as we did for the post, and you can also change the Slug in the permalink of the page.

what is a slug in wordpress

Once you make changes with the same, click on the OK button, then the new permalink will be set for the same page, but as I said earlier, don’t change it after publishing the post; why? Will discuss this later.

How to Change Slugs for Categories in WordPress?

Categories are also an important part that everyone will want to index in search engines where all your specific terms are linked. Still, sometimes people use the category in their permalink.

If you are also using a category in permalink like https://askjitendrakumar.com/Category/Post Slug.html

Then, of course, you first need to change the Slug or edit the Slug when setup and here is how to do it.

Go to Post-> Category This will navigate to all the list of categories you have created.

what is a slug in wordpress

For all the listed categories here, click on the visible edit option under the already published category, and it will navigate to its editor window.

what is a slug in wordpress

There will be an edit box with the slug name, where you can make changes with the slug word displayed and click to update.

what is a slug in wordpress

After making all these changes, the category slug will be changed, and you will see the updated Slug while browsing the pages of the same category.

Perhaps you have learned all the possible ways to change the slugs of posts, pages, and categories, but now let you know about the problems with changing the slugs of a website.

Issues with change in WordPress slug?

We have already learned how to make changes with existing slugs, but why is it always advisable to make changes when creating posts, pages or categories?

The reason is simply that each of your content is indexed or searched or browsed in search engines with specific URLs that we call permalink.

Once you set permalink, it will go live on the Internet, and anyone can click on it and go to your posts, pages, or categories, but what if you only change the Slug.

Eventually, it will replace the permalink and create a new link to the same post, and the old permalink will no longer exist.

Therefore if anybody with recently your previous permalink and attempts to simply click or navigate it will get 404 Not found pages whilst the link has been changed to new and also this you will lose all your traffics, backlinks link juice along with search engine optimization.

If you have just published and your post has not been indexed, you can change the permalink, but it is not recommended to make changes after a few months while already receiving traffic on the website.

Now, however, the concern is  that how to repair this dilemma in the event that you want to alter this?

The reply is straightforward, employing the redirection plugin readily available in the WordPress plugin package. Where it’s going to request that you give.

Source URL # The older URL to displace the exact permalink before to the URL.

Target URL # The brand new URL that’s the URL later alter the permalink.

Whenever anyone clicks on the old URL from there, it will auto redirect to the new URL, and no more pages will be found, or there will be 404 pages.

Try with this redirection plugin will help you to overcome all post, page, category redirection issues and fix all 404 No Found page issues.

Conclusion on What is a Slug in WordPress

In simple imagery, slugs as an editable part of the URL, which are easy to change based on the requirement, and it also helps to target the keywords or shorten the URL.

The Slug is available in all post-page sand categories, and you need to make changes to make it definitely readable and short in length.

The Slug change should always take place initially and avoid change after a few months of publishing which can lead to loss of search engine rankings.

I hope you have the best idea on what is a slug in WordPress and how to make changes with the same if you like what you share with everyone who is looking for the same.

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