What is a Permalink and How to Change Permalink in WordPress or Blogger?

Last updated on April 15th, 2022 at 06:04 pm

Recently I’ve already been asked by countless people about what is a Permalink in WordPress and how is it likely to modify the permalink in WordPress?

Afterwards, I thought to develop a thorough guide concerning the permalink and its importance in a WordPress site.

However, if you’re using Blogger, perhaps not WordPress, then maybe not to stress as I’ve shared the techniques to alter the permalink in Blogger too.

In conclusion, a permalink is the URL of the web page, and the URL will be browsed in Google to get a certain page search or one that searches engine index your post.

This guide would explain what is a permalink and how it’s essential and how to change this.

The main reason for learning about permalink before everything is to know how Google rank, search engine optimization, and prospective website traffic are dependent upon permalink.

Allow me to reveal to you what exactly it is permalink.

What is Permalink and Significance of Permalink

In lemon stipulations, permalink described a constant static hyperlink to any particular webpage or any other site post by that any user may navigate your pages and post.

Whilst searching in Google for almost any particular query or post, you now have two methods to achieve this.

  • Search by keyword for random websites list.
  • Search by offering the particular website post URL.

In the second circumstance, the particular URL you search is called a permalink that we also referred to as a site URL.

what is a permalink

In the above screenshot, you’ll observe I’ve searched for a particular post of mine by providing its entire URL, which suggested to me the specific article for that URL mapped.

Most of us understand that every online data world exists somewhere on a private or public WordPress site and its presence all over the internet possible through the domain name.

However, if we talk specifically to any pages or post or any category of site that consistently has its own .html page, suppose you would like to redirect to this particular page that you require a permalink or custom link of pages or post URL.

Every permalink is formed from 4 things, as listed below.

  • HTTP/HTTPS # The security Hypertext transfer protocols.
  • Domain name # Is the name of a domain like www.askjitendrakumar.com
  • Custom text # Any type of text to get a post-specific Keywords
  • Finished with .html

By blending them, you’re going to get a custom permalink as well. The ideal permalink is you’re able to alter the customized text for a particular post.

You may add or upgrade the permalink after the domain as every site permalink has a defined fixed structure till the domain name can’t be changed; the only part that could be edited is later, which we called slug word.

This particular guide is all about how to change permalink or customize permalink. Without permalink, no site can exist on the net since it’s the kind of address of your house where no correspondence receives whether it isn’t correctly typed.

I guess you have a concept about what is a permalink and what’s the importance of it. Now allow me to highlight the few things about permalink that should appear.

How Should the Permalink Appear Like?

Permalink may possibly function as different forms either it might have a 50 character long or  more than one hundred character, so what if it appears like.

Be sure to be aware of the below points while creating your permalinks.

  • Your permalink must not be more than 53-55 character.
  • You must avoid month time and date in the permalink
  • Do not insert symbols in the permalink.
  • Make sure the permalink must match with the title of your post.

The above mentioned 4 points will probably be required whilst setting-up permalink, and also associated with that once you put permalink, it wont change for this article. It is going to remain related to that specific post.

In the event that you change your permalink at the foreseeable future, most internet search engine optimization backlinks or credit you have from the old link is going to undoubtedly be lost; hence, folks use to do redirection of the links .

Redirection means linking the older permalink with the brand new one. If the user clicks into the older link, then in the place of “404 not found page”, it will likely be redirected into the newest permalink URL.

However, an expert says it will lose 20 per cent of link juice that you gained from the older permalink.

Therefore be certain that you are conscious of the points mentioned above while deciding the ideal permalinks.

If you’re new to WordPress, subsequently click the permalink format. You ought to follow below navigation, launch the WordPress Admin > Navigate to Setting> click to Permalinks.

what is a permalink

In the above screenshot, you can view it as a different type of permalink, for example.

  • Any permalink has any number in the end that is called plain text.
  • Permalink comprise time and date in the URL
  • A permalink can have month and name in the URL
  • Permalink can include numeric character in the URL
  • Website owner can have have post name in URL
  • Custom permalink which is editable by an individual.

Outside of this permalink mentioned above type, the single absolute best option will be to choose a custom permalink at which you can add your targeted keywords and optimize the permalink for your character that you desire.

Let me get you one way how to change a custom made permalink in the WordPress site.

The Way to alter the permalink in WordPress Site

Change in the permalink to get a WordPress website can be completed in various manners, and we’ll go through each of these and surely will clarify what and just how and when you should get the permalink.

How to change permalink from the Slug Word.

Generally, slug in WordPress is popularly referred to as the user-friendly name of pages or post. You should follow along with below navigation, then launching the WordPress Admin > Browse to Setting > click to Permalinks.

Every single article automatically option takes title name as slug word unless in the event that you put custom permalink.

what is a permalink

Default every WordPress editor can display the permalink for this particular article below the name of the editor.

Here it is possible to see the hyperlink could be your permalink to for the very same post at which the slug word generally called here “creative-content” is inserted with the domain name.

what is a permalink

In the event that you want to alter this slug word, then click to edit, and you’re going to undoubtedly be allowed to change it with a new word.

In such a way, you’ll be able to change the permalink of any article on the WordPress website. As soon as you update, ensure to click the Ok button.

The new link updated slug words will probably be updated and can succeed immediately; therefore, allow me to undergo another method of changing the permalink.

How to alter  permalink from the setting

As we discussed early in the daytime, we now have many formats of permalink which might be changed via the setting of permalink.

However, this changed in the setting will apply to all your post since it functions as the default setting varies with all the post permalink.

Some reference to with a Permalink format for example time and date, which implies just how older their article remains, along with many others really like to include their own titles within their own categories, even though both cases aren’t suggested.

If you’d like to change with whatever afterwards, go into the setting > Permalinks>check for Common setting and pick the method you’d like.

what is a permalink

Let us imagine, and you’ve published a post with title name as “Best five strategies to rank in Google afterwards consequently.

Day and Name Permalink


Month and name Permalink


Post Name permalink


Depending on the option in this way, the default permalink you have selected will be displayed where the only change you can make with the word slug, and you cannot change the date, time, or any other format on the editor window.

Custom Made Permalink

Hence the best option is a custom structure where you are able to pick the structure of the permalink.

As I want to skip the date, time, category and am willing to put the post name as the word slug, I can also change it on the edit screen.

what is a permalinks

The constant method explained sooner has disadvantages; if you would like to alter together with all the scope, date, etc., then you will not be able to alter it because It’ll be surprising, however in the Customized structure, you are able to alter.

Just select and drop the option available below and make your Permalink format, so be sure to separate each entry by a forward slash (/).

Let me  say you are able to have


Because of this, your URL will likely be judged by thinking about the category of Search Engine Optimisation

As a result, your URL will be judged by considering the category of SEO.

https://www.example.com/seo/best-five-strategies-to-rank -in-google.html

In such a way, you’ve to do changes with the post’s permalink where you might also exclude this category.

Change the permalink of Categories

Changes at the permalink for category pages might be create by making changes together with category pages within the article.

To alter the exact same, then navigate to post> categories> click to edit option designed for that category that you would like to change.

what is a permalink

It’ll navigate into the special category edit window in which you can certainly do changes with the slug word and only hit the upgrade button.

what is a permalink

Ensure that every entry in the Slug Edit box must be either letter, number or hyphen; if there are two words, make sure that both are added to the middle with a hyphen (-).

If you change with the slug of blogging by types of seo  it will contain a URL like-


If you will need changes together with different typesof categories, then the same changes have to be followed closely with each category.

Modify the format of the permalink for personal  post.

While doing varies with the permalink format, your website post, categories or pages permalink can get change.

This means that your old post URL or site URL has been replaced with the new one, but you would like to change with the just real one.

This is sometimes potential with a plugin named Custom Permalink, that’ll assist you update articles pages, tags, or even categories. Install this plugin WordPress and activate the plugin.

what is a permalink

When adding the plugins, you’re able to change the permalink of every individual post. In the same method, you are in a position to alter the permalink of the categories applying the exact same plugin.

In the category, new field will probably be inserted in the bottom of the page at which it’s possible to give the style of this category.

what is a permalink

Such ways, we are able to truly have an easy method to individual change in the post and also categories permalink.

The best way to alter permalink in Blogger Website

Blogger doesn’t have any support for its outside plugins, and it’s just one approach to switch the permalink is by the article editor right hand Post setting option just.

Every article will choose the title name because of their default option permalink, but that is subject to change whether an individual wants before publishing the articles.

what is a permalink

In this default option, every article was delegated using an automatic permalink that gets the day and time; however, you’re able to select the customized permalink option and certainly change the slug words to your permalink.

This means you cannot customize with plugins since it will also have month and year at the permalink.

The best way to redirect older permalink into New Permalink

If you change the permalink structure or change the existing published pages or post permalink afterwards, the person who clicks into old links will probably get “404 not found page.

As the older site content or post was transferred into the brand new permalink, this usually means that you eliminate all of your traffic.

Therefore make sure you redirect the older article’s permalink into the brand new one, promising the older permalink clicks to browse into this brand new one.

This way, if the user clicks or searches for an old Permalink, it will automatically be routed to the new one, but 404 cannot find the page.  Because of this, you may download a plugin called redirect.

What is a permalink

With this plugin, you’re able to provide the source URL and target URL at which the origin will probably be the initial permalink, and also the target is going to be the brand new permalink.

what is a permalink

After providing either clicks to divert the add, you are going to place all of your previous URLs to the new types.

I hope you are aware about how to alter the permalink and the plugin to redirect you to another second.

A final thought about What is a permalink

Avoid any any structural adjustments to permalink after publishing numerous articles, because new changes will probably necessitate redirection of previously released articles.

Allow me to post-slug only after the domain therefore the article doesn’t involve the date, time, or category as these specific things reveal or hide the real keywords of the article.

Permalink needs to match the title of the post  or the content of the  post. Avoid numbers or any symbols except hyphens.

If you’re changing permalink for certain articles where you intend to adjust the category, date, or time, then make sure you complete this using custom permalink plugins.

Those who avoid changes to other posts but changes to Slug Word can be done without a plugin because it will not change with other posts.

I hope you have got an overview or ways of what is a permalink and how to change the Permalink of a WordPress or Blogger website.

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