What Are Most Popular Domain Extensions- Which Will You Use?

Last updated on November 27th, 2021 at 10:14 pm

A domain identity is a specific mixture of characters that uniquely identifies a website. A domain name is in many ways the same relationship as a street address to a house.

A domain name is entered in the browser and the browser then accesses a DNS (domain name server) to locate the site. It can display the website to you. It is similar to looking up someone in a phone directory to find out how they can call or get to their home.

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How do you read a domain name?

Each domain name contains a top-level domain (TLD), such as .com or .net, as well as a subdomain. Take, for example, the domain name askjitendrakumar.com. In this case, the TLD is askjitendrakumar.com.

Askjitendrakumar.com is a combination of all these domain names that you can use for this website.

You can add additional subdomains to domain names. You can visit Wikipedia.org’s English-language version by using en.wikipedia.org as a subdomain.

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After the global lockdown by COVID-19, websites have become more important for freelancers and businesses. Many people prefer to visit a website over the brick-and-mortar alternative.

You required to select the right domain identity for your portfolio, company or personal blog. Before you make that decision, here are some necessary points to consider.

  • You must ensure that the domain is simple to remember and read. Avoid using numbers, misspellings, and hyphens. Choose “CoolDomainForYou.com” instead of “KewlDomain4U.com”
  • Look for domain names that are representative of your brand. You could include your name, slogan, or keywords related to your target niche.
  • Choose the best domain extension, also known as a top-level domain (TLD). The availability of your business and industry will influence this decision.

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Domain extension refers to the combination of characters after a period in a website address.

Although it might look like a small selection, the domain extension can be significant. It is used to identify the country code or category of a website. In askjitendrakumar.com, the domain extension is used to indicate that the website is intended for commercial use.

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What is the working principle of domain names?

Domains allow people to access websites using a simple set of words or other characters rather than a long string number. Each website has an associated unique IP address. This address consists of either a long string or both numbers and letters.

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Although you can type in your web browser to go to Google, do you really want that number?

Your web browser automatically connects to a DNS server when you type a domain in the address bar. The above example would show that Google.com is located at the IP address It then loads the correct website.

How to get a domain

The Internet Corporation  is responsible for assigned names and numbers for domain registrations. These registrars are required to help you get your domain.

Many web hostings offer domain registration services. However, you don’t need to use your web host if you have never created a website before. It is easier to use one provider for all your needs.

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It is easy to registered a domain identity. You will need to choose a subdomain and pair it with a TLD. You may  change the subdomain or TLD until you discover the one which fits you.

Which domain extensions are most popular?

You should begin with familiarity when choosing the right domain. You should look at the most popular domain extensions in your area and select one that is compatible with your brand and consumers’ expectations.

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This usually means choosing a TLD with high popularity. Before choosing any extension from top  five domain extension you need to know about all the extension.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .co
  • .us

You might not realize how important the domain extension you choose plays in your new domain’s success. Let us look at the most well liked domain extensions and discuss why you should decide on that extension for your new site.

1 # .com

This type of domain extension has been the most used TLD. It was generally utilized to identify for big business but it has become the most popular domain extension. If you have the option, .com should be your first choice for a domain extension.

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Because it is the most well-known, the .com TLD is often the best.

Habits are what make us human. Since we all know how to type.com domains in our web browsers for decades, it’s what most people expect from websites.

We automatically assume that a domain name or business name is a .com domain when we first hear it. It’s the extension we are most familiar with.

Visitors may accidentally land on your domain’s .com domain if it isn’t yours. For fraudulent scams against your customers, hackers can even purchase the domains .com or other misspelled domains. This is called typo squatting.

The demand of the above extension goes beyond its familiarity. Many search engine optimization companies believe that the .com extension may assist to rank you post higher in search engines. A domain with .com is more authoritative than a domain with an unfamiliar extension.

When you are doing outreach for PR or backlinks, a .com is more trustworthy than a less-popular TLD.

There are many cons to utilizing the a .com domain for your new site. One, it may be already taken. With domains, the internet has brought bonanza type of motion. Popular domain names were purchased by many entrepreneurs who later flipped them for much more money, sometimes even millions.

You may required to reimburse a premium if your .com isn’t being used. You should grab the chance to own a .com. Many other TLD options are available if you don’t have the funds or can’t find a good one.

2 # .net

Like the .com extension .net is available to everyone. What was initially intended for internet service providers and networks, .net has become a popular alternative. Because it is network- and technology-oriented, the .net TLD may be a good option for web-based tech companies.

Many of the world’s most well-known internet brands have a .net extension.

  • Behance.net
  • Slickdeals.net
  • Slideshare.net

Many people associate .net and web-based services and applications.

If you are in these industries, .net is an excellent choice. It can validate your services and help communicate them. Additionally, .net is less in demand than .com. It means that there is a higher likelihood of your desired domain being available.

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Many people associate .net technology. Businesses that do not operate in the tech industry or web-services industries might want to avoid this TLD.

Cookies .net might be the perfect domain for you if your baking business needs a domain. Users might mistakenly believe that your company offers web cookies and not edible baked goods. Visitors landing on your baking site might be confused by this disconnect.

SourceForge.net is one brand that uses .net well. SourceForge.net is a web-based community that helps people with open-source web projects. It is a community that focuses on technology-based businesses and networking.

SourceForge knows how the .net extension positions their brand, and they have used it to their advantage in growing their community and credibility within the IT industry.

3 # .org

Although the .org extension was initially intended to be used by not-for-profit organizations, it is now open to all. It is a very popular domain extension for non-governmental organizations, political parties, politicians, and online communities.

Many people find associate .org as a trustworthy and  reliable origin of information. However, they aren’t likely to associate it with commercial brands.

Because .org is an original TLD, and it has many of the same SEO benefits that .com. You will also find your desired domain easier with .org than with .com. Many group have chosen to built their sites on the .org domain name extension, making it one of the most preferred extensions.

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Although .org may make sense for information-driven or not-for-profit businesses, it isn’t the right choice for all. A lot of people associate .org with knowledge and communities. If you run an eCommerce shop, a .org may not be the best choice. Visitors are unlikely to expect to buy goods from a domain ending in .org.

Websites that use .org tend to be more successful in cultivating and building communities. Wikipedia, Craigslist, and WordPress all use .org. Although they offer different services, all three rely heavily on their users and communities to grow their brands and create content.

4 # .co

Although initially used as the country code of Colombia, the .co extension has grown to be a popular choice for global domains. It’s a popular option on the top domain extensions list and has recently seen a rise in popularity.

The .co TLD means for commercial ventures,  corporation and company. Many forward-thinking entrepreneurs have opted to build their brand on a .co domain extension.

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If you’re a startup or business that is trying to be unique and original, a website with the .co domain name makes sense. Although .com is the most well-known and widely accepted website, .co is shorter, more concise, and more in tune with the short attention span of younger generations. This newness can be a great way for your brand to target younger audiences and diversify.

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A .co extension might be worth considering because it is available. Premium .com domains are rare, as we have already mentioned. If they are available, you will have to pay more than what you would like. But .co domains are more sought-after, which allows you to have more options and flexibility.

All that being said, .co is less well-known than .com and has less credibility and familiarity. If you have a .com domain already, you may lose your reputation. Sometimes adding an “m” to a domain is just a habit. A visitor could visit Cookies .co and be redirected to Cookies.com by force of habit.

500.co, also known as 500 Startups, is a well-known brand that uses .co. It is a seed accelerator and venture fund that targets early-stage startups. Because their target audience includes young, innovative entrepreneurs, they are the epitome of .co.

5 # .us

Another popular domain extension .us, unlike the domains before, is just present to residents and company in the USA. The domain can be used by any individual, company, or non-profit organization. However, you have be a permanent citizen of the USA  or have your business operations in the USA.

The .us TLD was previously associated with the US government, similar to the extension .gov. It’s now open to both the public and businesses. Websites that excel with a .us extensions are those that have an American identity.

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Vote.us is a great example. It provides nonpartisan guide on voting in the USA. Others cleverly use the .us suffix to end a phrase or word, such as whos.amung.us. This plays off “Who’s amongst us?”

The .us extension works well for creative brands and patriotic websites. However, it would not make sense for companies that do not use patriotism in marketing or have no US operations.

Other Domain Extensions Options

Although the domain extensions listed above are an excellent place to start, they are not your only options. There are above 1,500 TLDs to select from, in addition to the five most popular domain extensions.

Here are some other popular options:

  • .gov # only for government agencies
  • .edu # only for educational institutions
  • .info # a short extension for information
  • .xyz # this extension present for common use
  • .ly # this is the country code for Libya. However, many tech startups use it for creative spellings.
  • .site # a brand new, generic domain extension that has recently reached more than 1 million registrations in 2019.

Picking the right domain name is not an easy task. You must ensure that the domain extension you choose is available and meets your needs.

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Is it achievable to have a domain identity?

Although domain registration is sometimes referred to as buying domains, there are significant differences. Registering a domain is much more like renting than buying.

You get the right to use the domain for the duration of the rental period when you register it. The minimum registration requirement is usually one year. You lose your domain access if you do not renew it.

Make sure that your name or business is on the domain registration. You may be able to have your domain registered through a web designer, web host, or another third party.

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If that happens, the domain rights are owned by the person whose name appears on the registration. They could point the domain to a different site, close it down completely, or even sell it.

You retain all rights to the domain until you pay the recurring fee. It’s clear why your customers and readers depend on your domain to find your site.

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