Weebly vs GoDaddy: Which One is Best?

Last updated on November 24th, 2021 at 11:05 pm

This article will help you form a conclusion between Weebly or GoDaddy. We’ll present all the facts, figures, and features that you require in order to form an informed choice.

Weebly is one of the most user-friendly platforms. It offers an intuitive drag-and-drop design, as well as a variety of useful tools and features. It even comes with an unlimited plan.

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Weebly’s cost-effectiveness doesn’t mean it sacrifices quality. It should give you an idea of why Weebly is the preferred website builder for over 50 million websites.

Website Builder Expert understands that not everyone has the time or inclination to drag, drop, click, and shop. GoDaddy is here to help.

GoDaddy build it simple to make a website by utilizing its artificial design interface  so you need to answer a some question, and you would have a site prepared for publication.

Weebly vs. GoDaddy looks like an exciting matchup. Our expert knowledge and user testing have combined to give us the best results in all key areas.

Let’s just get started…

Weebly vs. GoDaddy – Pros and Cons

Weebly Pros

  • Well-designed themes
  • Very user-friendly

Weebly Cons

Weebly offers beautiful templates that are simple to use. It has poor blogging capabilities and limited customization when it comes to designing templates. Overall though, it is an excellent platform.

GoDaddy Pros

  • The fastest to build
  • You can switch themes at any time.

GoDaddy Cons

  • Features lack depth
  • There is not much creativity.

GoDaddy’s ADI makes it easy to get online. Just a few clicks, and you have a new website. You can switch themes at any time. GoDaddy will also reformat your site for you, protect both hassle and time.

The features are limited in their depth and restrict what you may work with your site. It doesn’t allow for much creativity overall.

Easy to use

Website builders can help you get online faster. Weebly and GoDaddy are both simple to use, however many are additional advanced than others.

Weebly’s template customization is done using drag-and-drop. It’s easy to personalize your website with this feature. You can also access thousands of apps through Weebly, which you can install in just one click.

One tester found Weebly very easy to use:

The editing screen is well laid out. It is a great web builder for newbie.

weebly editor homepage

GoDaddy’s ‘GoCentral ADI’ can quickly create a website. Customer may then modify it and editing takes about an hour, so, It’s very painless and quick.

godaddy adi question

One user was impressed by GoDaddy’s speed and ease during our user testing:

The interfaces make it easy to create awebsite.

Winner: GoDaddy

GoDaddy is just a little easier than Weebly to use. GoCentral is extremely easy to use. You absolutely required to hit a some buttons and reply a some query to make your site. Although Weebly can be very simple to use, it cannot match GoDaddy’s user experience.

Design Flexibility

We’ve already discussed the ease of each builder, which leads us to our next comparison: how flexible are each platform’s design tools? Which platform allows you to be additional imaginative?

Weebly offers over 50 templates that cover various categories, including business, portfolios, and online shops. Even better, all themes are mobile supportive, meaning they would display great on any device. Weebly has the largest number of apps on any platform.

One small problem is that you cannot search for specific industry themes. Instead, you will need to scroll through every category to find the right one. It won’t be possible to see how each template will look on a tablet or mobile device.

weebly themes

GoDaddy uses ADI for website design. The program asks you questions about the type of website you want – portfolio, business, etc., and then it gives you a ready-to-go website. GoDaddy themes are mobile-responsive.

You have some creative control after this, but it is limited. Editing the theme and updating text boxes is possible, but that’s it. GoDaddy and its ADI are not for design lovers.

godaddy website builder

Winner:  Weebly

Weebly is a better choice for designing. You can customize 35 templates and have access to thousands of more apps to personalize your site. GoDaddy values speed more than looks. It makes it easy to get online while limiting your creativity.

Features and Tools

Good website builders should offer more than just smooth design. They should also have various useful features, apps, and tools that can streamline your website. Which platform offers the best toolbox?


Weebly was the most cost-effective option for creating an online store in our tests. Although it has a simple interface that makes selling online easy, it does not have big data tools such as stock inventory management. It’s best suited for small businesses that want an enjoyable and easy user experience.

GoDaddy’s ADI makes it the fastest way to build an online store. While you can sell digital products now, many of the eCommerce features on GoDaddy are still lacking in quality and depth.


Weebly is the best blogging platform. You can easily create and publish posts with Weebly. It also integrates a search function, an RSS feed, and social bookmarking.

GoDaddy will allow you to organize your blog into categories and track its performance. You can also embed an RSS feed.

godaddy blog feature


Weebly offers a cool service called ‘Weebly Promo’ that helps you create email campaigns. It can help you with copy, templates, and even schedule the emails that you send.

You do not have to fret the cost of Weebly. It offers a free trial to promote weebly, and prices start at $8 per month.

Although GoDaddy allows you to create email campaigns without using a tool like Weebly, it isn’t as impressive as the other.

Social Media Integration

Weebly also wins this category. Both allow you to embed social buttons. However, Weebly allows you to integrate social media to your website. Your visitors will be able to see everything you are tweeting, sharing, and posting at any time.

App markets

Let’s say this: Weebly has more apps than any other builder. GoDaddy doesn’t even have an application market. It’s clear who is the “appiest” website builder, but let’s quickly discuss why.

You can find thousands of third-party apps on Weebly. They can all be installed with one click. Many are free, while others cost a small amount. Many apps can help you improve the performance of your website, including eCommerce, marketing, social media, and many other areas.

weebly app center

Winner: Weebly

Weebly is a far superior platform to GoDaddy in terms of the quality and depth of its features. It has more tools for blogging, social media integration, and more apps.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process that helps your site rank will high in search engines. It assist customer to discover your site as simple as.

There is more means to enhance your site’s search engine optimization. You can, for example, use Weebly or GoDaddy to:

  • Make sure to update meta titles and descriptions (the text that you see in Google searches)
  • Edit URLs (the text that appears after your website domain name)
  • To help Google identify an image, add alt text to it (the text that describes it).
  • Make sure you use mobile responsive themes (Google loves to see this)

These functions will allow search engines to index (find and categorize your website) using all of these functions. Both platforms have great SEO tools. Weebly, however, has an app center that will help you even further. You can also find helpful guides for keywords and coding.

Winner: Weebly

Although it’s close, Google prefers Weebly over GoDaddy. Both platforms have great tools to assist your site rank high in search engines. However, Weebly is a better option with its extensive range of SEO apps and user guides that make it even more simple.

Assistance and Support

You’re bound to encounter issues with tech. We compared the support and helped offered by each builder.

It’s close when it comes to customer support. Weebly offers email, phone, and live chat support, but only between 6 AM and 6 PM (PT).

weebly help and support

GoDaddy, on the other hand, offers 24/7  live chat and phone support. However, there is no email support.

godaddy help

Winner: Weebly

This section awards Weebly the gold medal. GoDaddy doesn’t offer email support. Both website builders have live chat capabilities, phone support, and help centers. GoDaddy’s help center is more difficult to use than Weebly’s.

Pricing and Value for Money

Website builders have made the game more competitive in many ways. One of these is money. You don’t have to spend hundreds on a web designer anymore.

Weebly is a better option for anyone who loves frugality. It offers one of the best price plans and a free plan. Premium plans start at $5 per month and go up to $25 monthly (see the image below).

You can build beautiful websites with the free plan. But , it will include a subdomain called .weebly. It makes your website look less professional and will also cover you with Weebly ads. It’s worth upgrading for a few dollars per month.

weebly price

GoDaddy is very affordable. You have four options for paid plans. They start at $6.99 per month and go up to $17.49 each month.

You can customize each plan with the same tools. But, if you require to build a business site, you required to be on the Standard or higher plan. These higher plans include SSL certificates and additional SEO support.

Are you looking to sell things online? You will need to choose the eCommerce plan. It will allow you to use all of the eCommerce features that we have described in the above article.

godaddy price

Winner: Weebly

When you compare features and pricing plans, both platforms offer good value. However, Weebly is the better option because it offers a free plan. While GoDaddy is a cheaper option, Weebly allows you to create an amazing website at no cost. You also get tons of free apps.

Final Thought

Weebly and GoDaddy were compared in every area of building a website. We used our expertise and the results of our user testing to get under the skin of each platform.

Let’s quickly review the strengths of each website builder…

It would be best if you now had an idea of which platform is most suitable for your use and which one is right for you. Weebly is the perfect platform for anyone looking to create a beautiful website in a short time and without spending a lot of money.

GoDaddy’s ADI is ideal for those who need a website quickly and don’t care too much about the design process. But who takes the crown? We have given the crown to Weebly after a close-fought battle. Because of its outstanding range of features and excellent value for money, as well as design flexibility, it deserves the throne.

While GoDaddy is an option, Weebly is our recommendation.


Frequently Asked Question

Is it possible to create a multilingual website using both Weebly or GoDaddy?
Yes, you can. You can create your website in many languages with Weebly by choosing from the App Center.

GoDaddy does not offer app integrations. However, you can still change your website’s language by going to your homepage and selecting the country or language that you want to use.

Which option is best for the online shop?
Weebly and GoDaddy both have the features required to host an online store. However, we recommend Weebly.

These ecommerce tools, which are far more advanced than the GoDaddy ones, are ideal for small stores. You can also access them even if your free plan is not active. If you wish to have these features included in your GoDaddy account, you will need to upgrade to Ecommerce.

Which anyone is most upgradable?
Weebly is a better option for tinny companies searching to expand. It has a variety of SEO tools, support, and marketing tools and offers business-specific themes.

If your business grows, however, you have a good chance of outgrowing both Weebly or GoDaddy. It can be frustrating to customize templates, and neither one has the necessary features to support large online stores.

Can I use Weebly and GoDaddy free of charge?
Weebly also offers a free plan, which is in addition to the premium packages. You don’t have to upgrade if that’s what you want. You may build a website at no cost! You will not have access to Weebly’s best features if you remain on the free plan. Your website will also have a subdomain called.weebly.com.

GoDaddy does not offer a free plan but offers a 30-day trial. If you wish to use your GoDaddy website, you will need to upgrade.

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