Webflow vs WordPress Which One is Better in 2021

Last updated on April 13th, 2022 at 09:14 pm

Are you currently comparing Webflow Vs  WordPress and questioning what is best for you?

Webflow and WordPress are very famous site  page builder that let create a site quickly. But they have their pros and pitfalls you might need to assess before beginning your future project.

Inside the following guide, we will evaluate Webflow Vs  WordPress and its pros and cons to determine which one best.

Things to Start Looking for in Website Platform

Before we assess Webflow Vs WordPress, let us discuss the key affairs you ought to be searching for when deciding on a website builder for your undertaking.

These can be the parameters we’ll utilize to the WordPress compared to Webflow difference. You may click any of them to leap directly into the appropriate segment.

Overviews– Webflow Vs WordPress

Webflow and WordPress are website development programs. WordPress’s existed for at least 17 years today and is now extremely popular with programmers, designers, marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and companies.

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Webflow was established in 2013 and had since been steadily climbing in numbers since then. Offering a visual and entirely hosted WordPress alternate to designers and overall end users.

WordPress summary

WordPress has really turned into the most widely used site builder on the planet. It forces a lot more than 38 percent of most websites online.

WordPress is an entirely free and open-source application, so anybody may download and then use it to make a blog, business site, online shop, and much more.

To create a WordPress  website, you also have to get a domain name and a any hosting accounts. You’ll find many fantastic WordPress hosting services providers offering 1-click WordPress setup and super easy installation.

Webflow summary

Webflow is also a user-friendly website builder that provides visual web design software to create your website.

It’s actually a hosted application, and this usually means that you simply use the applications as a service. Instead, they earn money by presenting paid features, upgrades and selling hosting products and services.

You may create a Webflow accounts and combine it to any  domain name. You may even download your site and host it upon virtually any other hosting platform.

Today that we’ve mentioned both the platforms. Let us observe the method by which they stack against each other.

Simple Utilization # Webflow Compared to WordPress

Many users launching a site aren’t developers or code writers. They want a user-friendly platform they can utilize without hiring programmers or paying for someone to help.

Let us find out just how Webflow Vs  WordPress functions within this respect.

Simple Utilization in WordPress

WordPress is utilized by a lot more than 38 percent of most websites on the internet. That has countless customers out of every single corner of the earth and in various skill levels.

It’s relatively simple to use. But it does feature a slight learning curve. Beginners will want to familiarize themselves with the WordPress glossary and theories such as themes, plugins, and the difference between posts versus pages, categories versus tags, and much more.

Adding content for your site is relatively straightforward. WordPress has an intuitive visual editor identified as the block editor.

You have to produce your webpage and customize content with blocks. This lets you make amazing layouts without writing any code.


Do not Enjoy the default options of WordPress editor? No fears, you will find tons of drag-and-drop webpage builders you may use alternatively. All these webpage builders are available as add-ons (known as plugins) which you can install and have complementary variants.


You may begin having a readymade template and then change it out to match your need, or you could start from scratch and create your own style and design.

WordPress includes tens of thousands of completely free templates and an excess of 57,000 plugins, which assist you in performing whatever you desire without writing any code.

Simple Utilization in Webflow

Webflow provides a new capable dashboard to deal with your site.  Webflow has  visual user interface to create your content. You may compose your content, style and design layouts using a previews.

webflow editors

Webflow includes various templates you may use for the own project and then edit them with their visual editor. Even the Webflow visual editor comes with many features, and beginners can fight somewhat to locate their way around it.

You may point and select any part to adjust its properties.  You are even permitted to feature new parts utilizing the incorporate element button in your left panel.

If you’re a content publisher, you might miss functions rather prevalent with additional CMS platforms such as post types, tags, and categories, comments, and discussion, etc.

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Winner  is WordPress

Both Webflow and WordPress give you a point and click editor. Willing to receive established templates and designs.

Webflow’s default editor is simpler to work with, and however, nonetheless, it still has an identical learning curve related to WordPress. On the flip side, WordPress is flexible; therefore that you may change the default editor with a page builder who works for your need to have.

Webflow’s CMS capacities aren’t the very same as WordPress. You can find fewer collections to include tags and categories into your own content type , no native comments attribute, and the design elements be on the right path if you would like to write.

This is inclined to produce it only a tiny demanding to make utilization of for articles marketers.

Charges # Webflow Compared to WordPress

For some end-users, the price to build a site is a significant component in picking a platform.

If you’re only starting an online business, you then might need to continue to keep down your costs as far as you possibly can, with the intent to spend more as the business grows.

Let us assess the expenses of building a website with Webflow and WordPress and the choices to retain the costs.

Charges in WordPress

WordPress, the applications alone, is completely free; however, you will require to pay for the domain name and web hosting. You are also going to be paying for any plugins that are premium, themes, or even any other third party service that you may require for your business.

Generally, a domain name costs \$15 annually, and a website hosting package begins with \$8 a calendar month (generally paid yearly ) since it’s perhaps not economical if you’re only beginning and analyzing the oceans.

Fortunately, Bluehost has consented to offer askjitendrakumar.com users a completely free domain with a generous discount on hosting. Ostensibly, it is possible to begin for only $3.95 a calendar month.

Bluehost is among the best WordPress hosting organizations and an officially advocated WordPress hosting supplier.

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WordPress additionally gets the main advantage of the large ecosystem. You can find more than 57,000 complimentary plugins from the WordPress.org plugin directory alone and thousands of completely free themes to select.

This lets you to maintain your costs down since you build your website utilizing completely free plugins and themes. Even most premium WordPress plugins and themes come with free variants you may utilize without paying for such a thing.

Charges in Webflow

Webflow supplies a free limited edition that lets you create your site and host it with a subdomain using Webflow branding.

They’ve got two forms of paid plans, the Site plans, and Account plans.

Site plans are costed each website, let you use your domain name but domain price not contained, and are costed based on the type of website you would like to produce.

They’re Broken into basic, CMS, business, and enterprises level. Each plan raises your account’s limitations and provides fresh features.

site plan

Site Plans also include a different category of eCommerce Programs that permit you to make an online store and are further broken into various levels.

Site plans begin with $ 16 a month, and eCommerce plans start with £ 29 per month. You’re going to be charged a year, of course, if you decide to pay monthly, that can cost one additional.

Afterward, you will find the Account plans. All these permits you to take care of many websites as a project. You’re able to host them with Webflow or even download the code and then host them anywhere. But matters such as forms and e-commerce checkout may well not work for those who export website code.

Account plans begin with $16 per month, and the billing cycle would yearly.

Winner is WordPress

With WordPress, you receive each of the features at substantially lesser charges. You may incorporate any extra features using completely free plugins. You may even make an online store without having more expenses.

Clearly, your WordPress site costs will probably rise because your site becomes more targeted visitors. Nevertheless, you also may take it off and allow your business to shoot off until you upgrade hosting or even buy premium add ons for the site.

Design and Templates # Webflow Compared to WordPress

Perhaps not everybody building a site is a designer. As a newcomer, you can use design tools. However, the final result may maybe not be like being a professionally designed website.

Let us find out how WordPress and Webflow cope with templates and design to create things more manageable for users.

Design and Templates in WordPress

WordPress provides you accessibility to thousands of WordPress themes, such as website design templates. A number are free to utilize & the majority of these have been mobile-friendly out of the box.

You may begin with any of these professionally constructed WordPress themes to make your site. You can alter your site’s theme at any moment and swap it into another theme. They indeed are simple to work with, and you’ll be able to customize them within just WordPress using a live customizer.


Not like Webflow, WordPress retains design elements different from content. This guarantees that designing is compatible all through the website.

It’s possible to use a theme and then use a page builder plugin to make landing pages. All these webpage builders additionally arrive with professionally created templates you may create your own personal.

Cannot locate a theme which you prefer? Remember, it’s possible to use Beaver Themer to produce your templates and theme without writing any code.

Design and Templates in Webflow

Webflow contains tons of paid and completely free templates you may utilize. These all are mobile responsive and may be used appropriately for distinct types of websites.

You may pick a template if launching a new project. Nevertheless, as soon as you choose a template, you are unable to change it out. You may do a brand new project and select a different template.

Editing your templates is easy. Webflow is a visual design tool; therefore, it has a potent visual editor to change virtually any element on any site’s page.


Any alterations you make into the design elements such as navigation, header, and footer will be implemented site-wide.

Winner is WordPress

Simply keeping the content and functionality away from your design, WordPress can supply a lot more flexibility than Webflow.

Additionally, it gives end-users access to a broader range of layouts and applications to edit the site’s appearance.

eCommerce # Webflow Compared to WordPress

eCommerce attributes let you sell things online. It’s crucial for most organizations to possess a solid e-commerce platform to raise and conduct their business.

Let us find out how WordPress and Webflow take care of eCommerce.

eCommerce in WordPress

You want WordPress to use the very widely accepted eCommerce platform in the world, Woo Commerce. This completely free WordPress plugin is utilized by countless vast and small online retailers across the globe.


Woo Commerce comes with its WooCommerce add ons / plugins that enable you to add brand new features for your online shop.

Additionally, you receive access to hundreds of WooCommerce themes to settle on a design for the eCommerce site.

With WooCommerce, you also get to select from the broad selection of payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net and dozens.

WordPress additionally contains other e-commerce and shopping cart plugins you may utilize. You may sell digital subscriptions with MemberPress, or application downloads using Easy Digital Downloads.

eCommerce in Webflow

Webflow  provides its user eCommerce  serviceability in limited facility as compared with all options out there for WordPress.

The number of merchandise you may sell depends on your plan, like the eCommerce standard plan, $29 a month for  500 products.

They utilize Stripe as a payment service. With the standard plan, Webflow will charge a 2 percent commission per trade that’s beside your Stripe’s trade service fees.

Adding services and products for your website is uncomplicated. You only complete a form to give product information, images, and other choices.

new product webflow

Webflow isn’t suitable to sell membership or subscription-based services and products. It may be utilized to sell digital products such as applications, software, ebooks, music, and many more.

Winner is WordPress

WordPress offers an even more flexible system to sell whatever you desire. It’s more payment choices, addons without any constraints on the number of services and products you’ll add.

You may utilize WooCommerce or any other e-commerce plugin to start. You might also have the independence to maneuver your store to any other hosting agency without even breaking up such a thing.

Webflow is costlier, fees a transaction payment (on the standard plan), restricts the number of merchandise, and has much fewer characteristics or integrations out there.

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Addons and Integrations # WordPress and Webflow

It’s just impossible for practically any site builder to comprise all. This is exactly the reason why you require the capacity to expand it with third-party tools and integrations.

Let us look at the way WordPress and Webflow cope with this.

Addons & Integrations in WordPress

The actual ability of WordPress stems from WordPress plugins. These are such as programs for the WordPress site. You may install these to incorporate brand-new features for your site.

You can find significantly more than 57,000 complimentary WordPress plugins out there, even more, if you count premium plugins. They ensure a wide selection of attributes like creating contact forms, installing google analytics, incorporating search engine optimization features, backup, security, and much more.


WordPress performs together with all popular third-party tools and services that you could want to raise your business. WordPress executes efficiently with popular solutions whether you’re searching for an email marketing service, live chat applications, helpdesk, or business cell assistance.

Addons & Integrations in Webflow

Webflow supplies a restricted number of integrations with third-party products and services. A few integrations do the job from this package. However, you will have to follow a tutorial about what steps to take to join it and your Webflow project for some integrations.


A few integrations can violate if you shift your site to an alternative hosting agency. For example, forms may not work on your own brand new web hosting provider, and you will have to troubleshoot and find a way to get the work again.

Winner is WordPress

WordPress may be your obvious winner with service for thousand of plugin and third-party tools and solutions.

Assistance # Webflow Compared to WordPress

Even professional web programmers want assistance sporadically. Let us look at the service alternatives out there to get Webflow versus WordPress.

Assistance in WordPress

WordPress is a community-driven open-source software with a great deal of entirely free service quickly available. You will still find official WordPress help forums and resource websites, Facebook groups, and much more.

wp support

Commonly, you will discover answers to all of your WordPress-connected questions having a basic Google search. You may follow step-by-step WordPress manuals or see WordPress video lessons for those who want far more visual assistance.

If you want more assistance, then it’s possible to find and hire a programmer to fix things for you. As a result of the popularity of WordPress, you will find thousands of programmers who produce it super-easy and cheap for smaller enterprises to seek help if required.

Assistance in Webflow

Webflow hosts a massive library of tutorials and articles referred to as Webflow university. You will find video lessons, how-to guides, and step-by-step posts covering a broad scope of topics.


Webflow additionally delivers email-based service to clients quickly available Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PT. They have an AI-pushed chatbot. However, it does not offer you a real-time conversation service.

Additionally, there’s a Webflow support forum where it’s possible to place your issue and receive assistance from Webflow users, experts, and team.

Winner is WordPress

While the most powerful platform in the world, WordPress has significantly more service choices out there. Support can be found in many languages, so given by third-party developers, now there are lots of entirely free service choices.

Contemplating the premium prices of these paid plans, Webflow support services are confined by email services. Many shared WordPress hosting companies offer you live chat and 24/7 telephone service for much less monthly fees.

Final Thought on  Webflow Vs  WordPress

Contemplating the requirements we put above, we could confidently say WordPress is actually a far much better selection than Webflow.

It supplies more excellent design choices, flexibility, service, e-commerce choices, and most with this in a low selling price. You might also have the option to manage your costs and pay when required.

Webflow comes with a beautiful web design application that operates superbly. But it has limited CMS features, flexibility, integrations, and service.

We hope that this short article assists you in examining Webflow Vs  WordPress and its advantages and disadvantages.

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