What Is a VoIP Number & How Does It Work?

Last updated on November 27th, 2021 at 07:48 pm

For personal and business use, the most popular technology is the VoIP and virtual telephone sectors. Cloud-based VoIP technology allows you to call anywhere from any device using the same number, whether a phone, a computer, laptop or cellular phone.

In this guide we will look at what a VoIP number is and how to get one. We will also talk about how to get VoIP services up and running, as well as five VoIP fraud alerts that can help protect your business. A VoIP number can be used instead of traditional landlines to save money.

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What is a VoIP Phone Number?

VoIP numbers, also known as Voice over IP numbers, are real phone numbers assigned to users but not specific lines. An extension is also known as a virtual phone number. It may be accessible by the public via Direct Inward Dial (DID).

What is the process of VoIP?

VoIP permit you to do calls on the internet. VoIP phone service is not like traditional phone service. Instead of routing calls through the local phone company, VoIP uses any broadband connection. VoIP routes call along the most efficient route possible.

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You can use VoIP to communicate with other types of communication such as chat and text messages. Even if employees work from home, a business owner can choose VoIP numbers for their staff.

VoIP makes it possible to replace a traditional telephone line for residential and business use.

What is the distinction among regular phone numbers and VoIP ?

They transmit differently. VoIP phones do not have a geographical assignment, but regular numbers do.

The underlying technologies can also be dramatically different. Copper phone lines are used to transport a standard landline number.  A VoIP number makes calls using data networks, such as internal enterprise LANs and the internet.

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What is the process to acquire VoIP number?

A VoIP provider will assist you in obtaining a VoIP number once you sign up for a VoIP plan. Plans are generally less expensive than regular phone service or a cellphone.

You can reduce your costs up to 60% and get many more features than VoIP can offer.

You most likely have an already allotted phone number and can utilize the above number with VoIP. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) support the above facility.

Number porting is a process that allows you to transfer your phone service from one carrier to another. Porting phone numbers can be done from any cell phone, Google Voice, cable/telephone provider, or even a competitor VoIP service provider.

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You can choose to use your existing numbers or select new ones. You can choose which numbers you want or use your existing ones.

Is Your System Capable of Supporting VoIP?

You’ve decided VoIP is an excellent option for your business. Before you jump in, make sure your infrastructure is capable of supporting the deployment. Are there any components that you will need to upgrade or purchase to move forward? Are you able to provide continuity for your business?

Preparation involves a self-evaluation that will allow you to assess the state of your internet infrastructure and current internet connectivity. Your assessment will result in a simplified communications system for your company. VoIP will quickly become a cost-savings tool that you can use to your advantage.

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Internet connectivity

VoIP depends on the internet, so you must assess your current connectivity. A high upload speed is required, which is not typical for low-end internet services. You can choose between a T1 or cable internet depending on your needs and budget. To learn more about your options, talk to your internet service provider (ISP).

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Small businesses with only 20 connections should be able to live at 75 Mbps. For larger enterprises, 100 Mbps and 150 Mbps should be sufficient. Your VoIP system will fail if you don’t grasp into account data transmission rate demands. Remember that bandwidth requirements are dependent on how many users you have and what you intend to do with your connection.

Imagine that you are conducting a video conference while two customer service representatives make a VoIP call. Your sales head is downloading sales reports from the same network. You will likely feel slow if you don’t have enough bandwidth. Imagine how this would play out for 100 employees.

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You should segregate VoIP traffic and give priority to VoIP traffic. It is done by creating a virtual area network (VLAN) that segments the network. You want to increase performance so that you don’t have to worry about drop calls, latency or jitter. It is best to speak with your ISP about this.

Network infrastructure

You should check your network equipment if you are still experiencing poor call quality, despite having sufficient bandwidth. Older routers and switches can often be the cause. Reliable routers are essential for maintaining a stable network environment. A dedicated switch is required to ensure the router can handle your bandwidth requirements.

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SMBs that lack the budget often keep their old equipment. Poor cabling, slow switches, and bad routers all contribute to a poor VoIP experience. VoIP, a latency-dependent app, can uncover previously undiscovered issues.

Backup Power

Connect your VoIP devices to an Ethernet cable if possible. A Power over Ethernet (PoE), which provides power and voice/data over one wire, may be necessary. You get power provision for every PoE-enabled device, such as a VoIP telephone.

PoE eliminates the need for a dedicated AC outlet and power cabling. It also allows these devices to be connected to an uninterruptible supply (UPS), which will continue to provide power if there is a power outage.

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If businesses don’t recognize that outdated systems and devices limit VoIP’s success, none of these solutions will work. You don’t have to buy new equipment to make space for it. Upgrades to specific hardware, such as routers or switches, are possible. You should not skimp on replacing them if you do decide.

In the end, subpar devices can lead to higher costs and more headaches. Hosted services are a great alternative.

How to Get VoIP Phone Service

There are several steps that you need to follow to set up your VoIP phone system. You should first ensure that you should have an internet facility.

switching to voip

Source: https://www.nextiva.com/

Next, you’ll need to select the VoIP subscription that best suits your business, confirms your VoIP numbers, and choose optional VoIP devices. You can then immediately use your VoIP system via your smartphone or computer. 

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Why should I get a VoIP Number?

VoIP phone systems offer many advantages over traditional phone services. VoIP phone systems provide greater flexibility, reliability, savings, and crystal-clear calls.

Lower Cost

You can use VoIP numbers without a phone line. The monthly fee is much less than maintaining a traditional telephone system.

The monthly rate includes access to many premium features. This monthly rate includes all the features you need, including an auto-attendant and calls queuing, intelligent forwarding, call routing, and one-click conference calling. A toll-free VoIP number is also available to its customer.

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Accessible Products

VoIP phones don’t require you to be physically present to make calls. The internet connection is what makes it convenient. It allows communication to be made around the glob and the country.


Source: https://www.nextiva.com/

VoIP doesn’t require a lot of bandwidth. A 10MB connection can support 100 simultaneous calls. You can place and receive calls with your smartphone using LTE technology.

Wired connections work best, but strong Wi-Fi signals are a good thing.

More flexibility

VoIP networks offer a lot of flexibility, so you can add multiple phones to an existing system by using a private, internal telephone network.

The data transmission rate  of your VoIP network only limits you because It allows you to take hundreds of calls with many broadband plans.

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You can use VoIP phones with any type of device which means that you may utilize them with computers, tablets and smartphones. Many VoIP phones have accessories that may be utilized to increase your workflow. You can retrofit an analog telephone adapter (ATA) if you own a traditional telephone.

An ATA allows you to use your traditional telephone equipment on an all-digital VoIP network. It works right away after you have set it up.

Better Voice Quality

Voice quality will be much better with an internet connection that is stable and has high bandwidth. How is that possible?

VoIP uses the most recent sound compression technology, known as “codecs”, to digitally transform sound, remove fuzziness, and transmit it over the internet. G.722 codec offers twice the bandwidth as an analog phone call. It means that every call is clearer, so VoIP provides HD call quality because of this.

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The call automatically drops to standard quality in rare instances of low bandwidth. It does this automatically. Even if you call someone using a traditional phone system, it will still sound great but may not be in full HD.

Multiple Devices

The best part about using multiple devices with a single virtual number is that you can do so from any device. The VoIP number is assigned to a person and not to a place. They can access their account anywhere they go, using any device.

After they log in, they can use any personal, company, or mobile phone that is VoIP compatible to make telephone calls. If desired, you can use these virtual numbers to forward calls to other telephone numbers.

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Remember that VoIP allows you to configure call routing in any way you like. You can send calls to a sales team by setting up VoIP. All or parts of the phones can ring simultaneously.

You have the freedom to use multiple devices from one phone number.

Choose from a variety of area codes

You can select an area code to use for your VoIP phone number that is not in your state or city, unlike conventional phones. It allows individuals or businesses to call any area code they choose and not be charged for long-distance calls.

area code

To establish credibility, business owners can also assign a local number. It is helpful for businesses with various places. It can be beneficial for people who need considerable local numbers to route them to one place.

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If the area code assigned to the phone is specific to Los Angeles, but the VoIP phone’s location is in New York, you can place calls from Los Angeles. It doesn’t matter where you place your calls.

Number Portability

The phone is no longer stationary. In the past, if someone moved, they were called by the telephone company to update their number at the new address. A service technician was usually needed to set up new phones.

VoIP number portability saves any business owner downtime. The VoIP phone can use the same number regardless of where it is located. Reliable IP connectivity is all that’s required.

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Number portability is the ability to transfer a phone number to another provider if that business uses VoIP. You don’t need to make any changes to your website, business cards or marketing materials. You can keep using the same number as before and move on to something new!

Toll-Free Numbers

No longer is toll-free calling only for large companies. With VoIP numbers, small and medium-sized companies can receive free toll-free calls. It varies from one provider to another, but most providers will offer either free or very cheap toll-free calling.

By eliminating the perception that they are restricted to a single area, calling toll-free can be a boon for businesses. The best part is that you can have multiple VoIP numbers that ring on various devices so that these calls can be routed directly to your phone or computer.

How to Protect Yourself Against VoIP Fraud

VoIP technology is simple to use and affordable to maintain, but it is vulnerable to fraud. These VoIP number trickery can lead to difficult traceability of calls. VoIP fraud can be very dangerous if you don’t know what to expect from scammers.

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Make sure you choose a VoIP provider with call encryption via TLS or SRTP. It validate that you own the top attainable privacy and performance for every VoIP call. Many company provides this call encryption built-in, so make sure you ask.

Vishing (VoIP Phishing).

It’s also known as voice phishing or VoIP phishing and is a type of phone fraud. It begins by presenting a fake caller ID with a valid phone number from a trusted source. The scammer then tries to persuade the victim to release personal  and financial information.


Source: https://www.nextiva.com/

To get the information they want, callers will often prey on fear and financial stability. This scam is more popular because callers are trusted without realizing it can be falsified.

How to Protect Yourself from VoIP Fraud Attacks

VoIP phone fraud attacks can be sophisticated and challenging to detect legitimate calls and attempts to steal. To protect yourself against these intrusions here are some guidelines for you-

  • Don’t assume that every call is genuine and keep up-to-date on scams.
  • If you initiate the call, don’t divulge any confidential information to the other party over the phone.
  • Cyber security experts recommend changing your login details on all devices once per month.
  • Unsolicited email messages that you receive from unknown numbers should not be used to call your phone number.
  • If you are unsure who is calling, leave a message on your voicemail.

It is rare for VoIP fraud to succeed. It is important to be alert against this threat as you may accidentally leak your customer lists.

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Do you want to know more? We have created the complete guide to VoIP security. It is well worth the effort to share it with your colleagues.

Your VoIP phone system will bring you more value

VoIP offers incredible value, regardless of the number you choose. All the features and capabilities VoIP offers business owners are unmatched by telephone and cable companies.

It’s not just the price that matters. Call the support line by picking up the phone. How long can you wait to be transferred? How friendly and knowledgeable is the staff? These factors are essential as you don’t have to worry all day about your phone system.

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