Best Artificial Intelligence Video Generators.

Last updated on March 25th, 2022 at 01:59 pm

We are living in the world of the social web which is why visual media plays a significant part in the marketing. As per Word Stream marketing experts, companies that use videos can earn 49 percent faster than those who don’t.

However, the process of making professional videos can be overwhelming cost-intensive, time-consuming, particularly if you require studio equipment, space, and a team of experts as well as video editing software.

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This is where AI video generators can be useful. Learn more about,

What exactly is an Video Generator for Artificial Intelligence?

AI video generation is making use of artificial intelligence to produce professional-looking videos. When you use an AI video maker, you don’t require the editing equipment, an editor, or a top video editing program to create an original video.

All you have to provide is to feed your input into AI software and then create a video. If you use one of these programs, it is easy to transform a blog post into a video within minutes!

In addition, you don’t have to pay the cost of video productions since the AI software will handle the bulk of the work.

What Must You Search in  the Best AI Video Generator?

AI video creators are equipped with different options. It is important to evaluate each software before you choose the one that is most compatible with your needs. Here are some important aspects to take into consideration when selecting the best AI Video Generator software

  • User-friendly: AI video generators vary in ease of use. Some are complicated, while others require just a bit of user input to create videos.

    If you’re only beginning with video making, You’ll require an AI-powered video generator that is user-friendly for beginners.

  • Options for avatars: Most AI videos creators have built-in avatars available for you to choose from; however, some let you design your avatar.

    If you’d like to create your distinctive avatar, you can find an AI video maker with this option.

  • Price: Opt for a program that offers the best value for money and is nevertheless affordable.

    Suppose the software comes with an initial free trial period that you can take advantage of this time to see if it meets your requirements.

  • Different Languages support: In order to reach bigger market, you might need an AI video generator that has Multilingual capabilities.

    Of course, it is necessary to use software that can support the language of your primary viewers.

The Best AI Videos Generator List

If you’re aware of what you should look for when selecting an application, continue reading to find my suggestions for the top AI video generators on the market in the present.



Synthesia’s video creator is one of the top text-to-video generators. It’s a web-based app that allows AI-driven video creation for both experts and beginners alike.

Instead of recording content with cameras and microphones, the software uses AI technology to recreate real-world videos and presenters who are human. It helps video makers save effort and time.

Synthesia’s Characteristics

  • It supports more than 40 languages.
  • Templates can be customized.
  • Users can create their avatars.
  • Includes 50 presenters built-in
  • Creates authentic AI-generated videos
  • Users can design themselves a dynamic and unique text.
  • Live chat support for customers.
  • Users can make videos automatically through the API integration.
  • It is easy to update videos at any time.
  • Users can export their videos for use in the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • You can also add the background tune to your videos.
  • Allows MP4 downloads
  • You can share your movie via different social media application.
  • You can mix multiple videos into multi-slide
  • Users can add text, images, and even shapes to their videos.


  • Only supports front-facing images.


Synthesis offers 2 premium options: Corporate and Personal.

  • Personal plan $33 per month billed. The plan you choose to subscribe to is restricted to the duration of 10 minutes each month.

  • Plan for corporate use: Custom pricing that is dependent on your specific needs. Contact customer support to inquire for the price.

Best For

Synthesia is ideal for marketers, agencies, freelancers, content creators looking to produce high-quality video content. It doesn’t require any previous editing experience to benefit from this software.

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Synths Videos


Synths is an AI video-making tool dedicated to helping users get leads and traffic from YouTube. This tool can create professional-looking videos using blog content.

Synth Features Video

  • Integrates with YouTube that allows you to upload your videos to your channel easily.
  • Creates videos from URLs
  • Has 20+ avatars
  • Users can upload videos in HD quality
  • It supports more than 40 languages


  • Doesn’t have an unpaid plan


Synths video offers 2 premium packages: YouTube Start and the Premium Custom package.

  • YouTube Starting:  $ 399 per month.

  • Premium Custom Packet Pricing is contingent on the number of videos you upload every month.

Best For

Synths Video is best for users who manage a YouTube channel.

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rephrase makes use of a sophisticated deep-learning engine to create a professional video.

Specifications of

  • High-resolution videos
  • Supports the presenter’s customization capabilities
  • Supports multiple usage cases
  • Users can pick the AI voice they prefer
  • Have AI avatars of famous people been created?
  • It supports a variety of editing software for video.


  • A somewhat complicated pricing strategy

Pricing is split into two groups with distinct prices: Rephrase Studio and Rephrase Personalized Videos. Rephrase Studio is a cloud-based video production studio that includes virtual cinematographers, actors, and camera people.

At the same time, Rephrase Personalize is better for producers and marketers looking to customize their customer experience. Go to the website for more details on these two products.

Rephrase Studio

This category includes the two top plans available: Starter Plan and Enterprise Plan.

  • Starter Plan: $25 for 10 credits per month.

  • Business plan The customer must contact support to find out the price.

Rephrase personalize videos

This category offers three premium plans: a Starter plan Expert plan, a Starter plan, and an Enterprise plan.

  • Billed monthly. Plan for starters: 30 campaigns, 10 credits personalized for $100. 

  • Professional plan 50 campaigns and $ 500 charges for 2000 personalized credits per month billed each month.

  • Enterprise plans: Features that are advanced for professionals. You’ll need to reach out to support for the cost.

Best For is ideal for companies looking to make custom and personalized professional videos for marketing and advertising.

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Lumen5 is among the top AI video-making tools available for novices. It makes use of Natural Language Processing algorithms to convert text into high-quality videos.


  • Changes the text to video within only a couple of minutes
  • Has various templates
  • Users can alter the color, font, and resolution of videos.


  • The free plan comes with a few options.


Lumen5 offers a free plan and paid options: Creator, Premium, Business and Enterprise, and Creator.

  • Creator plan: $15 per month.

  • Premium plan $79/month.

  • Business Plan: $199 per month.

  • Plan for Enterprise: Call support to inquire about the cost.

The free plan is unlimited; however, it’s limited to 720p video resolution, and videos include a Lumen5 watermark.

Best For

Lumen5 is ideal for novices who are looking to create short-duration videos for social media platforms.

design offers an AI-powered maker of videos beneficial for those who don’t have much (or any) prior experience in design.



  • You can download videos only when you are on an account with a monthly fee.

Pricing offers three premium plans that include Basic, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • Basis plan $29 per month.

  • Pro plan: $69 per month.

  • Plan for Enterprise: contact customer care to inquire about the cost.

Best For

This tool is perfect for creators and designers who need to create fast AI videos.

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How To Make a Video using AI Video Generator 

The process of making a video with an AI video maker is simple. Here’s what you have to know about.

Step 1: Choose an effective AI video generator tool.

There are a variety of AI software tools that can convert the text you write into video. In the beginning, you’ll have to select the AI tool that meets your requirements. If it’s a paid program, You’ll sign up, set up your account, and select an option to subscribe.

Step 2 Step #2: Upload your text (or select a subject so that the AI tool will do the upload for you)

Certain AI video applications ask you to submit all text of your video. Other tools will research for you.

All you have to do is assign the AI software with a subject, conducting its investigation. It will uncover interesting and relevant information related to the subject you’ve chosen to be the foundation for your film.

It also creates an individual template for the video. Naturally, it will need to go through and edit the entire video to ensure the video is accurate and sound right.

Step 3: Pick your template for your template, avatar, and your voice

At this point, you’ll choose the color of the text and background color, pre-designed avatars for humans, and a template. A majority of the tools let you add your avatar when you sign up for premium plans.

Additionally, you’ll be able to choose the voice you would like to use in your audio. The program then uses its speech-to-text functionality to produce an audio track for the video.

Step 4 #: Convert your video

Following the above steps, press after you have completed the above steps, click on the Convert Video button (or something similar).

The software will produce a unique, high-quality, premium-quality video for you. Then, you can download, share and publish the video.

The process of making a video with AI video makers varies from one program to the next. However, most have similar processes for creating videos similar to the one described in the previous paragraph.

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AI video generator FAQ

After you’ve read my suggestions for the top AI video creation tools, Here are some solutions to the most frequently asked questions regarding this fascinating technology.

What are AI Video Generators?
AI video makers are software that makes use of artificial intelligence to produce high-quality video. They can analyze data, identify keywords and then transform written material into video.

It is possible to use AI video-makers to produce appealing commercial videos, YouTube instructional videos, educational video tutorials, and many more.

Certain tools can be text-to-video, and others do research and create an appropriate code for you.

Do AI Video Generators Useful?
AI technology has revolutionized video production for many companies in the present. With AI technology, it is possible to create high-quality videos that can be used on YouTube tutorials, sales presentations, and many more.

Instead of making a video for months or even weeks, give this job to an AI video maker who will make an amazing, expert-level video in just minutes.

AI-powered video generators can reduce costs, and they can examine data, recognize keywords and produce videos optimized to turn leads into customers.

What is the best AI Video Generating App?
Although AI-generated applications share the same goal of making high-quality videos, they differ in features and functions.

Certain AI tools are specifically designed to be used by beginners, while others are more complicated. That is why you’ll need to look at different tools available in the market and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Some of the top AI video-making tools available today are Synthesia, Lumen5,,, and Synths Video, as described previously.

Can AI Create Videos?
Yes, you can utilize AI video generators to create high-quality advertisements and documentaries, social networks, and so on. Certain videos created by AI video creators are virtually impossible to differentiate from those made by human beings.

Can AI Video Generators Free?
As most AI video creators are premium applications, It’s not common to discover a free version of the software. Certain AI video creators offer an initial trial for free but require you to supply your details for billing before enrolling in the trial period.

Be aware that you aren’t charged until the trial period is over.

It is possible to locate free AI video makers, but they typically have limitations. For instance, Lumen5 has a free plan. However, it can only handle videos with 720p resolution. It also puts its watermark on the final product.

Can AI edit videos?
AI can recognize videos and apply functions for editing videos, such as object removal and stabilization of images. Additionally, various video editing software like Adobe has exclusive AI software for editing videos (e.g., Adobe Sensei) to assist video editors cut their work.

Will AI take over the Creation of Video Creation?
AI is revolutionizing the process of creating videos; however, no matter how sophisticated the technology, it will only assist humans who create videos.

Even the AI tools can make and edit videos automated, but they require human intervention at different phases during the creation process.

The benefit that AI can offer over human video makers is that it speeds up creating videos and cuts down on the time and money needed to edit video.

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What is the process behind how AI Video Generators Work?
It would be best if you gave the AI video maker some input before creating the video. You may provide the entire text of your video or select an area of interest and allow the AI to complete the rest.

Certain tools, like they can analyze and scan your input to determine the most important ideas. The program then locates relevant media assets and then creates scripts that form the basis for the video.

Many tools will prompt you to select the template and voice narration before beginning the process of making a video. Based on your input size, it only takes some minutes to allow the AI video maker to turn your thoughts into video.

Once you have your video ready, you can download it in the desired format or directly upload it to the YouTube channel or any other platform.

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