7 Types of Website can Makes you Milionaire

Last updated on December 6th, 2021 at 03:22 pm

The most frequent question that people ask me is, “what kind of websites should I build to make money online,” and it is obvious that you can make more money by planning early.

I have gone through various online money-making methods. I have learned a lot on multiple websites that make really crazy money if you specifically make the strategy.

If you’re just beginning and on your previous preparation phase, then you’re in the ideal place to learn the teachings of earning websites and that which makes them convert traffic to money.

Before proceeding, please ensure it clear in one point which the more traffic you are able to drive into your site, the passive income or more income you may earn.

But even with minimal traffic, some websites can make a lot of money compared to high traffic. Why? Because they either have generic types of websites or are niche-specific.

Let us deep dip right into each of them and decide to discover what type can possibly be the winning shooter for you as a newcomer or perhaps an already site owner.

Niche Vs General Kinds of Sites

Websites are categories into two types, providing you with many details under a common domain name known as a generic website.

That includes all mixes of varied categories like entertainment, technology, sci-fi, and so on, at which it is possible to publish any content.

Some websites have some limited categories known as a general blog, although others contain everything that is usually news websites.

But, niche sites are focused on just 1 category like technology. In specific niche type of site no other niche related content would not published like entertainment.

A niche website might be sub categorized into sub-niches, such as, for example, mobile technology that includes its own targeted and specific viewers.

I expect you have an idea concerning the difference between the niche compared to the general Website. Let us deep dive into forms of sites that may make you more money.

Different types of Sites And Way of Earning Money

You have a concept of basic kinds of internet sites, but utilizing those strategies can have the below types of sites that may turn any traffic or visitors into the money.

We are going to highlight every one of the probable manners from each site type on the making money  process and how much the website’s traffic potential.

Here we proceed and be sure you learn each of them.

Blogging Website ->Write General Content.

Blogging has been a previous source of sharing the journey and idea of the experience of succeeding and learning; however, today, it turned into a widely used way to obtain revenue.

Blogging sites can be launched without investment using Blogger with tiny or small investment using WordPress; even if you’re unaware of the difference, then probably you ought to proceed through Blogger versus WordPress.

bloggind website

While using a blogging internet site, the most vital aspect that enables you to be successful is your content. You’re sharing or describing folks about specific issues, so that requires a detailed explanation.

If you’re able to create some exclusive advice on a specific topic, then it’s likely higher odds of succeeding and high rank in the search engine, and this is known as search engine optimization.

The Big business utilizes a blogging site having its business site to guide clients on their goods and services that means Website and blog both are different things, be sure to know the difference between blog vs Website.

By keeping a blogging site, you can create money making from it in various ways.

  • You are able to publish a sponsored product reviews.
  • It is possible to sell affiliate products and on-sell make numerous commissions.
  • Can Monetize the site with Ad networks, for example, Adsense, Sovern, Media.net.
  • For niche-specific site can sell blog space for any company-specific product promotion.
  • Can sell your items like podcasts, online courses, e -book, etc..
  • If any person wants to publish his guest post or create backlinks on your site so you can charge for this service.

Above are the principal approaches to monetize your site, and here are plenty of the others.

As Soon as you’ve obtained your site, you Are certain to find an thought on this.

Blogging may be the most suitable choice for travelers, recipes & food, fashion, and how-to content as it’s large crowds across the world.

The best thing about blogging is that you can get traffic from all over the world, which breaks the boundaries of success.

If you are ready to start a blog, then be sure to create a successful blog in detail, but the choice is yours, to begin with, a niche blog or a general blog.

Google Adsense sponsored Site

Google Adsense is a advertising system Provided by Google through Google AdWords.  Site owners just like you and that I can submit an application for Google Adsense, and if you follow those 5 Adsense recommendations, you’ll get approval quickly.

Every site approved with Google Adsense is permitted to place Adsense ads on their site, as clarified in this guide of how you can place Adsense Ads.

google adsense sponsored site

Every advertisement exhibited on the site can make you money in two ways, either with Advertising impressions or with Ad clicks. To find out more about Adsense earning, here is all you’ve got to know.

How much you can make through Adsense will solely depend on traffic-driving your own site. The more traffic you drive additional money you’ll be possibly make.

Adsense Advertising you are ready to place with your blogging sites or create a utility application site such as free photo editor, online file compress website, free societal networking thumbnail create, or any other fiscal calculator website.

This is the way that it functions and additionally you can earn money

  • We already learned Adsense with blogging; therefore, only place the adverts to the appropriate places in your post that the user will visit, site impression and in certain instances clicks on Advertising is likely to make you to money.
  • Let us have a free photo editor site, and around this tool on the same page, you can put the Ad code of the google Adsense where the user enjoys those adverts can click else for the impression you will earn money.

The earning from Adsense will be based upon country-specific traffic if you’ve got traffic out of countries such as the USA, UK, CA, which as high cost per click (CPC) and Revenue per-mile impressions (RPM).

Consequently, you may earn more money with low traffic, and from those countries, you can have approximately 3-5 $/1000 page-views; therefore, imagine if you may get 100K page views every day.

Google Adsense isn’t a single Advertisement system, but you’ll find other alternatives to Adsense that could also allow you to double your earnings with the same traffic.

Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing is actually a method of earning passive income by promoting different services and products. Lots of organizations for their product promotions run a few affiliate link programs.

The very famous affiliate site is Amazon affiliate. You can review Amazon products on your site and link anchor text of a keyword in your site that pertains to the same product on amazon.

affiliate website

Once the visitors click on those links later or during the review of the product will directly navigate into the Amazon shopping website.

The best thing with Amazon is not to direct your visitor clicks on which product to review and navigate to Amazon, giving you a commission of between 4-8% in the next 24 hours if it has purchased a product from Amazon.

To create an affiliate website, make sure that your Website should be niche specific. If it is related to fashion, you can write reviews and link products of Amazon, clothing, and lifestyle goods products.

Ways of making money through affiliate Website

  • If your Website is related to creating website products, you can sell affiliate products such as hosting, themes, domains, and more.
  • You will get products from Amazon for any niche, so link and promote them onto your Website for optimum earning.
  • You’re able to join any brand new product affiliate link program and promote their products on your websites.

Making money from the affiliate website does not limit the principal component that enables you to be successful would be targeted peoples. Hence, an affiliate site gains success if your Website is niche-specific.

Amazon is not the only way to create affiliate income. There are many others, such as CJ affiliate networks that have 1000+ different products and services.

You can be a millionaire from an affiliate website because some companies like HostingerBluehost or HostGator give you 65 $ / sell like hosting provider companies.

Imagine if you’re able to create 100 sales each day simply how much money every month is possible to welcome on the pocket.

Lead-generation Site

If you have heard about Facebook Marketing and Google AdWords Campaign, then there are two most popular platforms to get leads for specific sales.

Imagine if you would like to sell any financial services like insurance, then it’s possible to go to Facebook and create your Facebook home page.

lead generation

Afterward, you’re able to create a Facebook Ads campaign that costs you based on the number of clicks you’ll receive in your Ads.

Sometimes even a single click may cost you $ 1-3 or more, depending on the type of product or services you are interested in and similar to Google AdWords.

But this lead generation is quite expensive, and maybe the amount of money you are spending may not give you the expected results.

So different companies are paying massive amounts of money if you can give them the specific leads they expect. Mainly by having a banking and finance website, you can get more money by selling those leads.

You should have a niche-specific website with high demand for leads such as Microsoft products, banking products, etc., and you can ask the user to provide details below in case they are interested.

  • Full Name
  • Current email
  • Phone-number
  • How You Can Make Money From Lead Generation Websites

What are the ways to make money from the Lead generation site

  • If the site is related to banking and finance, you can sell leads to any banking institution if you have found an interested user.
  • If a site is related to Microsoft or any company-specific products, you can sell leads to companies selling third-party products.
  • You can collect many emails and sell the same to different companies that belong to the same industries.

You can’t even imagine for finance, but your leads can be sold for $ 25 / lead, but you can also have $ 1 / lead for any low profile small niche if you bid correctly.

Can you think that how much money you can make if  you’re able to get 50 leads every day. This can quickly be done by setting up a niche website.

Once the user landed on the Website, either popup the contact form or display the same page on one of the Contact Us page categories.

DropShipping  Site

DropShipping is a business in that you’re attempting to sell other company services and products entirely on your site and throughout the legal procedure.

This modal works in the sense you can find a product out of the other merchant at a low price and certainly will sell the services and products on your site at a higher price than the cost you bought.

dropshipping website

It’s similar to the e-commerce site, but the intriguing issue is that you may not need to pay any penny for the inventory of products.

Yes, the business works in a sense where you have your Website that features a list of products displayed, and if you have some buy order on your Website, you’ll route that to the actual seller.

The actual seller will send that package to the buyer, and you will earn a commission outside of it, which is a valid business; nevertheless, the profit depends on the margin you’re putting up on your site.

How this drop-shipping Website makes money.

  • You can sell your own products if you have any that will be like your own eCommerce website.
  • It is possible to begin your site using Shopify (eCommerce platform ). Using Oberlo extension (plugin ) can link the products of AliExpress with your site, so only import and then sell them.
  • You can set product price by yourself; therefore, could create a margin of 5-10 $ for smaller product and 50-100$ for big-ticket products.

The best part of starting a dropshipping business with AliExpress is a Shopify online store where Shopify is a platform that helps you quickly set up an online store without the headache.

Every item inventory will be updated automatically on our internet site as the actual inventory with authentic seller changes using the Oberlo extension.

The dropshipping business is a crazy way to make millions of dollars per day and is widely famous in the USA, where 1 dollar products are sold for 10-20$.

This is a model where you match the right products with potential customers, where the front is your dropshipping Website, but the actual seller is only what you know.

I know you can’t start Amazon’s eCommerce business right now, but you can start with dropshipping. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to start a dropshipping business and make money online.

Coupon-code Site

Nowadays, it turns into a tendency to purchase things on the web, and you did so. But each time before placing a purchase order, you definitely searched about voucher code if there’s one.

This means that about 80% of every purchase order is searched in parallel for the coupon code, so why can’t you grab that opportunity by having a site that can give them the latest offer or coupon code, if any.

This is very easy to set up but is challenging to manage every month as you will have to update with coupon code and if any promotional offer is on sale.

You can choose an excellent example from Groupons.com and Coupons.com etc.

Above are the 6 most well-known websites that you can have if you are really willing to earn money online as a beginner.

But apart from this, there is another one that you can start if you are an expert on your business and are keen to sell intellectual property.

Online Tutorial Site

This can be the best approach if you are a tutor or already a company working with others and helping to grow your business by teaching new things.

We have seen a number of folks promoting their online services connected SEO  along with Digital Marketing.

online tutorial

They use to upload their syllabus on YouTube or on any tutorial platform such as Udemy.

But earning through that will be very low as YouTube pays per ad displayed on your video, although Udemy takes 50% of their deductions for each sale.

This means that eventually, you are losing 50% of your total revenue, then why don’t you have your own Website.

The Website where you can link your blog to another category, which has a list of your online courses, here every blog is sending your readers directly to the online website module.

Where you can make million dollars through direct sales on your Website, and the best thing is that you don’t have to share that revenue with anyone.

To sell your courses, you need some publicity to help YouTube or social media platforms or Google advertising.

People call such a site an official niche website, where you focus more on building your own identity and selling your skills.

My Look at Most Useful type of the Website

There are thousands of ways to earn money online, but the seven types of websites listed above are truly unique, and almost every website owner is willing to start with one or several of them.

Every other type of website is possible for a beginner except online tutorials or podcasting websites. You can become a millionaire if you follow the right strategy at the right time.

The most crucial factor you should focus on is the organic traffic of the world’s best search engine by Google.

Here are some tips on how to drive traffic to your website from Google, as you need some authorization from the website to use backlinks and some other strategies.

I know which type of websites you like the most, and when you are planning to start, it can help our reader formulate their own idea.

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