Best Strategies and Types of SEO: Ultimate Beginner Guide

Last updated on December 8th, 2021 at 06:32 pm

In case you are concern about webpage ranking than positively searching for SEO or Types of SEO.  As it’s the main a part of the Google search engine ranking issue.

This time each single person is constructing its own website or blog to show its concepts and grab user attention however their main aim is to stay on google first top 10 results.

According to the research result, about 60% of clicks from the top 10 results will go to the first ranking web page, 36% will click to the second web page, and the remaining 4% can be distributed among the rest of the query search.

If we go through more than 70% of all web search results originating from engines from Google and 30% rest from different sources.

So find out how to rank your pages on engines like google? the reply is through SEO.

SEO is what you want to make your content content, so I should make you clear every thing about SEO.

First, learn about What’s SEO or What does SEO imply?

What does SEO Endure for

SEO endure for search engine optimization, this is one of those methods or ways that every content author or internet site individual businesses use to create their web pages pleasurable and simple to use.

These strategies will help your web page to receive organic search in several aggressive outcomes.

About 60% of worldwide search traffic comes from Google.. So each particular person optimizes their content material around ranking standards and tries to accumulate the first position.

Let say, in case you have done a seek for any specific question in Google for “What’s greatest SEO techniques” than in end result google will return outcomes that are nicely optimized around this keyword.

type pf SEO

Google final result for SEO If you will notice for a search query in Google, around 2,80,00,000 results will be searched and only 10 of them will be displayed in the first place.

However why only these 10 pages?

The answer is, just because they are well SEO friendly, these pages made it easier for Google to find jobs faster.

I expect You’ve Got a general thought about SEO, but nevertheless There’s More to learn. Before knowing about the types of Google, do you know how Google works?

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How does Google SEO work?

As I stated earlier around 60% natural visitors comes from Google, it’s a extensively used search engine as in comparison with Bing , Yahoo and so on.

So in the event you check any search term in Google, because Google checks around 200 parameters to find the highest quality content for its user.

No one knows what these are, although all are limited somewhere in SEO.

Google has a crawler that typically visits every single web page and indexes them based on the quality, relevance, and various criteria of its content.

To seek out high-quality content material is just not a better job, as a result of out of hundreds of thousands of results there are lot many pages that are of excellent high quality however which one outranks top of different is a fairly tricky job for Google.

So Google has set some parameters to get one web page more rank than different and two out of them are explained under.

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Domain and Web page Authority

Domain and Web page authority stands for DA and PA. It is a quantity allotted to each website in between 1-100, greater the quantity more valuable is the website.

Ideally, Google has not officially declared any such parameter however firm name MOZ has planned to check the quality of each internet web page or web site based mostly on varied parameters.

So greater the authority may have more chances to up rank in search engine.

Google additionally check the authenticity and high quality of each web web page near the same parameter and outrank them within the search results.


Backlinks assist Google more to know the standard of your web page. Backlink, the place a number of sites referring your web pages for some good high quality content material.

This sends Google a really strong signal, that you’re most likely your best option for the search query.

In any case, Google is all about sharing good high quality and greatest search results for customers, so if excessive authority websites pointing to your website for some reason than your web page can be actually trustworthy.

I hope you understood, how Google works and what factors issues all for Google to outrank your web page.

Now both DA -PA and Backlink are a part of SEO, so let’s learn the types and techniques of SEO.

What are the types of SEO

Search engine optimization is classified into two types, each are essentially the most prominent and solely method to outrank your webpage.

When it comes to Google search ranking, each web page of your  site can be thought of as a separate point of evaluation.

So you must ensure to optimize your each web page around best-suggested methods to assist Google that what you are offering is most helpful.

To make your pages search engine friendly there are two methods to take action and each of those are generally known as Types of SEO.

On-Page SEO

On page SEO, is a technique which can be used with every web page to optimize your content around goal keyword and sends Google algorithm some positive signal about similar search query.

By doing this On page SEO, you’ll make your web page simple to read, simple to access and easy to outrank in Google and may have more potential to grab reader attention.

You have all the rights to do on page SEO.

The question is find out the way to do On page  SEO?

Earlier than writing any content, you require a keyword to target.

So first, discover a keyword which is much less competitive, simple to rank.

Now Your web page have to be optimized around this keyword.

As a part of On-page SEO, you require under steps to be finished accurately.

  • Title of Page ought to include the keyword

type of SEO

  • Meta Description ought to include the keyword and can assist the reader to understand. 

type of seo

  • Keyword Density -Make sure that keyword have to be added in your content material body for multiple times.
  • Webpage URL structure –URL for webpage should include the keyword.
  • Include keyword within the First 100 word of the content physique or first paragraph.
  • Include keyword in H1 tag of content material physique.
  • Include keyword in one of many header tag of h2,h3,h4 and so on.
  • Make sure that each picture should have Alt textual content.
  • Interlink of Web pages.
  • Creation of site map for web site.
  • 301 Redirect of web pages.
  • Optimize theme in such a approach that web site speed get increased.

Above given are one of the best few On-page SEO methods to be finished prior to publishing any post.

These techniques are fundamental one which each and every content material writer should use to send a signal to Google that you’re penning this content material for this particular keyword which you’ve gotten utilized in many locations as prompt above.

Off-Page SEO

Now you’ve gotten published your content material and you’ve got finished almost 50% job.

To rank a web page within the top 10 of the search engine is just not a straightforward job and the prime issue is to improve social signal, create backlink and submission to varied directories.

Off-page SEO is all about reaching a number of individuals and accumulate their responses which sends Google a positive signal that folks like your pages and Google will up rank them.

Listed below are few suggestions to do Off-Web page SEO.

  • Create backlinks on varied pages, it’s the prime issue.
  • Do submit to go searching games of their search engine like google, Bing, Yahoo.
  • Submit to a different directory.
  • Submit to Social bookmarking pages.
  • Share to completely different social media platform.
  • Submission link to forums.
  • Do guest post and link them to your individual website page.
  • Weblog commenting to route traffic.
  • Take part in Q&A session like Quora.

These are the few greatest approach, which helps your website to enhance domain authority and web page authority and these are methods to improve natural and referral visitors.

If individuals start sharing your content material on social media will increase your web traffic and if Google determine your social shares or a number of signals will enhance domain authority.

I hope you bought an idea about varieties of SEO.

These are major methods which each and every SEO expert use to get more traffic.

To do On-Page or Off-Page SEO is part of sure methods, which each and every content material writer use to create in legit and non-legit methods.

The technique which content material writer use will impact your search engine ranking.

All these SEO is classed into three techniques.

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SEO Techniques

As we discovered, to rank any web page in Google you require Search engine optimization.

As part of SEO, it’s a must to implement varied methods and these methods are labeled into three varieties.

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White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is a way which helps your web site to grow slowly. It’s the most legitimate and really useful way to do SEO.

This will assist your web site to grow slowly and the end result can be seen for a very long time and search ranking will stay the same for the longer run.

All On-Page and Off-Page SEO needs to be beneath the rules of Google standard and try to keep away from spammy link building process.

It’s best to optimize your pages based mostly on the foundations specified by Google and should observe the guideline outlined by Google algorithm to check SERP factors.

  • Create a target keyword according to On page SEO.
  • Construct Backlink to a high authoritative web site.
  • Utilizing other guidelines outlined beneath Google guidelines.
  • Keep away from Keyword stuffing in Content.
  • Attempt to take part in Guest Post with

Make sure that to take the above factors whereas doing Seo this all comes under White Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO

If you happen to attempt to do SEO by discovering loopholes of search engine guidelines or against guidelines than this think about Blackhat SEO.

By doing this in some circumstances your web site will rank for brief time period however with new updates of search engine which is normally a number of times in a year will drop your ranking or in some circumstances you may be out from SERP results.

These all are non-recommended method to do SEO.

Have you learnt what comes beneath White Hat SEO?

Let me tell your a few of them.

  • Create Backlinks on Spammy web site.
  • Keyword stuffing in a written post.
  • Pay for website traffic.
  • Use Paid Links to point to your web site.
  • Use Duplicate content material, copied from one other web site.
  • Use Other content material by spinning them.
  • Invisible Text and hidden Hypertext.

All above methods come under white hat SEO. However generally it’s required to get quick web site traffic for early promotion particularly in case of Business.

So right here the answer is one other technique which we call Gray Hat SEO.

Gray Hat SEO

That is center approach answer in between White hat and Black hat SEO, which push White hat SEO to little bit more extent however not too much to get it banned.

You probably have a business website, which wants speedy promotion for a newly launched product would require some intensive strategy to rank in SERP.

listed below are greatest Methods to take action.

  • Increase keyword density on web site.
  • Construct multiple backlinks on a different web site and index them rapidly.
  • Click Bat to attract readers for particular content material to read.

This is name Grey hat SEO techniques and normally it is recommended to make use of solely White Hat SEO.

All this methods are a part of varieties of SEO and each On page and Off page SEO is finished by caring this techniques ,so will get advantage to rank organically.

The underside line of the story

Search engine optimization is the key part to rank your SERP outcomes however it’s hardest to do it.

On-page SEO is easy to learn and implement however essentially the most difficult part is Off-Page SEO.

We now have discovered the techniques of doing SEO and most really useful approach is to do White Hat SEO.

By no means go for any such Spammy web site to create backlinks else this can be worst than not doing something.

Few people on outsource platform like Fiverr do sell for such Backlinks however it’s advisable to not go for any of this.

Right here in this guide, we discovered about types of SEO and techniques used to implement that SEO however the key part in all is about discovering the correct keyword. 

That is the top of final guide on types of SEO and you’ve got discovered what does SEO stand for.

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