How to Add a Stripe Donate Button in WordPress With Easy 2 Free Options?

Last updated on April 18th, 2022 at 08:54 pm

Are you looking for a way to add a Stripe donation button on your WordPress site? Stripe lets you accept credit card payments. This creates it suitable for your users to make donations to your site.

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There are many more fully-featured donation plugins out there, but we will be focusing on creating a Stripe donate button here. We will be sharing tutorials for two free plugins to help you accomplish this.

  • WP SimplePay # This plugin is fine if you are required to provide a fixed donation amount. If you wish your visitors to be allowed to give custom amounts, you will need to pay. This is the most used Stripe payment plugin.
  • Stripe Payments # This plugin allows you to accept custom donation amounts free of charge. This might make it more appealing if you are on a tight budget and would like to accept donations from your visitors.

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This tutorial will help you set up your Stripe account. Next, we will show you how to find the API keys needed to configure either plugin.

Next, we will look at how to create Stripe donate buttons with WP SimplePay or Stripe Payments.

Get Your Stripe API keys

You will require your Stripe API key to make your Stripe donate button, regardless of the plugin you use.

These API keys connect your WordPress website to Stripe’s payment processing service. These API keys can be essential, but Stripe makes it simple to create them. Do not be afraid!

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We will not go through each step in detail for each plugin. Instead, we will just briefly explain it. This will allow you to locate your API keys quickly when you install either plugin .

Step 1 # Generate a free Stripe account

To get started, Sign up for a Stripe account. You do not need any detailed information. All you need is your email address, name, password, and bank account number. However, you will need more information in order to accept payments.


Step 2 # Locate API Keys

Go here to find your API keys.

Be aware of the differences between test and live API keys.

  • Test API Keys You can safely test your donate button using API keys without having to send any payment details.
  • Live API Keys When you want to accept payments for real, live API keys are what you need.

By clicking the toggle button, you can toggle between them. Both plugins include boxes that allow you to enter your test and living keys, as well as a setting that allows you to switch between live and test modes.

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api keys

These keys are essential because they would need to set up the plugin.

How to Add a Stripe Donate Button With WP Simple Pay

Install and activate WP Simple Pay plugin from to get started. These are the steps to set up your donate button

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Step 1 # Enter API keys

Enter your API key and test key in Simple Pay Lite Settings. Be sure that your test mode feature should click on the enabled checkbox now.

connect with api

Step 2 # Set up Currency, Default Currency is USD

WP Simple Pay defaults to USD as the currency when you click on the donate button. You can choose a different currency by visiting the General settings tab.

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Step 3 # Generate a new payment form

A Payment Form is basically a donation button that you want to use. Simply Visit Simple Pay Lite to generate a payment form.

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Enter the amount you wish visitors to be allowed to donate in the Payment Options tab. (If you would like visitors to be allowed to give their amount, the paid plugin is required)

new form1

This is all you need to do technically. To make your form more personal, you can edit the text displayed on the form using the Checkout Overlay Display and On-Page Display tabs.

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You can, for example, change the text in the On-Page Display area so that the button says “Donate with Card” instead of “Pay With Card.”

new form2

After you are done, click on Create to publish your form. You will need to add the shortcode where you want your form to display on your WordPress frontend site:


Step 4 # Next, Test Tour Form Then Enable Live Mode


You can test your form with test mode enabled and entering some test data.

After you are satisfied with the operation of everything, enable Live mode to accept actual payments. To disable the Test Mode, simply visit Simple Pay Lite and select the setting.


You can also edit the page users see after they submit payment. All you need to do is edit the Payment Confirmation Page that WP SimplePay created.

How to Add a Stripe Donate Button With Stripe Payments

Although Stripe Payments may not be as popular as WP Simple Pay, it has the advantage of being able to accept donations in custom amounts without having to purchase a premium version.

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After activating it through, here is how to use it.

Step 1 # Add API keys and configure basic settings

Go to Stripe Payments ->Settings to get your API keys.

Do not check Live Mode for now. This area also allows you to set the currency and text for the donate button. Change the Button Text field from “Donate” to something more appropriate.


Step 2 # Add a New Product

Next, visit Stripe Payments and click on Add New Product. While there are many options, they are not necessary for a simple donation button.

These are the sections you need to configure:

  • Short Description # This is a short description that appears in the Stripe Payment window.
  • Price and Currency # Leave the Price field blank to allow visitors to enter a custom amount.
  • URL for Thank You Page # This allows you to redirect donors to a thank you page after donating.


When you have completed set up everything, click Publish. Copy the editor’s shortcode and paste it into the text widget, post, or page where you want your Stripe to donate button to appear.

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Step 3 # Click the Test Donation button, then go live

You can test your donation button while you are still in test mode by entering Stripe’s dummy information:


After you have verified everything is working correctly, you can enable total payment by going to Stripe Payments Settings and turning on Live mode:



It does not matter what plugin you use; adding a Stripe donation link to your WordPress site is simple and painless. You can also create multiple buttons with both plugins so that you can create different buttons for different purposes.

You can accept donations via PayPal  if Stripe is not what you want.

Have any questions about adding a donation button to your WordPress site? Do you need a different functionality? We will be happy to assist you!

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