Best Space Engineers Server Hosting Platform for You

Last updated on March 22nd, 2022 at 10:32 pm

Space can be full of excitement as well as mysteries and hope!

And so do Space Engineers. Did you notice why I’ve put ‘do’ before Space Engineers?

You guessed right!

Space Engineers is a game that is, consequently, unique.

If you’ve been a participant in this sport, you feel like a wish has come to life wildly when you’ve ever imagined being an astronaut or space engineer.

Sometimes, it can remind you of the film “The Martian’ in which the astronaut was left on Mars; however, he showed incredible survival capabilities.

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Space Engineers game yet, don’t worry this article will you unleash the player in you. If you’ve not played Space Engineers yet, don’t worry. We will also show you how to pick a reliable game hosting service that lets you enjoy the game without stress.

Let’s begin with the exploration!

What Is Space Engineers?


Space Engineers is an exciting Sandbox game located on the planets and in space. It was created in the company Keen Software from the Czech Republic. It was added to the Steam program in the year 2013.

The game is accessible on various platform like Xbox , Microsoft Windows, and is available in multiplayer and single-player modes.

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As of the year 2019, this game was sold 3.5Mplus copies. In this game, like a participant, you are given the job of an engineer in space. Your adventure will begin by joining or selecting the world that has specific options like equipment, the number of asteroids, planets, and much more.

You can design your world by choosing sophisticated options and editing and choosing what the world should look like and how the players would interact with the world.

The game’s screen will comprise the game’s logo, screenshots that randomly appear as backgrounds, animated loading icons, and a message in the center.

It has hint tips to assist you or quotes from famous scientists such as Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, and many other notable scientists.

In these games, Space Engineers are given tools and must begin building a structure out in the open using different blocks. They must maintain the power source and move in any direction they like with a jetpack, or inertial dampeners move freely around the space.

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There are numerous modes to the game, such as creative modifications, survival modes, and countless resourceful planets that allow you to trade and perform a variety of exciting things.

It is possible to continue with the items that require engineering, complete building work, discover the vastness and depths of space, and even survive on planets and space in harsh conditions.

If you’re thinking of making Space Engineers enjoyable, here’s the best way to proceed. You can play the game using your local PC or opt for an established Space Engineers hosting platform.

If you select one of the options, then it will require setup and ongoing maintenance. It could be a problem when you don’t have a thorough understanding of its technical aspects.

Furthermore, being on the same server with so many players at once could slow down your game and enjoyment with frequent delays and interruptions.

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May be its is not perfect game for you. However, if you select a Space Engineer game server hosting that is reliable, you’ll be able to get the most enjoyment from your gaming experience and boost the entertainment by a lot.

How To Select The Space Engineer server host?

There are many gaming server hosting firms in the marketplace. That is why it is difficult for users to determine the best one for them, particularly those who haven’t experienced it previously.

The game server hosting  is dependent on a variety of elements. If you’d like to play games with ease, be sure to check these aspects and make sure you purchase a Server hosting package.

  • Review the features you receive with the plan, like the control panel, options for customization such as game switching, mods, the plan type, and more.

  • Discover the performance overall you’re getting in terms of speed, delays, crashes, slowdowns, user-friendliness, and much more.

    To help you with this, many hosts offer a trial version of the game server to decide if you are satisfied with the quality of the service or not.

  • Be aware about your spending budget while you choose an option. Check the prices of various hosts to their packages and then make the best decision.

  • The ideal choice is to determine a host which has the closest data center to your area. To do this, look up the locations of their data centers because this can affect game performance. The closer the data center is, the more efficient it is.

  • Finally, test their customer service system. Test the effectiveness of their support system based on the variety of ways they offer assistance, such as phone messages, email, chat, or other, and how swift, professional and friendly their support team can resolve problems.

Here are a few of the top Space Engineer server hosting platforms on the market to assist you in making that decision.

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HostHavoc is a top Space Engineers server hosting service company, providing exceptional solutions since the game’s release.

It allows you to create space stations, various kinds of planetary outposts and spaceships.

You can also navigate your spacecraft as you explore the universe and planets and find resources to ensure your survival. There is so much to accomplish in the game you require a fast server—hostHavoc supplies.

It provides high availability to the network by using top-of-the-line data centers with high-quality uplinks and guaranteeing 99.9 percent of uptime on the web.

They’ve set up their centers in 11 cities to provide a more excellent network coverage which means you won’t have delays or issues when you’re in the middle of the game.

A more responsive support team assists gamers in addressing their concerns within 15 minutes after complaint registration. HostHavoc safeguards servers from distributed denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that

could shut your game or inundate your server with the fake activity that can eat up your bandwidth. It doesn’t matter if it’s essential UDP floods or even source engine queries; HostHavoc covers you.

If you’re an experienced gamer, you can manage your server by using FTP access as well as a web-based file manager. You may also alter the command line utilized for the server’s start.

HostHavoc utilizes a robust control panel called TCAdmin Version 2. Every template you receive is customized to showcase distinctive features and installers.

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It is possible to add plugins to Oxide, workshops content, and many more. With the reliable and stable control suite that both power users and novices can benefit from it.

To ensure your account is secure, you can use the two-step authentication feature that Google Authenticator powers.

The price of this hosting starts at $15 per month with 20 slots. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of service, you may claim the full reimbursement within the first 72 hours after registering the server.

Survival Servers

survival server

Purchase your Space Engineers server hosting from Survival Servers and explore the realm of the undiscovered. They provide you with valuable tools to manage your server and immediately install it once the successful payment.

Their control panel was designed to allow you to change your location in a flash, alter the settings of your server, allow the instant setup of servers, download mods and plugins, and provide access to the forum for space engineers.

Furthermore, you’ll receive high-speed SSD drives equipped with an AMD processor, ensuring that they offer a quick response.

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Access to third toolkits, server lock-down, and full FTP with the latest mods supported Map changing and many more. It’s also compatible with Xbox or PC crossplay.

There are seven server stations to help you work more efficiently and quicker, including four in the US and 1 located in France, Germany, and Singapore. All Data centers have been DDoS secured to give servers security.

Select your closest data center, location, time slot, and the number of servers you wish to begin playing in a matter of minutes. Prices start at $8 per month.



You can play without interruption when you purchase your Space Engineers dedicated server hosting from ServerBlend. They have partnered directly with KeenSWH to offer better service and support.

ServerBlend has put in a substantial amount of time creating their control panel, allowing players to make it easy to use and pleasing to the eye.

You will not have any issues configuring the settings, building, or managing your gaming server. They use ECC RAM, RAID, HDD/SSD drives ans Intel Xeon Processors and for greater efficiency and durability.

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You can also control your game’s server and make changes using switches, drop-downs, or boxes that you require using SESM’s SESM Control Panel.

They also offer automated mod installation and updates and file management and performance monitors, and TORCH. They also have a Remote API.

ServerBlend is determined to provide the lowest possible ping for the most enjoyable gaming experience as well as a high-quality network. Setup typically takes between 1 and 2 hours or 12 hours if you do it by hand, but Server Blend does it within only a few minutes.

The servers of Server Blend are located throughout Roubaix, London, Sydney, Falkenstein, Dallas, New York, Hillsboro, Vint Hill and Montreal.

The price starts at $11.48/month, includes DDoS insurance, and comes with a 14-day customer satisfaction assurance.



GTXGaming is an authorized service supplier to the above game. They collaborate directly with the developers to ensure that their customers get the best hosting service.

They also provide an Xbox server that supports Xbox/Steam crossplay feature, and by making crossplay available in your server’s configuration, users from both servers can play.

The company has designed the control panel. It allows users to easily modify or alter settings in a matter of minutes using drop-down menus and boxes to “tick to enable” menus.

You can switch to any of their games in just a couple of clicks. To stay up to date with the most recent technology, they utilize the latest Dell systems that are upgraded every year to keep their position at the forefront of the hosting industry over the ten years they have been hosting.

They employ powerful E3 processors or i7/i9 CPUs while offering customers the choice of the latest and most efficient AMD Ryzens processor.

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The developers of their software constantly modify their templates to include new features in response to customer requests.

It is impossible to lose anything from your server if you use an offsite backup function. Utilize powerful tools that help you with maintenance on your server by deploying them quickly through Mod Manager.

GTX Gaming has a data center that operates in various cities that include Sydney, Stockholm, Moscow,Singapore,  Paris, Frankfurt, Charlotte, London, Oregon, Quebec, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and Malaysia.

With the stunning web interface, you can create a sub-user to change the settings you’d like and control the entire process of your server.

They provide tech support as a Space Engineers community-made dedicated server equipped with the most powerful tools. If you are not satisfied with their service,

you can ask for the total return within the first 24 hours after purchasing the server.


logic server

Are you happy when you’re talking about space?

Yes, I know!

Suppose you are a space enthusiast and would like to explore it further. In that case, you need the LogicServers to complete construction and engineering in a breeze, build your spaceships to explore planets and the universe, live in outer space, and much more.

You can build your defenses and war machines to stay alive on the planet by playing as a 1st-person shooter. LogicServers provides top-of-the-line performance and speed.

Therefore they only use the most advanced and modern hardware, such as the 4.0Ghz+ processor NVMe/SSD storage, gigabit uplinks, and restore capabilities with backup and.

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LogicServers provides the protection of DDoS for security, allowing gamers to play games without interruption.

You can access FTP access to your files, a console viewer, and a minimalist configuration editor within the TCAdmin control panel to provide a more enjoyable experience.

They have a quick server setup so that you can play quickly. You can also install the fast mod installer on the servers you play on.

There are data centers across North America, Asia-Pacific  , Europe, and South America  to provide you with faster speeds and better global coverage.

The cost for this server for games begins at $9.38/month per 10 slots.

Streamline Servers


Are you searching for an accurate and trustworthy Space Engineers game server that is priced at a reasonable price?

I’m sure you do!

Try Streamline Servers.

The server will be set up within a couple of minutes after the payment has been confirmed, and you’ll be ready to go to the table.

The company has designed its network specifically for gamers by gamers to ensure a smooth gaming experience that is streamlined and smooth.

Take advantage of the robust features and flexibility that the Control Panel offers, which allows you to control the settings of your server and then install any add-ons immediately through Mod Manager. 

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The Mod Manager configuration editor is available can view the status of your server and use Mods that are quick and easy to install.

 It has 22 sites which host data centers on diverse continents, which include South America,  Asia , Africa , Europe and North America and. This hosting Servers’ cost starts at \$2 per slot.



Select the server rental plan you want among the most reliable Space Engineers game server providers, Nitrado, without any contract or minimum terms.

Nitrado makes use of high-quality, fail-safe server hardware that guarantees unbeatable performance in games.

They have direct peering with UnityMedia/UPC, Tiscali, Deutsche Telekom, Telia Sonera and employ 500 Gbit of bandwidth to Frankfurt am Main and other carriers to guarantee a fast response. They also perform daily backups for servers files.

Nitrado has links to AMS IX, LINX, and DE-CIX to ensure the lowest pings around the globe. Nitrado’s technology lets you modify server settings in one click.

With the assist of an integrated file browser, users can upload mods and files with ease. You have unlimited access to modify files and directly connect to the MySQL database using phpMyAdmin.

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They have amazing customer assistance in nine language and also have 7 data center in different locations.

They provide Nitrado web interface,  full access via FTP, RCON and  allow game switching anytime. In addition, their servers for games are accredited to ESL Premium.

The cost begins at $3.25 to 10 users, with three days and a maximum of five games per cloud. Also, you can opt for a custom price which starts at $5.20.



Hire space on your Space Engineers server from GPORTAL to get advantages like 50GB of backup space for saved games and configs new hardware, the latest SSD/NVMe drives, speedy and straightforward game switching, and more.

There is unlimited storage for mods and the option of editing the configuration through GPORTAL’s web interface. To play in multiplayer mode that can accommodate as many as 16 gamers, 

GPORTAL offers fast server performance and automatic power upgrades to improve the performance of the Space Engineers server. GPORTAL delivers high-performance through a range of Intel Xeon E5 2690V2.

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You can select the size of your slot, rental duration and continue with the server from anywhere around the globe. You can pay with ease through PayPal or credit card Pay safe card, and more.

Their 14 server are established in different location, some of them are like  Sao Paulo, Dallas, , Barcelona, Moscow, Los Angeles, and Washington etc.


Space Engineers is beyond a doubt an exhilarating game that will take you to uncharted realms (virtually) and help you build your space station, and help you learn how to survive techniques in hostile conditions.

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If you’re an enthusiast of space, you can choose any of the Space mentioned above Engineers server hosting platforms and play games with no hassles.

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