SiteGround Hosting Review (2020)

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SiteGround is one of the most popular if you type in best wordpress hosting or best hosting companies.

You will see SiteGround come up several times they’re very highly recommended by notable people like wpbeginner which is a very high traffic site authority site on WordPress. WordPress has actually officially recommended them.

There’s a lot of other high highly reputable people who recommend SiteGround so in this review I just want to talk to you about the pros and cons so we can evaluate if this is the best option for you even though SiteGround is a very good company.

They offer a valuable service and there they’ve been highly recommended by several other people that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right fit for you.


We will be giving you the pros and cons in this review so you can evaluate whether their web hosting, their WooCommerce hosting,  their WordPress hosting and their cloud hosting which option is appropriate and whether this is a good fit for you at all.

So when you decide to start a business or take an existing business online there are lots of decisions you have to make so let’s make the web hosting decision an easy decision for you.

you have to decide what themes to use how you’re going to get or keep your website traffic and what content is going to work best for your website visitors so making all of those decisions to take a business online can take a lot of time research.

Pros of SiteGround Web Hosting 

1# Security


where siteground stacks up in 2020 there are more cyber threats than ever before. And SiteGround is leading the way in protecting its customers.

SiteGround has recently introduced cutting-edge artificial intelligence that has stopped more than 2 million attacks across the internet.

Their BOTS busting security can identify and isolate automated threats such as DDoS attacks and brute force logins before they become a problem on top of their proactive security.

SiteGround also has plenty of customizable features such as IP blacklisting spam protection and password protected directories it’s safe to say that.  SiteGround takes its security seriously try to say that 13 times fast.

2# Privacy

Privacy  should be a default option with everything online so when I did some digging into site grounds.

Privacy policy I was pleasantly surprised site ground was one of the first hosting platforms to become gdpr compliant this basically means you provide the essential data needed to create your account and nothing more.

You have full control over what information SiteGround has and have the ability to edit it and download it.  

They even have an assigned Data Protection Officer whose job is to solely make sure your data is secure I’d like to imagine my data protection officer look something like Hulk Hogan.

If you want to take your privacy a bit further you can add site grounds ID protect service to your hosting plan for only one dollar a month the service masks your information.

If anyone tries to look up who owns your website it’s not mandatory but for those who’d like some additional privacy with their website this is an awesome value let’s touch on the quality of servers SiteGround uses.

3# Uptime, Speed and reliability





It will inevitably grow and when it does you’ll want servers that are fast reliable and available to anyone anywhere SiteGround has six data centers located across the globe to allow for blanket coverage no matter where you are which is vital.

when expanding your audience in a six month monitoring test site ground servers had 100% uptime.

And didn’t go down once not even for maintenance the last thing you want is for a visitor to get bumped off your site right before trying to checkout but what’s worse than a website that’s completely down one that just takes forever to load. 

Where it just spins and spins in this day and age a slow website is just plain unacceptable and SiteGround doesn’t cut any corners.

When compared to Bluehost and  SiteGround took the number one spot when it comes to speed under a stress test site ground was 40% faster than its competition.

I also tested SiteGrounds DNS speeds which is an often overlooked part of picking a web host so what is DNS it’s what translates into an IP address number that servers can understand think of DNS as a translator that lets humans talk to robots.

Those robots get to the websites you want to go to I’m happy to report that site grounds DNS speeds are fast across the board and are right on par with other hosting providers

What’s the slowest website you’ve been to did you wait for it to load or leave to go to another site let me know in the comments below as a website owner I like my hosting controls to be clear and easy to find managing the backend of your website shouldn’t be a pain.

4# Customize Site Tool


SiteGround  use a platform called cPanel but have since upgraded to a better-looking version called site tool site tool is built straight from features that customers have specifically requested making it cleaner and easier to use than cPanel everything from creating a new website to adding features has been streamlined down to just a few clicks.


My personal favorite feature in site tools is the ability to pin commonly used settings for instance if I’m regularly adding DNS entries.

I can pin the DNS tab directly to the top of the page for easy access it’s this level of customization combined with site grounds ease of use that make this layout one of my favorite features of SiteGrounds hosting.  now I love to tinker and do things myself but having reliable.

5# Customer Support


Customer support is an absolute must in my book so where does SiteGround support rank they offer 24/7 365 live chat and a toll-free number for support I tested their chat myself and was connected with a live person in under two minutes.

I compared this to GoDaddy support and didn’t get a human response for 6 minutes knowing that I can get an actual human to quickly help me gives me the peace of mind I need when building my business online so we’ve gone over a lot of the feature SiteGround has to offer let’s

6# Plan & Price


SiteGround is definitely competitive when it comes to its hosting plans but what I value the most is their clarity unlike other hosting plans SiteGrounds pricing is straightforward and easy to understand there are three introductory plans that range from  $6.99 to $14.99 a month you can lock in these rates when you commit to there hosting for at least three years.

Some people aren’t a fan of this offer but for me it just makes sense by doing the three years up front you’ll save around 64 percent every month since building websites in getting traffic takes time committing to site crowns.

Hosting is a no brainer if you’re unsure if you want to do three years upfront you can always choose the regular per month pricing that starts at $14.99 all these plans scale depending on your needs. 

But for most people just starting off the grow big plan at \$9.99 a month is a great place to start the grow big plan allows you to create an unlimited number of websites gives you 20 gigabytes of web space and lets you scale to 25,000 visitors a month.

7# On Demand Backup and Restore


SiteGround has incredible features is  on-demand backup and restore system which is all available on the GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

As you can see, this SiteGround solution allows you to access and restore any of the available backups, or even request your own backups instantly.

A really useful feature for those coding a lot or managing many system updates. Some statistics suggest that more than 50,000 sites get hacked every day.

Let’s see what SiteGround does to avoid yours being compromised. First of all, you should install an SSL certificate.

They offer an easy way to get Let’s Encrypt for free. Nice touch. SiteGround lets you use the latest PHP version, and this minimizes security risks – their system is set to PHP 7 by default. They automatically manage updates for WordPress and your plugins.

You can, however, choose how they should handle this to fully fit your needs. On top of that, they isolate your website so attacks on neighbor sites won’t affect you, and they also create their own security patches.

Overall, I have confidence that SiteGround does a good job here. I run a lot of hosting tests and SiteGround is one of my favorites. Let me tell you about my experience: Many mediocre providers neglect their server uptime.

You should aim to have uptime rates of more than 99.95%.

I monitor several sites hosted at SiteGround and I’ve never seen them go below 99.98% – which is really impressive. But uptime is not everything, speed is also crucial for site owners.

8# Optimizer Plugin

SiteGround makes a good effort to optimize their servers with the latest technology like SSD drives, HTTP2 and PHP7.

They also have their own caching system. It will speed up your loading time by allowing faster access to your site’s content. In addition to that, they offer an integration with the Cloudflare CDN, which will make your site even faster.

Additionally, you can choose to host your website in one of the several data centers available in America, Europe and Asia.

The closer your site is to your audience, the better. Most of us use WordPress to create our sites with. Let me show you SiteGround’s Optimizer plugin, that does a lot more than caching.

If you head over to the front end optimization tab, you can enable a bunch of options to make your site faster, for example by minimizing your HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Combine CSS files in one file to lower HTTP requests or asynchronously load your JavaScript.

It also compresses your images and allows you to enable image lazy loading. I am really impressed with this plugin. It allowed me to get rid of a whole bunch of plugins I used to use to achieve the same results.

Cons of SiteGround Web Hosing 

1# Limited Space 

SiteGround has not give as many option for its user. They have given limited resource to its users, its is the main drawback of  SiteGround. If the user need more space they have to switch off from shared web hosting plan to another  plan. These SSD as 

  • 10GB for StartUp plan
  • 20GB for GrowBig plan
  • 30GB for GoGeek plan

2# High Rewnewal Price 

You could get to get pleasure from 53% off the value tag as a brand new consumer however as soon as your subscription ends, you’re going to should fork out the complete value (Starting from $14.99 to $39.99 per month) to resume your contract, which clearly offends most individuals.

All of the basic features that you need to start the website are included right there in your base package. And that’s the reason why they charge so much upfront but of course there is no denying that SiteGround renewal prices are really really high compared to other hosting providers.

I think SiteGround is actually one of the highest priced hosting provider based on renewal prices alone after your first term of subscription ends the price can jump up to $9.99 or even $29.95 per month that’s like two or three times higher than the starting price.

All in all, SiteGround is an excellent web hosting provider and I do believe that their high prices reflect the quality of services that you’ll be getting. But you don’t always need to go with the most expensive and the best option if you’re not doing a super serious project something more simple might work. 

If the price of enchancment is value, then so be it. At least they’re offering the form of worth they WANT to supply for his or her prospects.

If you need to get pleasure from extra financial savings, it’s advisable to max out the subscription time period as a brand new consumer, so that you gained’t should pay the renewal costs so quickly!


So how does SiteGround pricing compare to its main competitor Bluehost side by side Bluehost is slightly cheaper at 2.95 per month versus SiteGroundat 3.95 a month although you can save a little bit of money with Bluehost.

I’d still pay a bit more for site crowns reliability speed and ease of use knowing my website is in good hands is worth the extra dollar in my book when you take everything into account site ground is a clear winner when choosing a hosting platform you can trust site ground doesn’t come

one some people might not want to pay three years in advance just to get a lower pricing while that’s understandable you’ll see that a lot of hosting companies are moving to that pricing model anyway.


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