Best Free Search Engine Submission Sites List in 2021

Last updated on December 8th, 2021 at 06:46 pm

When you have written the content and wish to show it to your reader than undoubtedly in the list of search engine submission sites, that helps to index your post quickly.

Before listing the list of search engine submission sites, I must first explain why this is necessary

All all over the world virtually 70% of web visitors comes from search engine and relaxation from other sources equivalent to social media.

So worldwide, the whole group hangs around completely different search engines searching for their queries and the search engine getting results for that specific query.

Do you know how a search engine can bring a user to their web page for a desired question?

I’ll clarify this a little bit.

When you publish any content, you make sure to do SEO on-page of your web page.

Now I think you are done with SEO of your web page.

It is time to publish and go through the search engine.

Let me let you know first how the search engine works?

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How the search engine works

It has three things to do.

Web crawl

Each search engine has a crawler commonly called a bot, it crawls all submitted web pages and searches for a standard of content based primarily on keywords.

Crawler additionally crawls all of the links out there on the identical web page and index them primarily based on keywords, that’s the reason folks create a backlink on one other site.


Each time, while the crawler goes through completely different web pages, it starts indexing your web page based primarily on the crawled keywords and stores them somewhere in the database.

So in future, if any person will search for the selected keyword, the search engine will be mainly based on index pages.

Indexing position within the database is determined by varied components which Google hasn’t declared publicly.


Whereas any user searching within a search engine stores a particular query in comparison to the search engine already a website equivalent to the keyword within the database.

So it is mainly based on the web site listing them in a sorted order.

However for all this to occur the very first thing is to undergo the search engine.

The methods listed below are different ways to search a web site and submit some of them separately and help you submit some at once.

Try to behave as a part of the post publish and web submission technique to give information about the number of post-published search engine sites at all times.

Indirectly it is giving a positive signal to what is essentially the most in-demand search engine, which uproots Google from your position within the top rankings.

So right here I’ll share  different search engine submission sites list for a web site to get indexed.

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Search engine submission sites list

As I stated, there are two methods to submit websites to a distinct engine. So first will talk about main search engine submission sites list.

Multilingual Search Engine Lists

1 # Google

Don’t miss this huge ocean, around 60% of all search engine traffic comes from Google.

So go to Google search console and do submit your web site.

Click on Right here –

2 #  Bing

Bing is the second largest search engine and most recommended, it has its personal webmaster tool.

So go sign up and submit your web site.

Click on Right here –

3 # Yahoo

It’s third one of  the most search engine and holding around 3.90% of search visitors. You don’t require any submission to Yahoo.

However, since 2015, Yahoo had agreed with Bing and Google, so that you could go through any of Google’s and  Bing to get a rank page in Yahoo.

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Country Specific Search Engine Site submission list

4 # Baidu

It’s the most well-known search engine in China and most rising platform. It’s devoted for the Chinese language language if you wish to submit your article in Baidu.

Click on right here –

5 # Yandex

It’s among the many top 30 search engine and the most important search engine in Russia which convey round 65% of country visitors.

Click on right here –

All of the above is a significant search engine which everybody ought to submit necessary.

Other Search Engine submission site lists

6 # Active Search Results

Submit URL –

7 # Giga Blast

Submit URL –

8 # SimilarSites

Submit URL –

9 # Entire Web

Submit URL –

10 # Anoox

Submit URL –

11 # SimilarSiteSearch

Submit URL –

12 # ExactSeek
Submit URL –

13 # SonicRun

Submit URL –

14 # MasterMoz

Submit URL –

15 # InfoTiger

Submit URL –

16 # IntelSeek

Submit URL –

17 # SonicRun

Submit URL –

18 #  VieSearch

Submit URL –

All of the above supplied are the list of engines like google that are highest in domain authority and grabbing a lot of the search queries.

Ideally, it’s best to submit Top ranking search engine manually and for rest, it will likely be simple to submit in a single click on

However how?

A number of search engine Submission at a time
Submission to every search engine individually is a really onerous and time-consuming course of so there are a number of methods which do that for you in a single click on.

Isn’t interesting?

Let me provide you with two free space which you should use to submit your newly published web site and it’ll send your request to all above search engine.

However submission to Bing and Google would require separate individual submission.

19 # FreeWebSubmission

Submit URL –

Search engine submission sites

Merely enter your website URL, Your name and Email address and ensure all search engine list checkbox is checked then merely submit URL.

Ensure you settle for terms and situation and it’ll submit your webpage to all search engine.

20 # EntireWeb

It’s another a number of search engine web site, which lets you submit URL to different search engines.

Submit URL –

Search engine submission sites

After coming into web site URL and email ID choose Free plan and it’ll all be done.

Each the above search engine submission web site list will assist you to do all of your submission job in a single click on.

One other approach for Search engine submission sites list

Until now what I’ve shared is the list of search engine and methods to submit them and in a while, you’ll wait for search engine crawler to come and go to your web pages.

However you’ll be able to invite crawler to come and go to your web site by pinging them.

Sure, there are free tools which assist you to ping your web site to numerous engines like google and notify their crawler to go to your web pages.

If crawler comes then, it should index your web pages in a short time and your content can be available in each search engine lists.

It is a web site which is able to assist you to get it done.

21 # PingoMatic

Submit URL –

Search engine submission sites

Ensure all checkboxes should be checked and easily submit URL and hit send ping will send all search engine notification that you’ve got submitted new pages and waiting for a crawl.

Summary for Search engine submission site lists

All search engine submission is essential and necessary to crawl or index your pages shortly.

Particularly, in case your web site is posting content material on day by day news status or any sizzling subjects.

After publishing each post be sure that to submit your web site to Google, Bing and multiple search engine submission site lists.

And simply ping utilizing PingoMatic will assist crawl your web pages very early.

Not solely search engine however try to submit website to free directory submission sites as effectively.

EntireWeb and FreeWeb will assist you to submit all at once.

I hope that is helpful for each blogger, do share when you just like the content.

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