Best Rust Building Server Hosting Providers in 2021

Last updated on March 22nd, 2022 at 10:27 pm

Are you a gaming enthusiast? If so, then you’d probably be familiar with Rust, an extremely played game in the world of video gaming. The number of players on the site is continuously growing to over 60k in a year and shows no sign to slow down.

The excitement, thrill and adventure that can be described it. Rust provides everything! If you’re an avid Rust participant, you may have played it on open servers. The problem is you won’t have the speed, security, bandwidth to win the game.

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It must be a pain to you when the server goes down, and your game goes away just as you had finished creating your base.

Do you not? I can understand it since I’m also a video game fan.

What’s the answer, you might be asking. Achieving an ideal Rust web hosting.

Yeah. That’s it.

So, if you’re unfamiliar with server hosting or the game, we’ll go over some facts concerning Rust before we begin finding the top hosting companies.

Here we are!

What is Rust?


Rust is a survival game that only allows multiplayer play. The game was released at the end of 2013 by Facepunch Studios.

It’s available on macOS, Windows, and Linux. In this game, you will face a lot of competition to gather resources, establish an infrastructure, or protect your property. You could lose or form alliances and even take over your base.

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Multiplayer survival games vary from one game to the next However, and they do share similar characteristics, for example:

  • Base-building
  • Looting
  • Thirst, hunger, cold, etc.
  • Player vs environment combat like zombies (PvE)
  • The player fight between players (PvP)

What makes Rust distinct in comparison to other games of survival is that the players combat only with other players. In other words, if you’re the player, others are your adversaries; fighting is a major requirement.

It’s not a fun game if you’re playing with one another, like is the norm when inviting your close family and friends. Rust is a beautiful game with stunning graphics. There are some wild animals that might be fighting, but the central theme is a fight between players.

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The game could involve tasks that require careful surveillance, like stealing and even betrayal within the game.

What’s The Reason For Requiring Rust Hosting Servers?

Imagine you’ve accumulated some good assets and built your home base with amenities. You now go offline, and you are working on another project.

After a couple of hours after logging in, you come back to discover that you’ve been deceived and that your home has been sacked.

All our efforts will go vain! Are you ready for that?

No, it’s impossible, That’s why you’ll need a rust private server along with other benefits.

It is how you’d be able to enjoy the game without having to watch over it continuously and fretting when you’re asleep.

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Instead, you can create your server and set it private so that only you can join and steal from you. The advantages of hosting your Rust server goes beyond what was previously discussed.

It comprises:

High Performance


If you choose Rust servers hosting, you can enjoy powerful servers with greater speeds and greater bandwidth. They also have data centres all over the planet, and you will be offered the server that is the closest one to the location you are in.

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In this manner you can enjoy superior performance when compared to the alternative you select to connect to an internet connection for your home as well as public WiFi.

Higher uptime and lower latency

Game lags, frequent lags, and unavailability frequently occur on a local connection because many players are already on the server and consume bandwidth. It means that you aren’t able to enjoy the game and may end up causing frustration to you.

With Hosting services, you will be experiencing very little or no lags due to a high uptime. A lot of hosts provide an uptime guarantee with 99.9 % or 100% assurance.


You’re aware of how fragile the internet has become. There’s a good possibility that your internet connection could be hacked along with your gaming data due to continuous attacks of all kinds that include DoS and DDOS.

A reputable Rust hosting service handles security concerns to reduce these risks by providing a secure and reliable connection. They keep their data centre in a safe location and have firewalls and other techniques to prevent attacks from providing security.

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Are you ready to go? If so, let’s find out the top Rust hosting providers on the market today to enjoy the full enjoyment that this sport offers.

Best Rust Building Server Hosting Providers

Here is a list of rust building server hosting providers:



By choosing ScalaCube as your Rust server hosting service, you will get all the necessary features and speed you require to succeed in your game.

You will receive a user-friendly Control Panel for your Rust servers. You can set up the server, change settings, manage the server, begin and stop it, shut down and change the options, update your application and many more.

You can locate all passwords you require to operate the Rust server, including the administrator password. There are options, such as the capability to ban players based on their IP address, player’s name, and the possibility of removing them, altering the player’s data, and others.

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Their Rust server is equipped with DDoS prevention, which guarantees your server remains online all the time, experiences low latency and is always available. Other features included in ScalaCube Rust server hosting are complete FTP access, a domain for free and Oxide support.

Also, you can get high-end SSD drives, allowing you to play games at a super-fast speed. The servers of the company are across North America, Europe and United Kingdom.

Its cost starts at $16 per month for 100 slots.



Start your Rust game today with HostHavoc’s top-quality services of HostHavoc. They maintain and uphold the high availability of servers through their solid infrastructure, which is based on the top-of-the-line data centre with reliable connections that offer up to 99.9 % uptime.

Data centres are situated across 11 locations worldwide with secure networks and safe facilities that have true redundancy. With no cost DDoS protection, your apps and bandwidth are certain from query engine exploits and UDP flooding.

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Furthermore, they provide two-step authentication to ensure greater security.

If you’re looking for self-management, you will get FTP access and an online file manager. You can also set the command line for their server to launch. They host their servers only using an enhanced control panel TCAdmin Version 2.

The control panel is reliable and easy to use, and trustworthy. They also offer customized templates for each game, ensuring the best gaming experience. Each gaming server comes with instant setup, 24 hours assistance, and a three-day money-back assurance.

HostHavoc’s pricing starts as low as $14/month with 30 slots.

Survival Servers

survival server

Survival Servers is a well-known hosting service for servers that host exciting games, including ARK, Minecraft, and many more, including Rust.

After you have made the payment and after that, you’ll be directed straight to control the game server allocated to you following the location you are in. Thus, you will take advantage of its custom launch parameters and instant server setups.

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This dedicated server service has several features available like plugins, dual CPU Xeon processors, mods and FTP access SSD drives. Also, you have the option of custom or automated server restarts, the most recent versions of mods, Rust pre-release status of the server, as well as switching servers at any point you’d like.

You can avail of advanced security methods and passing-locking of the server or changing maps for security. Survival Servers comes with an internal control panel that lets you modify and configure your server to play effectively.

This lets you install mods and maps that are supported or switch locations and change settings with their single-click interface.

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They are a global network of servers that are located in a variety of locations. They have five servers located in North USA, namely, Seattle, Los Angeles, North Carolina, New York, and Dallas. Apart from that, they also have servers located in France as well as Germany in Europe.

This server hosting is available for only $0.16/slot.

Indifferent Broccoli

indifferent broccoli

Why do you host your Rust server using indifferent Broccoli? Because their unique brand is backed by high-end hardware (i.e. low delays), an individualized Control Panel (plus Discord integration), and excellent customer support.

If you play a game such as Rust, it is essential to have an experienced server host.

Indifferent Broccoli will provide an unbeatable experience that is free of crashes and lags that you want. The support team is available via Discord or email. If you encounter issues, they’ll be there to assist you.

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They also provide a 2-day trial at no cost (no credit card needed) to show they’re serious about business.

They’re confident that by the fact that if you set up your Rust server using their one-click installation, play their smooth gaming, and converse with their customer service team, who are friendly, they’ll keep you there.

In addition, if you’re already a Twitch streamer or YouTuber searching for an online server hosting service, they provide a personalized service to assist you in achieving your goals.

Contact their support staff for more details about their content creator partnership program.

Try Indifferent Broccoli Try them out to find an accommodating, welcoming and efficient server hosting service on Your Rust servers. They offer a 2-day trial at no cost, followed by the price of $12 monthly for the month-long 25-player Rust server.



GTX Gaming is a renowned Rust server hosting service provider that has been providing excellent services since. They are famous for their incredible features, functions and the ease of use that they provide in a server control.

It has features like simple-to-use drop-downs and text input fields along with sliders even the most novice can utilize without any hassle.

In addition, they provide advanced features to get the most out of your gaming server and experience high-speed gaming.

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It is possible to install Oxide or Umod through the mod manager, in adding to anyone plugins through a file manager or FTP. It is possible to set up automatic updates for server backups and mods through Control Panel also.

GTXGaming allows PHPMyAdmin databases that can be installed via the mod manager and live maps through Rust IP, MySQL with only one click.

The wipe Server button can be used to eliminate things and, if you wish to restore it, then fix it using backups. Configurators are used to configure your server. Connect to RCON quickly through the control panel. Change the information and password should you require.

It lets you use the web-based backup tool, set up broadcasts and restart messages, and schedule RCOM commands and steam updates. You can alter your configuration with a single click repetition field and create custom commands using the Start.bat configurator.

Switch games quickly, secure servers from DDoS protection, and take advantage of the hardware of an enterprise-level with SSD and Intel i7 processors that provide high-performance.

There are data centres in 15 locations across 4 continents that give the users wide-ranging networks and excellent latency. They also provide offsite file storage using clone backup.

You can get your server from GTXGaming starting at $9 per month. If you’re not happy, give a full return within 24 hours.



Whatever your level of experience, the process of using any Rust server and managing it is easy using the mTxServ hosting. They offer complete server access, and it is possible to install uMod or Oxide through its control panel, allowing you to install various mods.

They offer a comprehensive guideline covering all important aspects of installing mods and administrators, adding administrators and changing maps, performing data wipes, and more.

The console is live, showing the server logs and guiding you through the management of your server.

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Do not be concerned about the loss of data since they backup your server each 6 hours. The package includes FTP and web FTP access that consists of an editor for code to allow rapid file modification and transfer. The API makes your entire action accessible.

There are data centres across the globe, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Poland. The company has a data centre in the East and West sides of North America and Canada.

Pricing for mTxServ starts at $29.26/month that can accommodate up to 250 people. mTxServ allows payments via a variety of options that include credit cards, PayPal, and tokens or virtual currency specific to their website.

You can also avail of its free trial for 24 hours before purchasing it with no credit card.



Shockbyte has been well-known for its robust hardware and excellent features that can take your gaming experience by a notch at a lower price than most of its competitors.

As of 2013, our company was hosting over 100k gaming servers for thousands of happy customers.

The service not only offers high-quality service and excellent customer service. Once they buy this service, they will quickly provide the credentials for your control panel and server IP to you via email to allow you to start shortly.

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To install multiple plugins on your Rust server, you can use options for installing various plugins. Oxide mod option that is accessible with a single click.

Access files via FTP and enjoy features like automatic mod installation and configuration editing, and plugin customization. Free subdomains, server console, multicraft CP, global servers automated updates, as well as backups.

Don’t be concerned about game availability Shockbyte will guarantee 100% uptime and minimal latency.

If you experience any issue, you can opt for Oxide assistance. Benefit from the flexibility of upgrading to or downgrading the plan at any time you want, as your new plans will be implemented seamlessly, with no loss of the settings.

The cost of its servers begins at $9.99/month.

Gameserver Kings


Do you need the top quality hosting service which is reliable and fast? It’s evident! If so, Gameserver Kings is a good choice for you.

Rust is the most popular game they have ever hosted. They have even mastered the smallest details of Rust to provide you with excellent services. The control panel for Rust is easy to use, which allows even novices to get up and play with ease.

Once you have received your login details, they provide access to their Knowledge Base. It contains posts with clear directions and images of how to accomplish tasks.

They allow you to upgrade Rust with a click on the control panel and install plugins and mods at your convenience. They guarantee an uptime of the server 24/7 and include 64GB of RAM and quad-core CPUs with 3.6GHz processors and numerous SSDs.

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The features include mod support, custom-built plugins, Rust experimentation, backups automatically, Rust Oxide 2.0, no setup fee and much more. Because they are confident in their products, you are offered a money-back guarantee for 24 hours without any questions.



Be a winner, battle against hunger, cold and thirst, construct cities, and take over other towns with the seamless servers of Nodecraft. It’s equipped with a fresh NodePanel 2, which is more user-friendly than before.

Create the server immediately by using their mobile-friendly dashboard and manage it with just a few clicks. While it’s simple, but the reliability and stability it offers are unbeatable. It also comes with an easy-to-use application that lets to manage the server while on the move.

To give you the most enjoyable experience, They do not over-burden your servers. They can handle around 12 users per server, which means that servers can access more the IOs on disks, CPU cores, and RAM. It also assist you keep away from the pressure of lags and crashes.

A few of its features include enterprise-level SSDs and 32 GB of RAM ECC 3.3+ GHz processing DoS security, and 1-Gbps Uplink Network. The system’s infrastructure is built upon the Linux environment to ensure more safety and better performance.

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Nodecraft is home to data hubs across five continents, including cities such as Dallas, Chicago, and Phoenix in the US; Sao Paulo in Brazil; Singapore, Adelaide, Auckland, and Brisbane in Asia-Pacific; and London, Moscow, Amsterdam as well as Belgrade within Europe.

The price starts at $9.98/month, and you’ll cancel at any time.


The hosts mentioned here are top-quality. However, they do have some slight differences in their pricing and features. So, there’s no need to guess how to host a Rust server.

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