How to Reset WordPress Site in 2021?

Last updated on December 6th, 2021 at 01:10 pm

Have you looked in the WordPress site and thought, “Perhaps it’s time for you to start a new”? 

If that is the situation, also, if you’re seriously considering resetting your WordPress website, you will be happy to learn it’s pretty simple to finish, even when it will n’t look like it at first glance.

In this guide, we will show you how you can reset WordPress site with all of the vital actions. But, let us have a brief look at why you may desire to execute this form of reset in the first place.

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Why you may like to reset WordPress site

In Other Words, resetting or restarting your WordPress site means restoring its default options settings.

Whenever there’s any such thing to compare it to, then it’s kind of similar to performing a factory reset on your cellular phone.

Ostensibly, this indicates that all of your settings, themes, and plugins will be deleted, with the objective of starting a new one.

Some reason for restarting WordPress can include planning to modernize a site for a user or only needing to begin over when it has to do with your WordPress website.

Maybe you’ve been enlarging your WordPress understanding by studying out various plugins or themes and would like to reset all and start from scratch.

Or you’ve build your site onto localhost and  now planing  to maneuver into a live server. Irrespective of what your reasons are, even re-setting your self is pretty straightforward.

Listed here are each of the steps that you should just take successfully through a reset of your WordPress site.

Procedure for Reset WordPress Site 

For resetting website there are three steps to complete the process. These are  as follow-

First of all, ensure that you need to install the backup plugin and  take full backup of  your website. For backup plugin  my recommendation is UPdraftPlus backup plugin.

You should absolutely do so if you intend to restore your site from a backup once you are done.

Reset WordPress Website

Then, you can move to reset your WordPress website using a Plugin named WP Reset.

This is really a great plugin that immediately resets your site’s database into its own default installation value, and also an essential thing about it will not change any files in the procedure.

wp reset plugin

When you install and activate the plugin  then you have to visit Tools ->  click on  WP Reset on your wordPress  admin  and choose reset tab.  

reset wordpress site

In the reset tab you  have type  “reset ” command in the confirmation fields then click on Reset Site Button.

reset wordpress site

This may prompt a Popup message requesting the Confirmation, i.e. you would like to reset your WordPress website. You ought to hit on the Reset WordPress button in case you would like to proceed.

reset wordpress site

Next, You’ll see a message which states, “Resetting in progress”. After a few seconds, the reset of your website is going to be completed probably.

 WP Reset Other Settings 

Besides doing the accurate site reset, the WP reset plugin comes with additional choices which provide you full charge and permit one to compartmentalize how you reset your website. 

Database Snapshots

A snapshot is a beneficial tool which enables you to observe the changes made since the snapshot was shot. Though this is not actually a WordPress backup, It Is going to allow you to roll your changes back if you wish.

Still, you ought to be sure also to create a backup when restoring your site.

To get this setting, visit Tools > WP Reset, and then pick the snapshots tab.

reset wordpress site

Then Pick the Create Snapshot button.

reset wordpress site

You’ll now have the ability to add the description of the snapshot. Whenever you are done, click Create snapshot.

reset wordpress site

Delete Your Themes and Plugins

Even though WP reset does not delete plugins and themes from default But deactivates them if you’d like, you have the different option to delete the plugin and theme files.

Merely a fast note before starting your plugin and themes files won’t be backup by the plugin, meaning you cannot recover them or some one of their settings as soon as you delete them.

Visit Tools > WP Reset and then pick the Tools tab. Then, select the Delete Themes or Delete Plugins options. 

reset wordpress site

Once you get this done, you’ll have the ability to confirm the action. Simply hit on the button to proceed.

reset wordpress site

A message would appear, telling you that how many themes or Plugins which were deleted. However, you need to note that if you wind up deleting most of your WordPress themes, your website will not work as it requires a theme to work.

If so, visit Appearance > Themes and click on The Add New button. From that point on, you can upload a theme that your website could be live. 

Restore WordPress Site Data

As Soon as You’re done with restarting your website, you certainly need to restore your previously backup data, such as your pages and posts.

To do this, you need to install the backup plugin that you utilized to backup your computer data in the first place.

The moment you stall and activate a backup plugin, just follow its directions, and  your articles will  fully restored such as time stamps tags, group , and also comment included.

Evidently, you will be able to detect each your articles under posts > All Articles, along with your old pages will probably be seen under Pages > All Pages.

Final Thought on Reset WordPress Site

As you can see from the above  guide which we share with you, resetting website is so easy. So you  have to choose the right backup plugin and  for resetting you need a right plugin.

In my opinion WP Reset  is the best plugin which has lot of option through which your website will be reset  safely and successfully.

And at last do not forget  that if you reset your site this means all the data will be deleted and will not recover. Therefore you must remember  you have to take backup of all the date before resetting you website.  So this is the end of guide.

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