Best Recording Session Application For Your Website.

Last updated on March 25th, 2022 at 01:58 pm

Be aware of what visitors do on your site or when they click on the navigation and click etc. Not everything that people do when they visit your site without slowing the performance of your website.


What if I said that you could view all the things your users engaged in on the site? Including mouse scroll, click, etc. It’s like watching the camera’s lens.

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Here’s the listing of services to assist you in this. A majority of them have a free plan, and you are free to try to see what suits you.



Hotjar assists you in live session recording so that you can monitor what users view on your website.

There is the option to record each page or a specific page. Recording a particular page can be helpful if your goal is optimizing your landing page pages, pricing, or product pages.

Hotjar lets you set up the recording of sessions greater than the duration of 30 seconds and certain features that follow.

  • Tag the recording video
  • Note down your observations while you watch the user’s actions
  • Record your team members and share it with them.
  • Recording of filter/search like page pages that exit, begin with,

It is possible to get Hotjar working for the platforms of your choice: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, LightCMS, Shopify, Magento and more. Via doing just lone script.

When you’re working with Google Tag Manager, you may have the script to permit easy maintenance.

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VWO can track mouse clicks, mouse movements, and the overall behaviour of users. You can speed up the process or slow it down and observe every minute, particularly according to your preference.

You can also use the option to bypass the timing strap when people aren’t taking any actions. It may free save a plenty of time in this process.

Suppose during the recording, and you spot something that could require improvement, such as the visitor’s confusion while filling out a questionnaire. In that case, you can put an observation mark at the exact moment to resolve the problem.

There are plenty of features you’d like to try, so be sure to take advantage of their trial offer.

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UXtweak session recording tool records all the user’s events and makes them searchable using the help of our SmartSearch filters.

Through SmartSearch, you can narrow down your search to only those sessions that, for instance: originated in the USA or mobile devices, went to”Contact Us” on the “Contact us”x subpage and then clicked”Schedule Call” “Schedule Call” button.

SmartSearch is not just a way for you to efficiently filter out user sessions, but it also provides suggestions to make it easier for you to save time.

With UXtweak, it is no longer necessary to need to endure hours of recording sessions. You can choose what is recorded using surgical precision – the percentage of sessions, certain areas and devices, browsers and screen resolutions.

  • Easy three clicks for implementation using Google Tag Manager.
  • GDPR and CCPA in compliance
  • Click, Scroll, Move, and Tap Heatmaps
  • Activity Tracking: With just a single click to set up activity trackers for any occasion and monitor how they impact each other in time.
  • Session playback appears and feels like a video, but it is the same as your website, including the DOM.
  • In the session playback, you can record notes, skip inactivity, adjust the playback speed, or even share the recording using the secret URL.

access to the entire array of features, including testing without moderation, the ability to sort cards and tree testing. A free plan and a five-day trial are also available.

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Inspectlet allows you to record up to one hundred sessions per calendar month for the cost of nothing. After recording, you can filter the videos using a variety of aspects, including.

  • Show session with new and returning visitors
  • A page that is called an entry contains information, or you’ve visited a particular page
  • Exit page contains

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Smartlook allows you to monitor and analyze your customer’s behaviour on your site or mobile application. It provides automated event tracking that can help you determine whether your site or app works as it should in light of users’ actions.

Also, it is possible to focus on one particular incident instead of the whole event. It is a feature that is your primary area of focus, for instance, the “add to cart” button. It lets you view the replay of only one property feature you’d like to see.

It is also possible to create a funnel and then analyze the outcomes over time whether or not it’s working well. The data kept is stored on a scalar basis, so it is possible to refer back to it anytime you require.

Smartlook is GDPR-compliant and simple to configure on mobile and websites.

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With over 160K users, Mouseflow is an excellent option to help users improve their experience with the site and boost conversions through the needed modifications. It’s GDPR- and CCPA certified, which means you’re certain all is in limits of the law.

Here are some ways that Mouseflow assists you:

  • Sessions recording and replays that record clicks, scrolls, forms, and more.
  • Heatmaps are used to pinpoint which areas receive the most focus
  • Funnels and reports that help to discover the reasons for what may be happening during user sessions
  • Formulas that allow you to see how your visitors interact with them
  • Surveys that let users provide opinions

This application can be integrated with many applications and platforms such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Shopify, Wix, HTML5 and more.

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View replays of the session of your customers using clicktale and determine the motivation behind it.

It allows you to see how your users interact with your site, and you can filter the replay based on the demographics of your users, their mouse movements, the source of traffic, behaviour on the page, etc.

It also allows you to record sessions of specific types of events, for example, testing a button or specific area on your site. It can help you focus your attention on the most crucial aspects.

Clicktale can track and record desktop and mobile users. It’s simple to configure an appointment and start.

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AB Tasty


Apart from helping you keep track of users’ behaviour and helping you revise your strategies, AB Tasty helps you get the most value from the information you’ve collected.

It eliminates the unnecessary recordings and shows before you the interesting ones that have the potential to create an impact.

You can also filter your videos using various choices like the device or OS, the number of pages visited and the date.

You can also select a feature that allows users to watch videos according to your desired event, for instance, a landing page and a navigation bar.

The great thing is that AB Tasty keeps the confidentiality and security of your users at the forefront by securing sensitive information.

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The tools mentioned above are likely to assist by recording your visitors’ sessions so that you can replay them and enhance the overall experience.

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