10 Best Pinterest WordPress Plugins in 2021.

Last updated on April 17th, 2022 at 08:48 pm

Pinterest have nearly 500 million per month active subscribers. It makes it one of the most popular social media sites globally and a great choice to drive qualified traffic to your WordPress site.

Additionally, you can advertise your site on Pinterest by writing blogs, other graphics and images by using the Pinterest share link. It makes your content instantly shareable and allows you to drive traffic to your website quickly.

The best part? It is possible with a Pinterest WordPress plugin. Pinterest plugins permit you to include “Pin It” buttons to your picture and a shared button to post in blogs.

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Let’s now look at the top Pinterest WordPress plugins that you can use right now on your website. 

Notable: Pinterest is an excellent platform for growing your business and bringing people back to your site.

These WordPress Tools can help you grow your business

Top WordPress Plugins For Pinterest

Monarch WordPress Plugin 


Monarch, a robust social media plugin, includes Pinterest sharing buttons and buttons to more than 20 other social media sites. To make sharing easy and printing, put your Pinterest buttons in sides of banners and pop-ups.

You can place the Pinterest button on images or other visual media. However, the plugin is very careful. It doesn’t display the button until the user hovers over it.

It ensures that the media doesn’t get blocked, and users are only prompted to share the image when they express an interest.

By using a shortcode, this plugin lets you incorporate Pinterest buttons on any page of your site. You can customize the shape, colour and hover effects of your Pinterest buttons with its customization options.


  • You can customize the shape, colour, hover effect, and size of your Pinterest button.
  • This button can be used to access more than 20 social accounts.
  • Shortcodes are available to add Pinterest buttons from anywhere
  • When hovered over images, Pinterest buttons appear automatically

Verdict: Monarch is an excellent choice for those who have a large or established Pinterest following. You might want to consider a no-cost option such as Social Warfare if you are just beginning to utilize Pinterest to promote your site.

Pricing: $89/year for Yearly Access; $249 once-off fee for Lifetime Access

Social Warfare WordPress Plugin

social warfare wordpress plugin

Social Warfare is a popular WordPress social media plugin.  social networks. It comes with every feature you require to develop a robust Pinterest marketing plan and increase the number of people who follow you on other social media networks.

Social Warfare, like Monarch, allows you to add Pinterest buttons to any page on your website by using shortcodes. You can also add sticky Pinterest sharing buttons to your website that will follow users as they scroll down, making it easy to share your content.

This plugin is simple, but it’s a great choice. It allows you to add Pinterest buttons both above and below your content, just like Monarch. It doesn’t have the ability to show Pinterest buttons on hover like Monarch, and it is unless you upgrade the Pro version.


  • Shortcodes are available to add Pinterest buttons from anywhere.
  • Other top platforms like Facebook and Twitter have social buttons.
  • There is no image hover.
  • If you upgrade to Pro, there are no customization options.

Verdict: Social Warfare’s essential features and low price make it an excellent choice for anyone just starting a site or looking to expand their Pinterest presence. You can upgrade to Social Warfare Pro as your site grows and gain access to additional functionalities.

Pricing: Free

GS Pins WordPress Plugin

gs plugins

GS Pins is a plugin that allows you to display a whole board on your website. Pins can be shown in plain or with links beneath them. You can also display pins in pop-up formats. You can add a Pinterest follow link and a Pinterest profile picture on any of the widget areas.

This plugin is excellent for visually-oriented websites that showcase your creative work. The plugin can be used to display your “Pinterest Portfolio”, so if your Pinterest board has a portfolio of your work, this plugin would be perfect.

This plugin is extremely effective and lets you customize CSS to any webpage.


  • Ability to display pins on any board or user.
  • Shortcodes are available to add Pinterest boards anywhere on your website.
  • Widgets are available to display a single pin or a Pinterest board.
  • Gutenberg optimized with a dedicated block.

Verdict: GS Pins is a great, free option for website owners both new and experienced. It is possible to use it at any point in the setup of your website.

However, it is an excellent fit for those who already have a Pinterest account and want to display existing pins on their site. It is a perfect option for creatives who have a Pinterest portfolio.

Pricing: Free

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

pinterest automatic

Pinterest Automatic Pin does precisely as it says: It automatically pins images from blog posts to your Pinterest account without any intervention from you.

This tool is extremely useful in scaling a Pinterest marketing strategy. This plugin automatically detects images in your blog posts and allows you to choose which ones to pin to your Pinterest board.

Your posts are automatically linked to all pins, increasing traffic. The limit is not set to your number of images you can pin.. You can set the default text and choose a default board. You can also select which pictures to pin per post.


  • Ability to queue images automatically for pinning.
  • You can choose which images you want to pin from this post.
  • Pins can be automatically linked back to blog posts.
  • Ability to select a default pinboard.

Verdict: Pinterest Automatic Pin can be a great tool to distribute your content on Pinterest. Although Pinterest Automatic Pin is not the best tool to add Pinterest buttons to your website, it can be helpful for anyone who wants to share their posts on social media.

This plugin would help a lot If you’re a regular blogger or are planning to establish a blog in the near future.

Pricing: $21 one-off fee

Weblizar Pin It WordPress plugin for Pinterest

weblizer pin it

Weblizar Pin It plugin is lightweight for adding a Pinterest “Pin It” button to users images. It is possible to have the settings changed to ensure that the button is visible on both posts and pages.

To ensure that your website’s user experience is flawless regardless of device, you can disable the “Pin It” button on mobile. It’s not difficult However, don’t be fooled by it.

The plugin allows you to change the button’s size and colour. This option is available in Monarch, which is the most powerful on this list. However, if you disable the “Pin It” button on mobile, you may limit your content’s reach across social platforms.

This plugin can also be used to pin your posts to your Pinterest boards manually. We recommend Pinterest Automatic Pin (number 4 in this list) if you want to automate this task.


  • Capability to pin an image hover by clicking the “Pin It” button.
  • Ability to display the Pinterest button on pages and posts.
  • You have the option to change the colour and size of your button.
  • Option to hide the “Pin It” button on your mobile device.

Verdict: If you are just starting to build your Pinterest strategy, the plugin is a fantastic option to add to your toolbox. It’s easy to set up and requires minimal investment, making it a perfect choice for anyone just starting on Pinterest.

After you have gained more followers, Monarch can be upgraded to a more powerful tool like it.

Pricing: Free

Easy social share buttons WordPress plugin 

easy social share

Easy social share buttons is a premium WordPress plugin for managing and growing Pinterest’s presence on and off your site. It is a fully featured social media plugin that allows you to increase your followers on other social networks.

It’s impressive for its Pinterest-specific features. The plugin automatically adds “Pin It” buttons to images on your pages and blog posts. You can also create shareable quotations that users can pin.

This feature isn’t offered in any other way.  If you want quotes from your blog to be pinnable, this plugin is for you.

You have the option to customize your buttons with five styles, thirty animations and over fifty templates. You can also alter the size of the buttons and align


  • Capability to pin an image hover by clicking the “Pin It” button.
  • There are many customization options available for Pinterest buttons. These include colour, animation and size.
  • This button can be used to access more than 50 social accounts.
  • Included a “share counter”, which shows how popular you are on the platform.

Verdict: Easy Social Share Buttons have the same functionalities as Monarch but at a lower price.

It’s a great option for any person with already created a Pinterest account, no matter if they’re novice or experience. You can also grow your presence on other social media platforms.

Pricing: $22 one-off fee

Sassy Social Share WordPress Plugin

sassy social share

Pinterest buttons can be added to your website with the help of this plugin. Like Easy Social Share Buttons and Monarch, Sassy Social Share allows you to modify the button’s appearance by changing its size, colour, and shape.

You can change the URL of your Pinterest buttons, and you can add a counter that shows how popular your content is on the social network.

This plugin does not allow users to add a “Pin It” button to an image that they hover over. If you have a Pinterest button below or above the blog post, Pinterest will choose the featured image to pin. It is one possible workaround.


  • Numerous icon customization options available to match paid tools.
  • Pinterest Official Button Design Included.
  • Ability to add a Pinterest share counter.
  • There is no “Pin It!” button in the image hover.

Verdict: A sassy social share is a free tool that offers many Pinterest-friendly features. It is sure to appeal to experienced and new website owners. It will be a matter of whether you like the front-end buttons and the backend experience.

Pricing: Free

PI Button WordPress Plugin 

pi button

PI Button WordPress plugin is for Pinterest Button allows you to add a “Pin It” button to images on your pages or blog posts. It’s a straightforward plugin that is available for no cost.

A Pinterest follow button and a Pinterest board can be added to common WordPress widget areas like the sidebar or footer.

Like the other options, PI Button allows you to change the button’s shape, colour, and size. It also gives you access to shortcodes you can use on your website page to add a Pinterest profile or pinboard widget.

The plugin’s most notable feature is its latest Pinterest feed. To generate engagement for your pins, you can create a feed.


  • Pinterest buttons can be customized in colour, shape and size.
  • Shortcodes are available to add Pinterest widgets and buttons anywhere.
  • Display a feed of the latest pins.
  • Click the “Pin it” button when hovering over an image.

Verdict: PI Button for a free price is a powerful tool. It offers a variety of widgets and customization options that will allow website owners to increase their Pinterest engagement.

Pricing: Free

Pinterest to WordPress Plugin

pinterest to wordpress

Pinterest to WordPress Plugin is an excellent method to link your Pinterest account to the website. It allows you to showcase your Pinterest boards as well as Pins to your site.

It also lets you use its options for customization to change its width, height and padding for the Pinterest galleries.

You may also manage the content you wish to show on your site. The plugin provide you the choice to detach images you would like to keep off the site. There are two options to connect your pins.

You can show the popups on your website or directly connect them to Your Pinterest account.

Beyond that, you can also create and show an unlimited number of galleries. Choose between 30 different backgrounds. Use the colour picker to match the gallery’s colour to your site and more.

Shared Counts WordPress Plugin

shared count plugin

Shared Counts is a completely free WordPress plugin that allows you to integrate stunning social share plugins into your site. The plugin provides eight different social networks to select from.

You can choose the one you like and then add your site to stimulate your visitors to post content on social media.

The plugin comes with several styles for your buttons. You can select the one that best fits to compliment your website’s style.

Over 4000 people have downloaded the plugin. With Shared Counts, you’ll not have to compromise the speed of your site since it’s been optimized to speed up your website.

To Increase Your Pinterest following Use Pinterest Plugin

A Pinterest plugin is essential if you want to increase your Pinterest traffic and expand your presence. A Pinterest plugin can automatically make posts and images pinnable and optimize your WordPress website to increase engagement.

A plugin allows you to tap into Pinterest’s vast user base and drive them to your site, thereby helping you gain more clients.

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