How to Properly Add Photo Credits in WordPress?

Last updated on November 18th, 2021 at 03:29 pm

Recently, one of our readers contacted us regarding how to include image credits in WordPress properly.
Photo credits can be used to inform users about the creator of the image you are making use of on your website. It shows respect and helps you avoid legal problems.

In the above article, we’ll learn how to add photo credits to WordPress. We will also discuss why it’s essential and the consequences of having it not done.

When and Why Include Photo Credits in Post?

The photo can be extremely captivating and can help your blog posts look appealing visually. However, you can’t take any image you find on the internet and then add the image to the blog post.

Every image you view that is available online is covered under copyright laws. You can only utilize them only with the consent from the person who owns the copyright.

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Sometimes, artists and photographers publish works under licences that permit other people to use their photos. But, in most cases, these licenses require that you give credit to the creator of the image.

Why Adding Photo Credit is Important?

Every image available on the internet is protected by copyright laws, including those you can’t find a copyright notice. Therefore, you cannot make use of them on your site without the owner’s permission.

Suppose the photo author explicitly states that their work may be used under licenses such as creative commons. In that case, you have to include credit to the image and provide an appropriate acknowledgement of the original work.

It is crucial to properly credit photos to ensure compliance with copyright laws and not infringe on someone else’s rights.

It’s a sign of respect for others’ work and their creativity. It also helps you avoid legal liability and legal problems resulting from infringement of copyright and intellectual property rights laws.

What Are The Result of Not Giving Photo Credits?

Many people believe that the web is big, and nobody will even be aware that they’ve taken the image with no permission.

It was the case when it was possible to get away with the theft of images, but things are rapidly changing.

There’s an entire profession of lawyers who are focused on recovering copyright claims for photos. They employ software to reverse search images to send out bulk cease messages and demand letters for settlement.

We have several businesses and entrepreneurs who’ve spent hundreds of dollars on damages to get a single image.

If you’re committed to growing your business online, you should be aware of copyright laws right from the start.

Copyright laws are globally applicable. It means that they are applicable regardless of where the original creator resides.

As we have mentioned, the most significant consequence is that you may be sued for violating copyright laws. Legal issues could cost you a substantial amount of money and could ruin your website and its credibility.

Copyright laws can also applicable to such company such as web hosting companies and Google.

The original owner of the copyright can make a DMCA lawsuit against the site to search engines, forcing them to take down the content from their results of searches.

You can also request your hosting company to remove the image, in which, in this case, they are legally bound to ask to take down the photo. Certain companies might shut down your account and then inform you at a later date.

How to Properly Add Photo Credits in WordPress

WordPress allows you to include Photo credit below a photo easily. Here’s how you can add Photo credit within WordPress without having to install any additional plugin.

The first step is to add the photo to your post or page in WordPress. Insert an image block in the editor of contents, then hit on the upload button. You can then choose the image you have downloaded from your PC.


You can also choose a photo that you have previously uploaded by clicking the button for the media library.

When you choose one of the images, they will show up in the editor for your post. Under the image, you’ll find an option to write the caption’.

write caption

Captions are used to describe an image or photo. Captions can also be used to provide credit for the photo and properly acknowledge the copyright owner.

format caption credit

You may also add credit for the image or text in the caption field. Certain copyright holders may require that you include an external link to the source.

You need to click the Insert Link button and include the link in your original document if they do.

When you are done, you can proceed and save your modifications.

How to Find the Photo Credit and License Information

Most images you’ll see on the internet don’t include license information. It means that you do not need permission for using the photos.

There are numbers of sites at which you may locate images for you to make use. However, some websites will require you to give attribution or credit for the photo.

The above details is present on the page for downloaded images. It is, for instance, the way Flickr provides the details on licensing on the image page.

flickr license

Click on the link to get more details about the license. It will also explain the conditions for giving credit and how you can accomplish that.


How to Avoid Giving Photo Credits in WordPress

You must carefully study the license to know the requirements to credit the photo.

Many of these licenses need you to give a hyperlink back to the source.

Linking to the photographer’s site or the image is an issue. In the majority of cases, it’s not pertinent to the actual information on your site. This could lead to visitors leaving your site and never returning.

It is why we advise making use of royalty-free stock photo websites.

These websites collect images, photos and illustrations that don’t need image credit. These images can also be used as images on websites for businesses.

The following are our top picks for stock photo sites that are free:

Unsplash is a huge collection of royalty-free images well-organized in tags and categories.
Pixabay is one of the biggest and most sought-after photographs and images that are licensed-free
Public Domain Archive – A collection of photographs and images accessible under the public domain
Picjumbo – A different large collection of royalty-free photos
The New Old Stock – A collection of photographs from the past which are now available in the public domain

The issue with stock images is that they are used already on a variety of websites. You also require to select the perfect image for your article.

Using your photos and images is the best way to fix this problem. The problem with is that most people aren’t graphic artists .

There are many websites that let you quickly create images to put on your site. The image editors have drag-and-drop tools and pre-designed templates that provide you with a great start.

These are many of the finest digital tools for editing images, especially for newcomers.

Canva – A simple graphic design tool that is easy for novices to design custom banners, logos, images, banners charts, infographics, and much more.
Piktochart – A simple tool for creating stunning charts, banners, and presentations and graphs
Pablo– Lets you design stunning graphics for social media and blogs.
PicMonkey – Another simple and user-friendly image for bloggers

We hope that this article has helped you to learn how to include Photo Credit on WordPress and the reasons why it’s crucial.

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