Best News Online Aggregator Websites & How to Build.

Last updated on April 4th, 2022 at 08:55 pm

Do you want to be able to access all the latest news from your favourite blogs in one place?  If yes then news online aggregator websites might be the right choice for you. These websites display the most recent content from all your favourite websites on a single page.

You can access all of your blog and news updates in one place.

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In this article we would display our most picks for news online aggregator sites to use in 2021. This article will share our picks for the best news aggregator websites to use in 2021.

What is News Online Aggregator?

News aggregator sites allow users to view news from multiple sources in one place. They retrieve the data and organize it into tags/categories to make it easier to consume.

They can be viewed as a collection of news and updates, presented according to users’ preferences.

News online aggregators make it easy to find the new article without vising to various sites. Instead, you can find all of the content in one place.

There are many types of content aggregators available on the internet. Some are similar to Google News, which gathers articles from online newspapers and displays them in related categories.

Feedly is another alternative that offers a more personal experience. You can create your feed and collaborate with selected publishers.

News aggregators rarely publish their content. They use RSS feeds to fetch articles from other websites, which is why they are also called feed readers.

So let us go at few of the top news online aggregator sites.



Feedly is one of the top favorite news online aggregator websites on the net. You can create your news stream with the latest content from your favourite publishers.

This platform allows you to subscribe to content on a variety of subjects. Their content suggestion engine allows you to find new websites based on specific topics.

Feedly comes in free and paid options. Feedly’s free plan allows you to subscribe to 100 different sources and create up to three personal feeds.

Feedly can be used in the browser or downloaded as a mobile application or extension for your browser.

Google News

google news

Google News is a news aggregator that uses Google’s advanced search technologies, AI and the user’s search history. It will show you the top news stories that are relevant to your geographic location by default.

It provides the most recent news and updates on local, regional and international business, technology and entertainment, and science and health news.

To personalize your feed, you can save topics, searches, and sources.

Google News is a news aggregator you can use on the internet, your Android and iOS devices.

Bing News or Yahoo News are good alternatives if you’re searching other than Google.



AllTop aggregates blog articles and news from some of the most popular sites like TechCrunch and Mashable, BBC and CNN. It displays and curates content in real-time.

There are different categories for politics and tech news and sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and business. Clicking on these categories will bring up the most popular stories and the top stories from related sources.

It also features the most recent news and a viral category that showcases viral content.


news 360

News360 is one the most widely used news aggregator apps online. You can search for news from all over the world and also stories that are relevant to your interests. It is a significant substitute Google News or Feedly.

Signing up for News360 allows you to choose the topics that interest you and display the most recent content. It will give you a well article flood straight out of the box. You can further customize it by adding or subtracting topics and sources.

News360 allows you to access the latest news from more than 100,000 reliable sources online.

News360 may be accessed via Android devices, iOS and your browser.



Panda is a different news aggregator than the others. It aggregates applicable content for web developers, web designers and entrepreneurs. It pulls together content from Wired, Behance, TechCrunch, Dribble and other similar websites.

Panda is a niche news aggregator that displays news in a more engaging format, allowing you to discover the most relevant content. The smart grid of thumbnails is the content feed for sources such as Dribble and Awwwards.



Techmeme is an online news aggregator site. It features top technology stories from reliable sources such as TechCrunch and Wired.

This homepage includes the latest tech news, sponsors posts, jobs and information about upcoming events. You can switch between the River view to get updates as they happen or the Leaderboard view that displays content by topic.

If someone searching for an simple way of staying update with technology  content can use Techmeme.



Flipboard allows you to create your very own blog aggregator site. You can find a variety of topics there, including tech news, business news and beauty news.

Flipboard can also be used as a local news source because it provides feeds for nearly all cities around the globe.

Flipboard’s magazine-style layout is stunning and includes interactive options for liking, commenting, and sharing content across social media accounts.

Flipboard can be accessed via a browser, iOS devices. and mobile apps for Android.



Pocket is another news aggregator that permit you to search the top favorite article on the internet. You can also save the content to create your reading area.

Pocket contains a variety of content types, including videos and articles from many publications. There are many content categories, including trending, finance, tech, health, and finance. It allows for simple browsing.

You can save content for later reading on the move, and it’s available both as browser extensions and mobile apps.



Inoreader is an excellent alternative to Feedly and a powerful feed-reader program. Inoreader is available on the web, iOS and Android devices. It allows you to add favourite websites to your favorites or find new blogs to subscribe to.

You can arrange, rearrange and display content in a variety of layouts and colours with this tool.

You can import subscriptions from a newsreader you already use. You can also manage subscriptions in topics and bundles as your reading list grows.

Honourable Mentions

It is our current list of news online aggregators that you should follow! There are many other news aggregators. These are honourable mentions that you might want to look at.

How to Create a News Aggregator Site with WordPress

These news aggregator websites can be beneficial and are still very much in demand. You may simply earn cash on the internet by selling advertisements, sponsorship,  subscriptions and by creating a news portal.

It’s great that you will be curating content instead of creating it yourself. Your users would benefit from highly valuable information sourced from top sources.

Let us  focus on the methods include in making your news online aggregator website.

Step 1 # Set up Your News Aggregator website

Either you can use other website builders to create a news aggregator website or write your code. For beginners with little programming knowledge, both of these options can be pretty challenging.

WordPress is the finest ways to complete this. is one type of WordPress website, while is another. is the best choice because it allows you to be fully independent and flexible.

For more information, please see our guide to the differences between and

You would require a web hosting account and domain name to get begin with

A domain name usually is \$14.99/year, and a WordPress hosting plan is \$7.99/month. You can also add $69.99 per year, as all websites require SSL. It is quite a large sum.

Bluehost has arranged to give our customers a discount on hosting, along with a free domain and a free SSL certificate. You can get started starting at $2.75 per month.

To make the purchase please go to the Bluehost website.

Step 2 # Install the WP RSS Aggregator plugin and activate it.

Once you have set up your WordPress website, it is time to activate and install the WP RSS Aggregator plugin. You may discover additional details in our step-by-step guide to set up a plugin.

WP RSS Aggregator plugin is the finest plugin for turning a site into a article aggregator. You can display RSS feeds, merge and import directly from your WordPress website.

To configure the plugin settings, go to RSS Aggregator >> Settings on your dashboard after activation.

wp re aggregator setting

While the default settings should work on most websites, it is essential to check and make any changes if necessary.

Step 3 # Include Feed Sources to Import Feed Items

Your site may now display news feeds. Simply add the news sources you wish to display to your website.

WP RSS Aggregator allows you to fetch and display content from any website with an RSS feed. Many news and blog websites use an RSS feed.

Go to RSS Aggregator >> FeedSources page on your site dashboard and hit the Add New button.

add new feed source wprsaggregator

You may then include your feed source. You will need to insert the URL of the feed source site.

Next, enter the feed source URL. You can enter the URL of your website in most cases.

To verify the RSS feed validity, you can click the “Validate feed” link located below the URL field.

feed validation service

You may post feed source if the url is recognized.

Once the process is complete, the plugin will instantly bring in feed element(depending on the feed preparing interval).

Go to RSS Aggregator >> Feed Item to see all imported feed items.

wp rss feed aggregator feed items

Then, you can continue the process to add additional feed sources to your site.

Step 4 # Post your Article Aggregator Exist

When you retain bring in feed elements, you may now post the aggregated content live to your site.

To post your article feed, create a new post or page. Next, hit on the Add New Block symbol to select the WP RSS Aggregator Block from Widgets.

add wp rss aggregator block in post

Once you have done that, the plugin will load your WordPress feed automatically.

rss news feed added post

You may now post your page and see your article feed live. It is how it looks on the demo website.

rss news feed site demo

Step 5 # Addition additional attributes to your Article Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator allows you to include additional attributes and functionality to your article -aggregator with the special add-on. The available add-on can be viewed by visiting RSS Aggregator >> Additional Features in your dashboard.

wp rss aggregator plugin addons

This add-on permit you to import feed elements like posts in WordPress and make a fresh aggregator site with numerous additional attributes. You can add this functionality to each feed item, content with the Feed to Post plugin.

You may display excerpts with feeds and post thumbnails. You can add this feature to the Excerpts & Thumbnails plugin.

You can find detailed information about the plugin’s advanced features in our guide to fetching feeds using WordPress RSS Aggregator.

The above article will help you find the top news online aggregator sites and how to create in WordPress. You may also be interested in our guide to optimizing your RSS feed if you are a content producer. It will allow you to acquire additional visitors from fresh websites that display your feed.

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