Best Free Mysql Alternative For Your Website.

Last updated on April 5th, 2022 at 09:49 pm

MySQL has grown to become one of the most popular databases engines on the planet. It’s also is supported by most web hosting companies across the world as standard. But, in some cases, your first choice isn’t always the best.

In the article, you’ll find out the top free RDBMS alternatives to MySQL Server, what they have in common, what makes them different, and in what situations you should pick one over either.

There are a lot of options for Relational Database Management System.

There are many alternatives in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) in the market.

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stems (RDBMS) available on the market. Certain are focused on specific areas, while others intend to become a complete replacement. MySQL is most likely to be the most well-known selection, but it’s just one of the options.

Databases are relational remain at the core of different kinds of applications. Helping you choose the best option for your specific needs Below, we have listed five outstanding alternatives to your MySQL Server.



It is described as an improved drop-in replacement in the MySQL Database Management System. It is a fork of MySQL created by the MariaDB Foundation and is managed by the original developers of MySQL.

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In the end, MySQL and MariaDB are similar, and they share identical directory structures and syntax and the same performance.

However, MariaDB has a variety of powerful inbuilt functions and a variety of usability, security and performance enhancements that are not available in MySQL.

Apart from the standard engine supported by MySQL, users will use numerous other databases for particular applications.

MariaDB is now the primary database distribution on various Linux operating systems and is gaining popularity at the moment. MariaDB is getting features comparable to what enterprises require, such as hot backups, encryption, and compatibility with proprietary databases.

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MariaDB is an offshoot of MySQL which means that the structure and the indexes of MariaDB are precisely the same as the ones in MySQL. It means that your programs will function even if you switch to another database so that the structured database doesn’t have to be changed.

MariaDB Team is working hard to make sure that MariaDB can replace MySQL in all current program effortlessly.

One of the goals for MariaDB will be to make it entirely compatible with MySQL, which means that you’ll be able to close your existing MySQL server, transfer the data folder onto the MariaDB installation, then boot it up.

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It is possible to run mysqldump of your current MySQL database and then use the results to transfer all of your data into MariaDB.



PostgreSQL, commonly called “Postgres,” is an open-source object-relational management system for databases (ORDBMS). It is an open-source database system, released with its licence.

Since its inception, PostgreSQL has aimed to offer a robust and feature-rich SQL capable storage. Postgres boasts as “the top advanced open-source relational database in the world. MySQL, however, has made some concessions for its performance in the early days.

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If you are considering PostgreSQL as an alternative to MySQL, replacement performance shouldn’t be an issue. There are no significant differences.

Additionally, each platform is wholly equipped to replicate. So, it’s worthwhile to look at the other benefits of Postgres as opposed to MySQL.

MySQL is a strictly relationship-based database (RDBMS), and Postgres is an object-relational database (ORDBMS).

It implies that Postgres contains functions that aren’t available in MySQL However, they may be crucial to specific applications. Furthermore, Postgres also adheres more strictly to SQL specifications.

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Postgres can support a range of sophisticated data types that aren’t found in MySQL.

Additionally, PostgreSQL is extensible. You can include your operators, datatypes or index kinds. Also, it does not only store information about columns and tables but allows you to specify the data type, index type, along functional languages.

To convert data from MySQL to PostgreSQL, it is possible to use the pgloader. It’s a database migration tool to transfer data to PostgreSQL, making the process simple and durable. pgloader can handle migrations from various databases, including MySQL, MS SQL, and SQLite.

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But, remember that for straightforward and read-intensive workflows, Postgres might be a more suitable alternative to MySQL.



It is an open-source relational database which provide a wide range of ANSI SQL standard features. 

It’s an outstanding concurrency platform, high-performance and solid support for languages for triggers and stored procedures. The most current Firebird version includes support for built-in replication.

Firebird is perfect for embedding it in an application, but it can also be highly effective on an independent server with higher data quantities. It’s super-fast, compact and straightforward.

Firebird frequently gets compared to PostgreSQL, which is much larger in size, even though it is almost identical in capabilities.

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Why is Firebird is not as well-known as MySQL? The answer is straightforward. When the internet server and web applications boomed, Firebird wasn’t ready to become a database for web servers backend.

MySQL was placed in the correct place at the perfect time. In a short time, every ISP was equipped with PHP or MySQL support, which was when the LAMP platform was accepted.

Like most times, the first to enter a market is quick to take it over, making it difficult for other companies to steal this market share.

The main Firebird benefits in comparison to MySQL are:

  • Firebird is actually a completely open and democratic project that is driven by the community. MySQL belongs to Oracle.
  • Firebird is a reliable application. There are no corruption issues with tables or indexes, as often happens in MySQL.
  • Firebird’s database is one file that has a .fdb extension. It’s therefore easy to transfer or backup your databases by zipping or moving the file.
  • Firebird is a small installation program. It can work in embedded mode. So, installation of a server is not necessary when working using local files.

This means that it can be declared that Firebird is an option to MySQL

Microsoft SQL Server Express


It is well-known that Microsoft makes available SQL Server Express, the Linux version of the popular RDBMS databases, SQL Server. SQL Server Express edition is a version for free that includes SQL Server. 

This is an important that we provide this information for Linux users, since they can now use MS SQL Server on top of the Linux system.

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Microsoft SQL Server Express is the basic, free database that is perfect for developing small-scale server data-driven desktop applications. It is also employed in production.

SQL Server Express retail wide connection with SQL Server Management, Visual Web Developer and Visual Studio, permitting for a simple and rich table and query designer. It could be the ideal choice for anyone who works within Microsoft’s Microsoft environment.

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The issue is that SQL Server Express comes with a few technical restrictions which are not suitable for deployments of large scale. It is essential to be conscious of these limitations

  • The size of database can be 10 GB.
  • Tools not supported to their full potential
  • No support is provided for high availability configurations
  • There is no support available for disaster configurations for recovery
  • Support for tuning performance tools is limited. 
  • There is no support for encryption or compression
  • SQL Server Agent is not available

As you can see, there are some significant limitations. Therefore, you may ask, what is the reason anyone would ever use it? The simple answer is that It is designed for those with low budget requirements because SQL Server Express is completely free to download and distribute, as well as use.

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So, it is essential to be aware of the factors before selecting SQL Server Express as a MySQL alternative.



SQLite is an independent, serverless administration system for databases. It is an unconfigured database, and, as with other databases, it doesn’t have to configure it on your system.

SQLite can be described as a light open-source database that doesn’t need an installation or server. The word “light” in SQLite refers to its lightweight in terms of installation management, database administration, and resource requirements.

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Despite its simplicity, it’s loaded with features that are popular in databases management systems.

The normal SQLite database is housed in one file on disk storage. It contains all database objects (tables views, triggers and more.) within that file.

Supported datatype is an essential distinction in MySQL and SQLite. SQLite is the only one that has five primitive kinds of data: NULL REAL, INTEGER, TEXT and BLOB.

However, MySQL is a lot more adaptable. It can handle various data types, such as diverse numeric types, dates and times, and string types.

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One of the most significant disadvantages of SQLite in its role as a MySQL substitute is its absence of multi-user features. With MySQL, multiple users can be created with various permissions; however, SQLite managing users isn’t an option and is therefore not available.

Another major drawback of SQLite is the way it handles write operations. SQLite can only handle only one connection. It can create a massive limitation for applications that require the use of concurrency.

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As we have mentioned, SQLite is serverless, where as MySQL isn’t. So, if you’re concerned about portability, then go with SQLite. But, if you need an actual concurrency level or need more security levels and managing permissions for users, MySQL wins over SQLite.


As with other IT solutions, the most popular option may not be the most effective option. It is best if you select the better choice for your needs.

We hope that this article provided you with detailed information about the databases mentioned that will assist you in making an informed choice.

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Are you aware of any other free RDBMS alternatives to MySQL that you believe could have been on the list? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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