Long Domain Names Vs. Short Domain Names: Which is Best?

Last updated on November 18th, 2021 at 10:30 pm

Are you considering creating a new site or changing the name of the one you have already got? You might be thinking long domain name is best or short domain name. This page was created to answer that question and put people on the proper path in deciding on the best website domain for your brand new website.

Before you decide on a new domain, go through this article to determine if the short or a longer domain name will be the best choice for you. We consider factors that affect user experiences, such as SEO and user experience metrics.

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We also discuss general best practices you must consider when selecting the right website domain.

What Is A Domain Name?

Domain names are the names people enter into Google (along with the TLD specification) to locate your site online. For instance when you type any URL in the browser, you will jump on that website. This will be our domain’s name. Like an address on paper, it is we can be found on the internet.

In the US, there will be unlimited of options available for domain name registrars. If you’re deciding the name you’d like for your new site you can buy the domain name from an online domain name registry.

It is important to note that once you’ve purchased this domain, you can transfer it from the entity you bought it from and then to the organization that hosts your website.

In general, domain names are affordable to purchase and register. The domain name owner pays an annual renewal fee to maintain their domain. The annual fee for renewals will vary based upon whether you pick a .net, .org or  .com etc.

The top-level domain specification of your TLD will determine the amount of your annual renewal costs. Based on your TLD, the annual renewal costs vary from $5 up to $100plus.

Short Domain Names Benefits

Are you wondering why you should select the short domain name for your business? Short domain name typically have fifteen characters and fewer. They can consist of two, one, or three words. They are generally easier to remember than long domain names.

It means that if you promote your domain name on various media, such as radio, print, social TV, etc., it’s much easier for the user to remember and type in the domain name into their browsers.

Domain with short domain names are easy to remember and usually means that you will build the brand’s recognition faster than a domain with a long name. Suppose you receive corporate business cards, t-shirts or even stickers that are made along the line.

They are additionally much simpler to print and consume less space. Customers are more likely to remember the company’s names and enter them into a search engine or Google with a brand name search.

Long Domain Names Benefits

If you’re thinking of using a long domain name, it could be an excellent idea! Long domain names offer numerous advantages which shorter names don’t provide.

In the first place, you’re allowed to use your complete brand name, which is helpful for those with a long company name. Additionally, with the massive quantity of domain names registered by 2021, there’s more chance you’ll be able to obtain the domain name you’d like.

In 2021, there aren’t any domain names that have at least four characters available for sale. For instance, we would have loved to register the domain name askjitendrakumar.com.

However, given the name had already been registered to an existing company, we had to register askjitendrakumar.com. If you choose to register a longer domain name, the likelihood of obtaining a brand name you’d like to have is higher than with an earlier domain name.

One of the least-known advantages of registering a longer domain name is that you’re in a position to include your targeted keywords within these domain names. In 2021, websites that contain the keywords they want to rank for are still given a preference on the results pages for search engines.

For instance, if you were to register your domain name as “brandname+service.com”, it would be easier to rank than just a brand name. By adding your keywords to your URL, you’re providing Google with an idea of what they see on your site.

Are Keywords Important in Your Domain Name?

We have touched on this before. Let me reiterate this idea. By 2021, websites with keywords in their URLs will be given a higher ranking on search engines’ results pages. The Exact Match Domains or Partial Match Domains are domains with the entire or a portion of your keyword in part of the name. For example:

If your website were “roofrepairs.com”, this would be considered an exact match domain. If your website name was “dansroofrepairs.com”, this is considered a partial match domain.

Through the years, Google has evolved to put less emphasis on exact and partial match domains. Some within the SEO community argue that the exact and partial match domains don’t affect the rankings or positions. In 2021, we’re here to prove that they’re entirely incorrect.

A simple search of keywords such as “SEO Sydney” will show the vast number of companies that benefit from a domain with an exact match. A majority of companies that appear on the first page of Google are because they contain the entire or a portion of the wording in the domain’s name.

If they tried to duplicate the same outcome using a domain name that does not contain an exact keyword or a partial one, they would be able to replicate the same result.

Informally in the sense that Google released an upgrade in 2012, which was designed to limit the ability for precise matches domains (EMDs) to be ranked in search results that have competitive terms. The distinction between websites with an SEO is good vs websites that have an exact or partial match in their domain names.

Should I choose an Long domain name or a Short Domain Name?

We recommend that you select the domain name that represents the goods or services you offer and strive to make it as brief as you can. If you can choose the domain with your name as a brand and an expression that refers to the service or product you provide and that’s our suggestion.

Long domain names, compared to short domain names argument, continue to be a hot topic in the SEO community and the larger web development communities. With the number of domain names registered over the past decade, identifying an appropriate name is becoming more challenging.

Select something likely to be simple for customers to remember, and one that is simple to remember should be employed in different forms of advertising.

It is recommended to think of five or ten possible domain names you could consider using and then running them through an appropriate group of people like employees, friends or family members to get an objective opinion.

Don’t be caught up in the long vs shorter domain names. Just because a domain’s name is shorter does not necessarily make it more memorable. Pick a domain name representing the goods or services you’ll be selling and then build on that.

Final Thought

A long or a short domain name is not the sole determinant of your SEO performance in 2021 and beyond. In the past five years, we’ve helped companies use complete match and partial match, but not a match for long domain names and short domain names to get extraordinary results through SEO.

Building a solid foundation for your website and structure is more crucial than picking a domain name. As time passes in the future, we anticipate that exact and partial match domains will play a lesser impact on Google’s search ranking algorithm.

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