Best Affiliate Link Cloaking WordPress Plugins in 2021.

Last updated on November 18th, 2021 at 03:21 pm

What happens if I call the URL an affiliate redirect? It sounds more appropriate; however, you’re probably wondering what exactly this is and why it’s so helpful.

Link cloaking or affiliate redirects is a commonly used tactic for developers and marketers to use when they want to direct visitors to other websites. It assists them in monitoring the traffic flowing from their website to an affiliate’s site and helps them establish trust with their intended audience.

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Find out the basics of link cloaking, including what and why you should consider using it on your site. We’ll then provide a listing of the top affiliate link cloaking tools available on WordPress.

What exactly is affiliate link cloaking?

Link cloaking refers to the process of hiding a URL through the setting up of a URL redirect. It reduces the length of the URL and alters the brand name, so it’s more easily tracked and looks more credible for the person who clicks it.

Here’s a simple illustration.

We’ve begun a website selling hosting service. Because we’re just beginning our journey, we chose to use a 3rd party vendor to assist us in selling and provide the services. Although we sell services on our site, customers must visit hosting company to buy the service.

If we didn’t employ link cloaking, the Link to our site could be something like:

It’s messy, difficult to recall, and it might deter potential buyers who are uncertain about the direction this Link could take them.

Now, using link copying, our URL might be something like:

Simple, clean, and you know that you can trust this because it contains the domain’s name in it.

Reasons to Use Affiliate Link Cloaking

here are some of the top benefits of using link cloaking in order to protect your website.

Link cloaking helps build trust among your website’s visitors.

If I’ve got a URL on a page for a service that leads you to Hostinger, You might not hesitate to click it. Why should you? Hostinger is a highly regarded third-party retailer, and lots of people know about the brand.

But, if I weren’t using Hostinger and instead linked users to a third-party seller that you don’t recognize, you may hesitate to click my Link. Since you’re not sure where that link will take you, it could compromise your personal information’s security.

With the help of link cloaking, you can make a URL that appears secure for your customers. Instead of seeing a weird URL that contains several letters attached at the end of it, you can create a link that has your domain’s name and your product’s names at the bottom of your URL.

Link cloaking helps to trace outgoing traffic

When your site uses a link cloaking plugin, you’ll know who’s clicking your links and whether your affiliate redirects work. You may utilize the above data to get benefit for your marketing strategy.

For example, let us back to our hosting company. We have one product, such as the hosting service and one more service. We’re not sure what the public will prefer more, so we’ll employ link cloaking to determine which one is getting more attention. The Link that receives the highest amount of traffic is probably attracting the most attention from your audience.

Link cloaking boosts SEO and click-through rate.

Link cloaking can be beneficial for SEO because it assists in maintaining an equilibrium between external and internal links. If your site has excessive links that direct users to external websites, other search engines  and Google would rank your site lower.

Link cloaking also increases your click-through rate. If your links seem more credible and people know where they’re going, they will be more likely to click through your links. It could be an impact on the outcome of losing a client or concluding a deal.

Are you ready to start with link Cloaking? Let’s take a look at the most effective affiliate link cloaking tools available on WordPress.

Best Link Cloaking Plugins in WordPress

Pretty Links

Price: Free and premium plans are available

pritty links

Pretty Link is an all-around good plugin to cloak links. It’s simple to set up and has number of features to track and redirect links.

It can determine what number of times a click is made on a link and the number of clicks for each Link. This way, you don’t only know the number of times a click was made but how many people clicked the link in question.

It is also feasible to create different redirects. You can make your redirects permanent using a 302 redirect or change them to temporary using a 302 or 307 redirect.

One drawback to this plugin is that its “cloaked redirect” feature isn’t included in its free edition. However, you can create 301 redirects that effectively hide Affiliate links; it is advised that you upgrade to the Pro version if you wish to make use of the plugin’s feature for cloaking links natively.


Price: Free With premium also plans available


ThirstyAffiliates is among the most well-known link cloaking plugin that are available on WordPress. After installation, you’ll not have a complicated procedure to set up, and you simply need to select Add New and start redirecting links straight away.

The greatest thing with the above plugin is that it can integrate perfectly with editors in a visual format.

Like its link editor, this one is displayed in the form of a button in the toolbar. Simply click TA and then search for affiliate links using the name. Also, you can utilize Quick Add to create cloaked links. Quick Add button to create hyperlinks that are cloaked right within the editor’s visual.

Although ThirstyAffiliates provides a higher-end version of the plugin, it won’t be the best choice for WordPress users. Recent reviews revealed that some users were having difficulties connecting to the plugin’s support staff. If you’re brand new to WordPress and require assistance with setting up your site, you may want to consider a more user-friendly alternative that comes with a professional support team.

WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links

Price: Free


This WooCommerce Cloak Affiliate Links plugin was designed to disguise affiliate links in an online retailer. It’s simple, efficient, and is easy to install. You can create three different types of URL redirects, including 302, 301, and 307.

The unique feature that this plugin provides is the addition of a “Disallow” command to your robots.txt file. It stops robots, such as Google’s external links on your website, and is crucial for SEO.

The disadvantage of this particular plugin is it does not offer any tracking options. If you’re searching for a premium plugin with superior tracking abilities, you should consider an alternative in this list.

Simple URLs

Price: Free

Simple URLs is yet another free plugin that lets you make, manage, and monitor external links on your website. With this plugin, you can create cloaked links and reduce your existing Link to make them accessible to your current customers.

It’s implemented by adding a new post type to customize to your Admin menu rather than establishing a redirect based on a page. The benefit of this is that you’ll be able to avoid conflicting permalinks that could affect the search engine optimization of your website.

Although this is a fantastic plugin for link cloaking, it’s important to remember that this plugin has been deemed obsolete. That means you won’t be receiving updates from the team that developed it. If you experience problems with installation or compatibility, it is possible that you will not get a solution to overcome the obstacles.

Easy Affiliate Links

Price Free With premium also plans available

easy affiliate link

The Easy Affiliate link cloaking plugin is loaded with various options and tools that you can utilize to enhance the tracking of links on your website. The plugin is compatible with Gutenberg Block Editor and Classic Editor . It permit you to have track of each link on your website, remiss of whether they’re cloaked.

Unique characteristics of this plugin include auto-text disclaimers, short links, and the ability to give categories to your hyperlinks.

It is also possible to leave certain links uncloaked to ensure Amazon compatibility. The Associate Program of Amazon makes explicit that you shouldn’t use redirects or cloaked links to direct users to their website. It is essential to utilize a straight link directly from Amazon, or else you’ll be banned from Amazon. This feature will help you stay clear of any violation by allowing you to de-cloak certain links on your website.

One of the limitations to this plugin’s functionality is the fact that it’s under development. It means that you could see changes when the development team continues working on the plugin. Fortunately, the developing team offers the option to ask for a feature that lets you give them your input while they’re developing the plugin.

URL Shortener

Price: Free

url shortener

URL Shortener is specifically designed for marketers. It aids these teams to create easily shareable URLs for social media and email and word-of-mouth marketing.

The great thing with the tool is that the shortened and redirected load is extremely fast. Visitors won’t have to wait for a URL to load only to be redirected to another site. The redirection is quick and seamless for the front-end user.

The plugin also lets you conceal affiliate links, ensuring you get credit for purchases made through your website. In some instances, external sites may take credit for the sale if the buyer navigates directly to the website’s product page and bypasses the redirect URL. URL Shortener allows you to conceal referrer links, so you are always credited for any purchases made via your website.

One drawback of this plugin is that it doesn’t have an integrated widget to display on your bar, which means you cannot create redirect or shorter links directly in an editor’s view. It’s necessary to start the plugin and then create cloaked links using the main interface.

Auto Amazon Links

Price: Free

auto amazon link

We’ve mentioned before that Amazon has its own rules on the use of cloaked links. If you’re using Amazon to sell your goods, then you might consider checking out this plugin.

Auto Amazon Links is a tool that creates Amazon affiliate links that the Amazon Associates ID associates. Through these hyperlinks, you can show your product in an article without the need to install any shortcode. It is possible to showcase your items in a slider area of your blog post or in a sidebar that readers can scroll through.

If you aren’t using Amazon to market your products, You might be better off avoiding this plugin. The plugin doesn’t have many options available that are compatible or attractive to companies that do not belong to Amazon Associates.


Price: Free and premium plans are available

EasyAzon claims to be one of the quickest ways to create Amazon affiliate links from within your WordPress post editor. It has some of the features with the earlier plugin and is compatible with every Amazon affiliate site that is perfect for companies operating in many countries.

Additionally, you can access this plugin’s Amazon Affiliate instruction. It covers creating an efficient Amazon Affiliate website and tips to maximize profits from Amazon commissions, backlinking strategies, and the best way to conduct keyword research for your website.

It is important to remember that there are a limited number of options for support with this plugin. Some users have had issues with conflicting problems with other plugins using EasyAzon. If you’re a novice WordPress user or developer of websites, you may prefer a more straightforward plugin.


Price: Premium 

LinkTrackr is an excellent tool to prevent the theft of commissions from affiliate links, especially if you do not have prior programming or technical knowledge.

Just by making a tracking link that redirects you to the affiliate’s page, you can ensure the affiliate link.

Genius Link

genius link

Genius Link offers a 14-day trial for free and a $2/1000-clicks offer after the trial. The automatic feature of this plugin ensures that it connects your affiliate account to its iTunes, Microsoft, and Amazon hyperlinks.

Another outstanding feature is its geo-location-based redirection feature, which provides information about your customer’s destinations and allows you to design customized goals for affiliate programs.

You can effortlessly manage all your links from one place following an exact copy and paste.

Wrapping Up on Choosing the Best Link Cloaking Plugin

If you’re not equipped with advertising tools and a domain service provider that lets you create redirects for 301s, your best option is to install a WordPress plugin. It’s easy to install and will make visitors feel more comfortable clicking hyperlinks on your website. They’ll also guarantee that you receive the proper credit for any purchases made on your website.

Utilize the above list as a starting point to find the best cloaking solution for your company today.

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