What is LAN Administrator and What Are Responsibilities?

Last updated on March 25th, 2022 at 02:02 pm

Administrators of LANs are accountable for maintaining the local network of an organization. They are the ones who control servers that link the network to equipment and computers that require them.

They set up, configure, and troubleshoot local area networks in the corporate office, also known as LAN.

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Their responsibility is to make sure that internet access is accessible for all who use computers to fulfil their duties. They also review and recommend the hardware, computers and software, and necessary hardware to construct a secure server.

What is Lan Administrator

lan administrator

Local Area Network (LAN) Administrators are responsible for managing the organization’s LAN of their company by using a server. The server connects the company’s network to equipment and computers that use them.

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They protect the network and run regular checks to ensure connection stability. They set up and establish their local area networks.

Additionally, they evaluate and recommend the software, hardware, and other equipment required to build a secure server.

In addition, they help fix and troubleshoot issues with workstations or network issues and internet access issues—additionally, the design and tweak distribution tools to facilitate software deployments.

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Employers favor bachelor’s degrees in a related field to IT that have at the very least two years of experience.

You should be familiar in the fundamental capabilities of computers. The essential skills are client service and multitasking collaboration, problem-solving, troubleshooting and communication abilities.

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There’s more than what appears to be the reason to become an administrator of the LANs.

Between 2018-2028 The career field is projected to increase by 5 % and create 18,200 jobs all across the U.S.

What Does a LAN Administrator Do


There are specific abilities that a lot of administrators need to be able to perform their duties. When we looked at resumes, we were able to find the most popular qualifications required by someone working in this role.

We found that the majority of resumes mentioned detail-oriented as well as interpersonal and leadership capabilities.

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LAN Administrators Responsibilities

Here are some examples of responsibilities from resumes of real-world LAN administrators that show typical duties they will be expected to carry out in their positions.

  • Use VMware servers for managing the home directories of users as well as share directories and print queues.
  • Manage virtual and physical windows server environments. Make use of PowerShell scripts to automate administrative tasks on your system.
  • Assist with UNIX administration on LAN and backup of user data associated tasks, as in the Desktop support.
  • Support and troubleshooting in applications and programs for end-users, mainframe Windows, VPN users who are remote.

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  • Set up TCP/IP both manually and automatically with DHCP.
    Install image systems using the appropriate OS to meet the needs of your client.
  • Install and configure core apps after the base OS image is deployed.
  • Install McAfee Helpdesk software for assistance with user support through phone lines.
  • Purchase domains and redirection of DNS entries, if required, with an ISP provider.

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  • Create a test plan and document the testing and deployment for Novell ZENworks (Jacobs).
  • Set up and configure NT workstations to connect to the network using IPX/SPX or TCP/IP.
  • Provide various connectivity options that include but are not limited to the use of Ethernet and TCP/IP.
  • Configure each server to route DNS resolution requests from internet-based hosts to reliable DNS servers.

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  • Install and maintain the filtering of web-based content (Bluecoat, McAfee, and Websense proxy servers).
  • Help the network administrator with the administration and administration of the frame relay system comprised of Novell and NT.
  • Maintain DHCP settings, including static addresses and install, maintain, and record all switches or patch panels.
  • Support 15 servers of a Citrix XenApp 5.0 farm that performs updates to the application and patches for the operating system.
  • Create and strengthen relations with vendors to guarantee the highest savings in price in negotiating the purchase of hardware and equipment.

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  • Develop new methods to troubleshoot servers that run using the RealPlayer application.
  • Maintain the functionality of desktop systems throughout the departments with regular assessments and regular maintenance.
  • Integrate unique software systems or packages to the LAN, resulting in a better business tool.
  • Modify the software you have in place to eliminate corrupted files and optimize system performance for desktop computers to boost performance.

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  • Conduct general maintenance troubleshooting repairs, backups, and general maintenance peripheral and computer systems throughout the company.
  • Create the potential for success in employees by giving clear instructions on every aspect involved in LAN administration.
  • Configure, build tests, and deploy software applications using SMS and SCCM and installed by hand.
  • Transfer NetWare servers onto NT servers.

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  • Check that all anti-virus applications are regularly updated every week or as needed.
  • Help remote users via the mix of RDP and web-based tools in a WLAN/LAN environment and network Wi-Fi.
  • Assist with telecommunication operations and the establishment of T1 interoffice or DSL connections.

How To Become a LAN Administrator

If you’re considering becoming a lan administrator, a vital issue to think about is the amount of training you’ll require. We’ve discovered that 58.0 % of lan administrators possess a bachelor’s level degree.

For the higher education level, we found that 6.2 % of administrators hold master’s degrees. Although most lan administrators have a college degree, it is possible to become one with just the equivalent of a high school diploma or GED.

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The choice of a major is an essential aspect when looking into the steps to becoming an administrator for LAN. We looked into the most popular fields of study for lan administrators and found that they typically obtain bachelor’s degrees or associate degrees.

Other degrees we frequently see on resumes of lan administrators include master’s degrees or diploma degrees.

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It is possible that your experience from other positions can assist you in becoming a lan administrator. In reality, most lan administrator positions require previous experience in a job like a network administrator.

In addition, many lan administrators also have prior work experience in roles like technicians or technical specialists.

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