Is WordPress Free For Blogging: How Much it Cost To Start in 2021?

Last updated on December 8th, 2021 at 04:57 pm

When intending to start a site always found out about the and, the 2 very top systems to start blogging afterward after knowing relating to Blogger that the very first problem they ask is WordPress free for blogging?

All of us understand their question to request precisely the same is applicable because we all have been aware of this Blogger, which Google owns and allow hosting and content management. Still, very few realized about WordPress background and the way it functions?

In the beginning, to answer the query, is WordPress entirely free? Afterwards, the reply will be yes.

WordPress is currently absolutely free to use, edit, customize or pay into others; however, a few additional cost involved to make use of WordPress, which we’ll discuss later within this informative guide.

Today You’re amazed and thinking that WordPress from the content management industry is one of those well-known tools why the company Powering its growth Isn’t making money. Is WordPress Free to Use. 

The main reason is WordPress is definitely a open source software by which tens of thousands of or even some large number of programmers are leading to making this program very successful, and it is authorized under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Now let give attention to WordPress no cost in which term, can it be free of charge to make use of? And can it be free to sell?

Is WordPress No Cost, if so about that feeling?

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Can Be WordPress No Cost, if so in which feeling?

In the first summary, we discussed how an organization does not own WordPress, but it’s a collective contribution of tens and thousands of developers.

WordPress is now possessed by way of a nonprofit firm that is known as WordPress Foundation. The co-founder of all WordPress Matt Mullenweg establish the Organization.


The WordPress Foundation is vitally focused on supplying utterly free accessibility to WordPress source code to encourage both the community and safeguard the essential trademark of below possession.

  • WordPress  
  • WordCamp
  • WordPress logo

 All three have been registered trademark owned from the WordPress company, so that it’s sensible to honour the WordPress group. And do not work with any with all this to your industrial goal and then instead use their abbreviation to maneuver apparent prospective legal issues.

They’ve rigorously depicted, tend not to utilize WordPress or WordCamp on your domain name or a top-level domain as their goal is to confine the commercials activity around WordPress use.

Till this time around, you thought of how WordPress is designed and who controls this future development, but the two queries remain to talk further in which feel WordPress is free to use?

How is WordPress Free of Charge In-use?

WordPress is also an open source program that’s offered to down load for everyone, and also you certainly can execute the changes together with all the present code and also customize to your own need.

There will not be no limit because that is General Public License (GPL), also known as GNU public license (GPL), this license can be utilised to change all the existing open source application.

This reference of free WordPress signifies freedom to use inside how you would like not concerning monitory. Allow me to precisely describe what you could perform with all the source code of WordPress and how it’s allowed to utilize free of charge.

  • You’ll be able to use and install it to get just as long as you would like with no restriction.
  • You can disperse exactly the exact copy ofWordPress to some other blogger for community support. 
  • You can customise the current source code and redistribute into some other programmer under  the GPL License.
  • You can promote this WordPress community by discussing new patches, fixing or implementation, and eventually becoming a core contributor.

Well from each of the above mentioned factors you have a thought of how WordPress is totally free to utilize in every part but be certain when you’re doing some changes together with current source code of WordPress and which makes refreshing. Afterwards, a fresh variant will probably be mechanically found under the GPL license.

Is WordPress free for blogging to sell?

We talked about WordPress is absolutely free to use; however, what if anybody would love to generate advertise throughout the world by selling the edited or personalized version of WordPress.

Afterward enjoy I said in the daytime what you are extending near the very top of the WordPress source code is going to be found under the GPL permit only.

You are able to customize package and re distribute the WordPress source code while the way you want but will probably soon be under GPL permit only.

Which means the person to whom you’re attempting to sell your customized variation of the computer software will probably also obtain complete ownership of this code that you sold him, which he may do varies also may resell it under GPL permit.

Similar instance including all the Plugins and Themes produced under the WordPress GPL License of which all are absolutely totally free of charge to down load and use and allow to customize and redistribute.

Meaning even in the event that you get or down load the premium or free variation of plugin or theme, you’re allowed to your changes and will certainly offer it specifically to others like WordPress. The newly generated plug in or theme will likely undoubtedly be underneath the GPL license.

Nonetheless, Topic’s opinion is beneath controversy; however, from your official article of, it observed below defined specifics.

  • PHP at a WordPress theme has to Be under GPL.
  • Artwork and CSS perhaps but not required beneath GPL permit.

Which reveals that all of fresh developments you’re making below the existing subject of GPL license then in recently created theme all of the Graphics, CSS and Java Script may be excluded from GPL yet the HTML and PHP will become part of WordPress by-product and therefore is going to soon be under GPL.

If you are with me level afterward why we discussed earlier in your day that it could cost you a few added bucks to live your WordPress site? I would like to reply that since the cons of WordPress.

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Cons of WordPress usage?

Until that time around, we heard how WordPress is free to utilize and demand no more excess money to get the stark reality; nevertheless, WordPress is merely a content management system that can not be on the net without hosting.

Hence it needed below tools and this WordPress computer software package to show your site entire and live on the internet.

WordPress Hosting 

WordPress will initially need to install one of the hostings at which the hosting ensures that you help you all content live online.

From default, every web hosting that you get will have default installing WordPress along with a typical shared web hosting that may run you approximately \$3 5 /Month as their subscription charges.

Web hosting could be expensive however Bluehost delivers around 60% off to your first selling buy, in the event, you’d like to purchase or learn more on web hosting plans then do not miss in-depth step by step guide about what steps to take to best to buy web hosting.

Domain Name

To live  your website  on the net, you necessitate a domain name that’ll be a part of one’s site which anyone can browse it and see your website; you’ll come across many domain companies outside.

In Case You Do Not Understand What exactly is a domain name and how to buy make sure to Go to detail guide about Most Useful Domain name at which the average cost of a domain may cost you approximately $12 Year.

Intended hosting and Domain Name is a crucial need for any WordPress website to get live on the internet and require a mean of 6-7/Month as an investment.

In addition to that in case you want a advance attribute then it’s optional to buy some outstanding products and services for example:

Best outstanding Theme

The only default option solution in motif library is composed of many motif which can be under GPL license and never have to use by just about any WordPress person friendly.


But if you would like any superior theme subsequently most likely it could cost you around # 50-60/Year which is not crucial. I don’t counsel some beginner to acquire at-first before you actually need this particular.

High-Quality Plugins

WordPress features a collection of tens and thousands of plugins also maintains integrating day daily to automate most of someone’s task. The very popular can be that a search engine optimization plugin called Yoast SEO.


Nearly every plug within their totally free plan supplies the best cost, however if you are looking for superior service or auto update of the plugin, then you can secure it from their monthly subscription plan.

If you have a minimum of 6- 7 dollars is good enough to get a WordPress web site live, you will also assert why to acquire much $6/Month whenever you own a platform like Blogger that’s completely free of charge.

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If you are presuming therefore I recommend to go via an all-inclusive manual on variations amongest Blogger as opposed to WordPress and how WordPress is most beneficial CMS compared to Blogger.

After moving during the above-suggested guidebook I am confident that you want to get started with WordPress, should and not wish to invest much 6$ then most likely the second solution is

You’ve found out about and might be considered both the same nevertheless the stark reality is equally both somewhat different, but how, allow me to be quick?

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The distinction between versus

Until what we talked about had been about the, not, where is only a package of applications that can’t survive without hosting or domain name

But, is created by an Identical Co Founder of Matt Mullenweg. You wont be able to obtain up the hosting and up to certain constraints; you will receive access into a platform such as WordPress. Features 

  • It’ll provide you with unlimited free hosting, so no need to pay 45 bucks a month.
  • It’s going to supply you with complimentary sub-domain which finished with Extention(Eg-.wordpress. com).
  • It provides you with a small range of free themes out of the WordPress library.
  • From the utterly free library, you can also put in the accessible plugins that are limited .

Downsides of

  • If you are inclined to improve towards the custom domain, you will need to upgrade their monthly program.
  • If intending to modify the subject or incorporate custom theme need to upgrade for this monthly program.
  • When planning to use or add some additional plugin out from WordPress free library has to upgrade into a month-to-month program.
  • You cannot monetize your site underneath the free program, but after updating their month-to-month subscription, you can connect to their advertising app called WordAds.

That means if your goal is to compose and host articles and don’t need to market your internetsite or required to make use of the WordPress characteristic at no cost then almost certainly you can proceed with

Considering their month-to-month membership, it begins from $5/Month to 40/month therefore much better to look at the most current pricing on their website.

But is entirely open-source which we all learned: Attribute:

  • Absolve to use, so you should not pay a monthly subscription.
  • No restriction utilizing plugins.
  • No limitation with the use of any customize  or extra theme.
  • You can monetize your web page with Ad networks such as Adsense and could earn money.

Downsides of WordPress:

  • Need to cover hosting and domain names
  • You’re responsible for the protection and backup of the site.

I attempted my very best to emphasize every one of the big differences between compared to that give you a bit of help with why consistently chose just in case you keen to make an enterprise all-around WordPress or blogging career.

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Will the articles publish on WordPress is going to be under GPL?

Till this time around, we mentioned everything contributed for or within WordPress will probably be under GPL therefore that there might be the likelihood you’re thinking, is that also cover the articles?

The hints they’ve done trademark registration on using discover WordPress as well as also their source code is under GPL license.

Hence writing content material will likely be your copyright you may claim it whenever you would like. It won’t encounter under GPL and also you can have your copyright or permit for your artwork or content or post you intend to write.

If you don’t put on the source code of WordPress to do some derivative work or explain building something new functionality working with precisely the same source code afterwards, only that substance can be under an GPL license.

How do the WordPress Community making money?

There is a firm approximately everywhere than not using WordPress; open-source applications will probably even need additional technical support for the consumer.

Such as clarified under:

  • Hosting organizations such as Bluehost, Hostgator, SiteGround, NameCheap etc-are becoming a huge number of dollar value of earnings annually only to host the WordPress site.
  • As you know that  thousands of plugin has been installed. The owner offers premium support and auto-update features and makes million-dollar earnings, such as the renowned SEO plugin Yoast SEO.
  • Innumerable top rated premium motif trying to promote in the marketplace for 50-300/12 months like OceanWP, Hestia, Astra, etc..

As soon as the first-time WordPress VIP was started underneath their subscription strategy, they have created around  300 Million in 7 weeks to use the complete availability of WordPress.

As a GPL user of WordPress, you may do the extension of WordPress applications with a few high-level function and bundle and can offer this to additional users also may earn money from it.

My View on Is WordPress Free for Blogging?

I imagine, if you’re in the beginning point of blogging and planning to start your own new successful blogging travel subsequently, I urge to get started with since it’s completely free of charge. You’re able to gauge the yearly price of approximately 40-50 Bucks maximum.

If you want to begin using, it can function as the worst choice to turn it out from there on, thus better organizing your own future approach.

WordPress is currently entirely free in terms of use. Why not you have the advantage to the exact very same and initiate your journey with blogging where applying the Adsense advertising system or many other inactive earning manners you are capable of making dollars.

WordPress is entirely free of charge in terms of use. Why not you get the advantage for exactly the same and initiate your journey  with blogging where applying the Adsense ad system or a number of other inactive earning ways you are capable of making money.

The top part consists of custom plugins that may automate most of your course of action to rank more rapidly in Google and get instantaneous outcomes.

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