How to Import Word Document into WordPress in 2021?

Last updated on December 5th, 2021 at 10:29 pm

Would you Enjoy writing in Microsoft Word in the Place of WordPress? Would You like to import the .docx file in WordPress rather than copying or pasting, which often pops up the formatting?

Within the following guide, we’ll explain how you can import word document into WordPress.

Reason for import Word Document into WordPress?

Some users want to write their articles in Microsoft Word, including integrated spellcheck, thesaurus, templates, formatting, and styles. The default WordPress visual editor doesn’t offer these features.

Yet another potential use situation is Guest-blogging. In the event you don’t desire to give guest writers access to a WordPress admin area, chances are they frequently send their guest articles in plain HTML or perhaps a .docx document.

It’s possible that you already have any content saved in .docx documents. There is very difficult task for copy and paste from docx file , particularly if you’ve to copy content from multiple files.

So now we will understand that how to import docx document without loosing the formatting of content in WordPress.

Import Word Document into WordPress

First issue you have to do is setup after which activate the Mammoth .docx converter plugin. On activation, you’ve got to produce a brand new post or edit the prevailing one.

You may discover Mammoth .docx converter box beneath the content editor in this content edit display. Click the pick file to choose a .docx file in the desktop.

mammoth plugin

The moment you choose the .docx document, the plugin will show you three views for your documents.

mammoth convertor

By the Visual tab, then and you can also see the method by which the document will look WordPress.

mammoth result after doc import

You may see it will neglect any styles placed on your .docx documents like text color, background color, texture, margin, etc.

To the other hand, it is going to enable your theme’s stylesheet control  how to display those things. You will possibly watch the HTML made via the converter by merely clicking on the uncooked HTML button a gain.

You may feel the messages  button  to decide on if there were any warnings or errors throughout transformation.

If you’re happy with how the document looks in the visual tab, then it is possible to go through the ‘Insert in to editor’ button. The plugin will fit converted HTML into your WordPress article editor.

It is possible to proceed to work with this article. If you’re new to WordPress, you might choose to observe our guide on how to write your first blog post.

Mammoth .docx converter plugin transforms a .docx file into fresh HTML format appropriate for WordPress.  Right Now, the plugin supports the next Characteristics:

  • Headings like Heading 1, Heading 2 have been shifted into H1,H 2,
  • If you document  has lists so this list can be import in WordPress.
  • The above plugin does not import table with formatting such as border and cell colors.
  • This plugin provide easy HTML formatting including bold, italic, superscript and subscript.
  • This plugin also support for Pictures embedded  document
  • If document has any link Links so links can be import.
    This plugin also change text boxes into simple word.

The plug in will not develop any alterations to a real .docx document, and  it will not save it upon your WordPress website.

We expect this article makes it possible for you to import .docx document in WordPress.

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