How to Write Your First Blog Post SEO Friendly in 2021?

Last updated on December 8th, 2021 at 06:10 pm

The main concern for starting your successful blogging journey is writing techniques and expressing your ideas with your reader. So this manual is to highlight on how  to write your first blog post.

When I start my Blogging journey, I gained lot of knowledge doing SEO, on page SEO, off page SEO.

What’s Backlink and what factors thing to rank article in the search engine; however, it clarified how to write your first blog post.

All of us understand that writing great content is insufficient to get decent traffic; a significant traffic source will be via SEO.

However, what if the reader clicks on the back button immediately after reading several paragraphs.

This improves the bounce rate and exit speed of your site and ultimately raises more odds of low organic search.

Thus, this manual is for all bloggers to write their first blog article or any post on their site.

I will be sharing one of the best methods or processes that you need to make your habit as an essential checklist to follow when writing a blog article.

This guide, how to write your  first blog post, will be split into few segments as clarified below, and I want to brief you about what’s blogging.

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What’s Blogging, and is this Worth it?

Blogging is a method of sharing your thoughts, learning, and experiences with needy people and you will find just the two most renowned platforms to utilize for content administration.

Also read here difference between WordPress and Blogger.

Blogging is going to be a success only in the event that you understand how to share ideas and precisely how much information you want to write on your very first blog post.

Your website is brand new that is near zero visitors, and you’ll not have any odds of gaining precious traffic in case you don’t understand how to write your own first blog article.

Many aspects like SEO and backlinks creation play a significant role but the most important is content, as everyone says that content is king.

Well, If your goal is to earn some passive income with your written articles, it is also possible to get approval for your site by Google Adsense.

It is also possible to share reviews of products or services that might create an additional passive affiliate revenue.

Thus earning from Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing can inspire you to discuss the Internet world’s content.

Here is our comprehensive guide on how to begin a compelling blogging journey and hope you’ve got an idea, why you need to start blogging.

Let’s emphasize the way to write the very first blog post.

How to Write Your First Blog?

Before going ahead, I assume that you know WordPress and its applications as WordPress is the most precious content management system.

About 1/3 of overall content writing folks are using WordPress just. However, it is going to ask you a couple of dollars to spend for buying Hosting.

WordPress also has many different free plugins that will automate the majority of the tasks using WordPress.

If you would like to begin with the free blogging installation, you’ll be able to start with Blogger, who’s a Google-owned free articles management tool.

However, there are a few benefits to begin using WordPress instead of WordPress that I expect you already realized with our above-suggested guide WordPress vs. Blogger.

Let us begin with all the highlights.

Choice of Topic and Suggestions

I assume that you have already determined your Niche since it determines the length for achievement on your blogging journey.

Always select something that you have a vast audience to read and talk about. Following that, it’s a prime choice of thoughts or topics you’d love to write.

If your aim is to long-term, choose content predicated on “How to” and “What’s,” since millions of subscribers will probably search this with time.

It’s clear that competition for these articles will be higher but can inform you how to overcome that too, and therefore don’t miss this manual until the finish.

Your insightful or qualitative content will be the very best choice if you would like to create long-term passive income and authority of the site.

But in case you’ve decided on the News site or trending news site, it will be simple to publish tiny posts every day, but the worth of the content will be for the short term only.

Hence the decision is yours since this guide is based on long-term sustainability and helps start an excellent content article that will acquire organic search results as time passes.

First, pick a subject to which you’d like to compose, and that is problem-solving.

Therefore that the choice of thoughts and issues will solemnly pick, are going to succeed or not.

Low Competitive Keyword Research

It’s another thing to think about while writing your first blog article; your post ought to be targeted at a particular keyword.

Keyword contest will determine whether you’ll acquire organic search in search engine rank or not.

Bloggers write countless articles daily, and whether looking for any keyword, we’ve got billions of pages out there in Google.

Find below screenshot for a searched keyword “healthy diet plan” it has more than 67 Million pages available.

how to write first blog

Nobody will read about 90% of written articles, so conduct intellect on locating low, competitive average search keywords.

The majority of the clicks or traffic will visit the first top 10 pages, so our goal is to discover the appropriate keyword to hold an area at Top 10 Pages.

I am not going to detail you the way you can obtain the appropriate keyword.

Now, assume you’ve got the ideal keywords to target and yet another step to finish before beginning writing a blog article.

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Compile the Catchy Title of Post

For thorough keyword research, you’re in the top 10 pages; however, this reader has ten choices to click for the identical query.

Which one he clicks will entirely be based on the title of the designated query keyword. Thus be sure below tips.

  • Attempt using the amount annually (2019), Percentage (100%), Lists (Measure 3), etc.
  • Utilize some tricky words like — Extensive Guide, Ultimate Review, Never Miss, etc.
  • Always incorporate your target keyword in the title.

You are utilizing the three attempt mentioned above to distinguish your title with the current rank high ten pages of the current searched keyword.

It will raise the Click-through speed of your website article. It’s possible to search for a variety of title utilizing a portal site called AnswerthePublic.

how to write first blog post


Search for your keyword you’ll receive ideas in addition to the potential collection of titles that you’ll be able to rephrase as you need.

I hope you have the solution to acquire the very best title and the way to make the title of your very first blog post.

Find  LSI Keyword

While writing your article, you are sure that your target keyword must be inserted in the center of essays using a few LSI keywords.

LSI keyword is similar to a latent semantic keyword or synonyms of your target keyword. For instance, for goal, Keyword Movie might have LSI such as image, theater, etc.

Find out such keywords first and handy along with you when you have to scatter them in your articles.

It is possible to get LSI by looking in Google and assessing all of the emphasized words from the search results and a proposal regarding the underside.

Also, search some low, competitive keyword which fits with your target key word, does not matter just how much they interact.

Such as for long-tail keywords “What’s key word,” you might have a supportive keyword like Greatest keyword, low, competitive key word, simple to position keyword, etc.

Now I presume that you have listed all keyword phrases, and it’s time to reevaluate how long articles you need to write and what content you should write.

How long and content of this article

Never jump on writing your ideas unless you’re conscious of what folks are studying and which Search engine such as Google is ranked.

My very best plan is to look at your target keyword in Google and proceed through every top 10 pages to assist in both instances.

Already rank pages will provide you two advantages.

  • Assess for every one of these and discover the average length of their articles.
  • Proceed through every one of the best five articles, and all of them will provide you a good concept about what content you can write for the own.

Let state from 10, 5 have written 1500+ Blog article and remainder five have composed 2000+ than I’d request that you write 2500, this can finalize the length of your article content.

While moving through every one of these, you may get ideas on your H2, H3, H4, etc., tags.

While studying other articles, you’ll receive points to include more in your content, which will optimize more word count.

Don’t forget more words in article means more keywords and much more odds of rank post for unique key phrases.

Now you’ve got all list of Header tags along with sub-header tags along with several thoughts of articles; also, let’s summarize the how to write your first blog post quickly.

The Way to Compose Blog Post or Article

Well, you’ve almost done an excellent job, now it would be to frame an appealing article just that may share valuable info to your reader.

Keep focusing that the below overview will have an all point by point explanation, which you can create as your checklist.

To begin with, be sure that you make one misleading title, which must get your target keyword and you’re finished.

By default, for almost all of the motif, your title will function as a header tag H1, which has to have your keyword for the best SEO.

Secondly, write your very first paragraph, not greater than 2.0 or 2.5 lines, that ought to have your target keyword.

how to write first blog post

Let us see, at the above screenshot, the way I’ve added the keyword in the name and first paragraph, so it’s must incorporate the keyword in the very first paragraph and title.

Third, not write any paragraph over two lines since this finally becomes four lines in mobile perspective and two lines in desktop.

Which raises more user readability and much more involvement and will lower the bounce rate and exit speed.

If you can keep your user for the initial 4-5 paragraphs, you can keep them until 70% of the articles.

Fourth, include precisely the identical goal keyword in another four or even 5 or 6 paragraphs, which will provide the crawler a reliable signal that your article is focused on that target keyword.

In between this, even in the case at all possible, scatter your LSI keywords or some other comparative keyword that’s near the target keyword.

Fifth, it’s the right time to make H2, H3, etc. tags of this site article, and attempts to incorporate the target keywords in the first couple of H2 titles and when potential in H3 Tags.

The blog article can have several H2 Tags or H3 Tags, and so ensure that your keyword has to be at least two-time in the first couple of header tags.

This time would always be to Write down all of your H2 and H3 Tags, so let say I’ve made about 2 H2 and 3 H3 tags in every, which consequently complete six segments to write in detail.

Take an illustration below for many H2 and H3 Tags.

how to write first blog post

If you’re in a position to write 300 words into every, that results near 1800 words and make one conclusion in the end for approximately 200 words will create a total of 2000 words.

I presume that initially, under H2 tags, you’ve given some summaries of 50 words that can create 100 more words.

The first paragraphs are getting near 300 words can create complete to 2400 words now you are above all top ten articles average length.

More keywords, more articles, decent quality content, and the most excellent SEO will create your articles the king.

In case the keyword is extremely low, competitive will rank in a couple of days; else will probably take some time but will undoubtedly reach the top 10 ranking webpages.

You have content thoughts by studying the previously rank webpages; you have the title by assessing the number of their best ten pages.

It’s not tough as a newcomer, and I hope I answered all your questions on the Best Way to write your very first blog article.

My View of your Very First Blog Post

Always attempt to write some helpful info, which can help your reader bring a few worth after studying it.

It’s all up for you, whether you wish to write scrap content or something that adds value to your reader.

Never forget that your goal has to be to deliver your article on top 10 rank pages that raise your article’s clicks.

Concentrate on SEO and find out our separate guide on what’s On-Page and how Off-Page SEO and attempt to create outbound and inbound links.

I hope that this guide has also added some significance to your own blogging experience, and in that case, give us your valuable comment and share this as far as possible.

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