How to Use Antispam Bee to Block Spam Comments in WordPress in 2021?

Last updated on December 3rd, 2021 at 07:18 pm

Are you currently receiving many spam comments on your WordPress site? Unfortunately, spam comments could major significant issue as your site develops.

We’ll share how to use Antispam Bee plugin to block comments in your WordPress site in the subsequent conversation.

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Why do You need To Block or May Delete Spam Comments?

Spam comments occupy unwanted space inside your hosting database. This is worst because when you unintentionally accept a junk comment, it makes your brand appear terrible.

There are several tactics to block junk comments in WordPress. You certainly can get it by hand by simply deleting and reading them one by one, but this will take some time.


As an alternative, you may make use of the free Antispam Bee plugin to automatically block the junk comments predicated around the regulations you just set.

Let us look at how exactly to block junk comments in WordPress using the Antispam Bee plugin.

Employing Antispam Plugin Bee to Block Junk Comments

The initial point you ought to do is go to the WordPress dashboard and select the plugin and search Antispam Bee Plugin.

antispam bee plugin installation

Once choosing the plugin, then you want to set up and activate the Antispam Bee plugin.

After activating the plugin, you have to go to the WordPress Admin dashboard and choose Settings -> then choose Antispam Bee page.


With this display, you will receive that the antispam Bee configurations are broken into three different segments: Antispam Filter, Advanced Tools, and more options.

1 # Antispam Filter

Antispam Filter settings would be the basic settings that assist you in finding junk comments. This plugin lets you filter out and examine your spam comments until they reveal your blog post or website.

These Settings have been coordinated in the order that they perform.  Additionally, we’ve explained each configuration in the narration beneath.


Trust Approved Commenters

It is possible to allow this option to accept comments out of routine and durable commenters automatically. All these commenters can post the correct comments and generate discussions about your blog post, or so the plugin recalls them, it approves their comments at once.

Trust commenters with a Gravatar

This Placing permits you to accept comments from users with a particular Gravatar photograph and publish legitimate comments. However, it is the same procedure as accredited commenters with this specific Setting that the plugins will probably remember that the Gravatar of their trusted comments creators.

Consider the comment time

When enabled, the filter will probably believes the comments period. Unfortunately, this Setting is not suggested by the plugin author for websites or blogs using web page caching.

BBCode is spam

It’s a brilliant Placing to check remarks with BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) links and indicate them as junk. This is because people frequently apply these links to emphasize links and words.

Validate the IP address of commenters

The plugin Grants you the capability to validate the IP addresses used with the commenters to check on their system statistics, for example host name.

This aids in locating the online background of the commenter to determine whether the comments are legit or spams.

Use regular expressions

When this Setting is on, it assists in finding the undesirable comments using some predefined designs which can be used to find spams.

Look in the local spam database

When that Placing is on, it will attempt to get the spam articles on your site’s data and then treat it because you specify extra configuration for the junk.

Use a public antispam database

This Setting is related to all the Stop Forum Spam to find IP addresses of busy spammers and immediately check the foundation of these commenters.

It performs together with the complete IP addresses of these senders, therefore that the commenters from EU countries will probably undoubtedly be averted.

Block comments from specific countries

You might incorporate the listing of certain countries to filter crap comments. Even the blacklist and Whitelist ISO codes are all granted on this Setting, which means that you may quickly announce country codes in the specific segments.


Allow comments only in certain language

This configuration gives you the ability to define the language for those commenters; therefore, comments in all various languages will probably be eliminated or blocked because you specify afterward.

Advanced Level Tools

You may further define the options to take care, block, and then delete the spam comments from the advance settings.

You will find only a few enabled settings, but you may create improvements to those settings as essential.


Mark as spam, do not delete

In case you allow this Placing, it is going to keep the junk comments and won’t delete them, and soon you enable the configuration below

Spam-Notification by email

When you make it possible for such settings, then you’ll obtain an email telling for just about every spam comment. However, we usually do not advise this Setting as it will become disconcerting very rapidly.

Do not save the spam reason

If allowed, this Placing will not save your mysterious worthiness of comments in a separate column. These mysterious values are the structured hyperlinks, comments timing, and much more.

Delete existing spam after X days

That is an effective option because it enables you to specify the number of days later the junk comments have been automatically deleted. However, it is associated with several different settings, which we discussed above, deleting these comments.

Limit approval to Comments/Pings

This method may specify whether or not you would like to accept comments or trackbacks. In the event you restrict approval into comments, then subsequently trackbacks are going to will be automatically deleted probably.

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Likewise, if you restrict consent to trackbacks, your junk comments will undoubtedly automatically be deleted from your blog or website.

If this option is not enabled, it follows precisely the initial configurations.

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Delete comments by spam reasons

You’ll eliminate comments  those which are intentionally creating for spamming purpose.

In addition, you may select numerous good reasons from your options to delete the undesirable comments automatically.

These advanced settings are likely to create your daily life more straightforward while seeing comments on your website.


Far more Options

Following the advanced settings, you can also look in the reporting options to display your regular spam comments on the WordPress admin dashboard region.

These reports may assist you in tracking the junk comments quickly, and you might also examine your variety of unwanted and valuable comments.


Generate statistics as a dashboard widget

When permitted, this Setting will make a spam report in an interactive widget to get the WordPress admin dashboard region. These numbers may provide you with a summary of the junk comments in your blog.

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Spam counter on the dashboard

When enabled, it will exhibit the number of total comments indicated as junk in a dominant style. If you are deleting the junk comments, it will also demonstrate the number of deleted comments in an extra column. A few new bloggers believe it is interesting to check this quantity once they start their blog.

Do not check trackbacks/pingbacks

By default the, plugins set a check up on most of the comments, trackbacks, and pings. You may stay away from checking the trackbacks for this specific Setting. When empowered, the trackbacks/pingbacks from any other website are likely to be automatically soon accredited.

Comment form used outside of posts

This method can track comments on your archive pages.

As soon as you are finished, go through the Save Changes button to employ those setting onto your blog.

That is everything. We expect that this short article assists you in blocking spam comments in WordPress.

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