How to Uninstall and Delete a WordPress Theme?

Last updated on April 15th, 2022 at 06:10 pm

Would you like to delete WordPress theme however are you feared it may possibly be dangerous?

In case lately you have changed your own WordPress theme, you then might need to delete the older one. You might also have  other WordPress theme which come pre-installed onto your site you might need to get rid of.

Inside the following guide, we will explain to you why and how to delete a WordPress theme without even affecting your website.

Just why Delete  WordPress Theme?

If you’re not employing a WordPress theme, then it’s wise to delete it from the website. There are really  lot of reasons for deleting WordPress theme.

  • WordPress theme  files  have been prepared in PHP and can  be utilized to cover up malicious malware or code to your site (if your site has been ever endangered ). Occasionally rogue  developers may hide back-doors in fresh theme too.
  • Maintaining them put in onto your own server increases your own backup size and also your WordPress security plugin normally takes longer in order to complete a scan.
  • You will also maintain getting upgrades for anyone themes, though you aren’t with these whatsoever.

Today a great deal of users installed WordPress theme on  their live sites simply to examine out them. This isn’t the optimal/optimally method to try test drive a WordPress theme.

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We advocate having a staging site  or some regional WordPress setup to accomplish all of your testing. In this manner that it will not impact your stay site and enables you  to offer frequent knowledge to your users.

What is the difference between un-installing compared to deleting an WordPress theme?

WordPress allows you  to just keep one theme as the active theme. But you are able to installed many themes as you need in your site.

These themes  won’t be active, nevertheless they’re even installed in your website, and you’re going to get updates for them.

To entirely uninstall WordPress theme, you want to delete it. This may get rid of all the files out of the site.

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Can it be secure to delete older WordPress theme?

Certainly, it’s harmless to delete a WordPress theme which you aren’t making use of.

Every WordPress site demands a minimum of one theme installed  to work precisely. This can be the theme which WordPress can utilize to display your website.

You may look at which WordPress theme you’re now using by visiting Appearance and select to themes web page. Your present theme will probably look like as active theme.

active theme

We also suggest preserving one default option WordPress theme  (e.g. Astra or Twenty Nineteen) installed  onto your site. It serves while the fall back theme if your present theme isn’t doing work.

In case your present theme is actually a child theme, then you’ll even have keep your parent’s theme installed onto your own site.

Aside from such theme, you may securely delete any additional theme installed onto your site.

Having said that, let’s reveal for you the way you can remove an WordPress theme.

Organizing Ahead of Delete a WordPress Theme

If  you’ve customized an WordPress theme and also would like to conserve these customizations ahead of deleting it, then you definitely may make a whole WordPress backup.

You may even simply download the theme folder into your computer as backup.

To do so, you may utilize an FTP client or your file manager application in  your hosting accounts dashboard. Once joined, head into /wp-content/themes/ folder and then download the in Active theme folder into your PC.


As soon as you’ve got safely backed up your previous theme, you are able to delete it.

Delete a WordPress Theme

There are really a lot of approaches to remove WordPress theme. We’ll begin using with the most simple one.

1 # Deleting an WordPress Theme through Admin Dashboard

Here is  the simplest along with the advised solution to delete WordPress theme.

To begin with, you have  to visit to you Admin Dashboard where you have to choose Appearance and then click on Theme you wish to manually delete.

WordPress will open up theme specifics at a popup window. You must experience the Delete button in the bottom right corner with the popup screen.

deleting theme

And then , you’re going to be ask to ensure you wish to delete the theme. Click here on the okay button to keep on, and WordPress will automatically delete your picked motif.

2 # Remove  WordPress Theme  through FTP

This way is really a little complex, however, it also will come in useful in the event that you can’t gain access to the WordPress admin area.

Simply hook with a WordPress site working with an FTP client and then go into /wp-content/themes/ folder.

delete theme via ftp

By the after you need to find the theme folder which you just want to delete. Opt for Right-click around the folder and choose delete.

Your FTP Client  will delete your chosen theme.

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3 # Removing an WordPress Theme utilizing File Manager

If you’re uneasy with an FTP client, then you definitely might make use of the File Manager program in  your web hosting control panel.

With this particular case, we are going to be exhibiting screen shots of Hostinger’s hosting dashboard. Based upon your hosting supplier, your web hosting dashboard can look somewhat diverse. Read our detailed guide on Hostinger hosting.

Login to a hosting accounts dashboard and then click the File Manager icon.

file manager

This may launch the File Manager in which it’s possible to navigate the contents of your web server like you’d having an FTP client.  You want to visit the public_html/wp-content/themes/folder.

deletetheme - file manager

And afterward, you right click and then delete the theme that you would like to get rid of.

Things to Do When You Coincidentally Remove a WordPress Theme?

In the event that you coincidentally delete a  WordPress theme then you can find several methods to restore it again back.

To begin with you can restore the the from your backup. It is now simpler because most WordPress backup plugins enable you to swiftly restore your site to a previous stage.

But in the event that you failed to create an backup, then you definitely may revive the theme  by downloading and installing  a brand new replica of exactly the identical theme.

The drawback of this second strategy is that you would shed any customization you made towards the theme.

We expect that this short post  helped you know just how to delete a WordPress theme.

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