How to Split WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages?

Last updated on April 16th, 2022 at 07:23 pm

Are you searching for a simple process to break WordPress content  in specific web-pages?

Splitting very long articles into unique pages makes it more easy to visitors to read posts and also navigate various segments.

Inside the following guide, we’ll explain how to split WordPress posts into multiple pages, then step-by-step.

Basis behind Split Post in to multiple Page

for all people with website articles or site guides which are really prolonged, setting-up article pagination can boost the readability of the your content.

It helps to split the content in to different sections and then split them to various pages.

Inside this manner, visitors can readily take in your content  and  read any other portion they would like to learn far more about.  Additional benefit of splitting WordPress articles is  it can help in escalating page views and elevate ad earnings.

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Nevertheless, let’s take a take a look in exactly how  to split article in to various website pages. We’ll cover the way to break your WordPress post right into various web pages without a plugin and utilize a WordPress plugin.

  • Technique 1 # Break  Posts into Various Pages without a Plugin.
  • Technique 2 # Split  Post into Multiple Pages With a Plugin

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Technique 1 # Split Posts into Multiple Pages without a Plugin

The most basic way of getting ready article pagination is simply by employing the web page block into your WordPress editor.

That you simply won’t require a WordPress plugin to automatically interrupt your articles into various web pages.

To begin with, edit or incorporate a brand new article in your WordPress website. From then on, simply click the (+) button in which you wish to split your content and then insert a Page Break block.

add page break block

You need to finally observe a page break line in your post indicate at which the pagination can appear.

page break in content

If you’re employing the classic editor, then use the <!––next page––!> tag to split your content.

Simply edit any site article and then go into the’Text” view to entering the tag you’ll like to split the content.

insert next page tag

You might even utilize the Alt + shift + P keys on your keyboard to add page breaks. To do so, proceed into the visual perspective and press on the keyboard shortcut keys where you’d like to add a page break.

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After that, it will be possible to preview and also publish the following  site post. Today it’s possible to observe article pagination in  the bottom with this informative article stuff.

post pagination

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Technique 2 # Split WordPress Posts into Multiple Pages With a Plugin

Still, another means to split long articles into various web pages would be by simply utilizing a WordPress plugin.

The benefit with this particular system is that  it goes to immediately paginate information articles the moment they match exclusive standards.

With this particular program, we will use the complimentary Automatically Paginate Posts Plugin since it’s user friendly and operates with almost any WordPress theme.

To start with, install and then activate  that the Automatically Paginate Posts plugin to your own WordPress site.

automatically paginate post plugin

Once  the plug in is currently active in your own website, and go to  setting in WordPress Dashboard and click on reading and scroll down to the Automatically Paginate Posts section.

You may pick the specific post type to split into unique web pages.

After that, come to a decision whether to split posts from the whole quantity of pages or approximate phrases per website.

Click here on the assist save changes button to store preference.

The plugin will immediately divide your content  predicated in your own preferences. Nevertheless, you may possibly even incorporate page-breaks to a own content if utilizing this plugin. We hope this short informative article aided you realize how to split WordPress posts in to various website pages.

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