How to Own a Domain Name And Simple Tip To get It Free?

Last updated on March 27th, 2022 at 09:53 pm

Are you looking to launch a blog or start an online business in 2021 You will need to register a domain. Finding a domain name that is suitable for your website and registering it is the first step in building one.

In the above article we discuss how to own your domain name. A tip will be shared on how to sign up a domain without any cost.

So let’s go

What is a Domain Title?

Domain names are URL of your site that users write into their browsers to visit it. For example, If your site is a home, your domain identity will be its address.

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The internet is one huge nexus of computers and every computer is assigned an IP address (Internet Protocol Address). It looks like this: 012.345.067.008

This address is difficult to remember and the above number is not easy to remember. So, domain names was made to settle the above issue. 

Domain names can include numbers and alphabets, which allows business owners to create memorable names for their website address.

how domain works


Learn more about domain names by consulting our beginners guide to domain names and how they work.

What Will be The Conditions To Register a Name of Domain?

In 2020, an average of 56500+ domain names were registered each day.

There are currently more than 151.8 million domain names registered at .com. All TLDs have 366.3 million domain names.

All the domain names that are good are being registered right now. There is a possibility that any person can register the domain name you are thinking of. It’s wise to register domain names as soon as possible.

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Smart entrepreneurs register domain names before they launch a business.

Domain names are inexpensive and can be registered for up to a year. You can cancel your domain name registration if you don’t want to pursue an online business idea.

It is important to register domain names immediately if you want to build a business.

It will protect your brand’s name, business name, as well as future business ideas.

What will be the Price of a domain identity?

A .com domain name typically costs $14.99 per year. Each extension and TLD (top level domain) determine the cost of a domain. Some domains are more expensive than others.

We will not advocate that you operate any thing other than .com domains.This is because everyone remembers a domain name, and every smartphone keyboard has a key for .com.

Is it necessary to own a website to register a domain name?

You do not require a website to register a domain. A domain name can be registered and a website created later. SeedProd allows you to register a domain and set up a temporary website.

Many entrepreneurs view domain names as digital real-estate. They register good domain names and keep them in their possession for potential buyers who will then purchase them for profit.

How do You Select The Top Domain Name?

Your website’s identity and success are directly affected by your domain name. It is important to think carefully about what domain name you choose.

It’s important not to overthink it. Otherwise, you won’t get past the research phase.

There are many points for domain name search.

  • Your domain title must be simple to pronounce and spell. 
  • The .com extension is preferred by most users as they are easier to remember than other domain extensions.
  • In the domain name search, use your keywords and brand names.
  • Avoid using numbers and hyphens within your domain name. They are more difficult to pronounce and harder to remember.

Want more help? Get more advice from our experts on how to select the perfect domain title for your site.

To speed up your search, you can also use Nameboy’s domain name generator.

How Can We Register a Domain Title (Step by Step)

Any of the top domain registrars authorized by ICANN can register domain names.

There are many domain registrars. We will only cover the most common ways to register a domain. You may then choose the anyone that fits your needs.

  • How can We Register a Domain Title for Free
  • How do you register a domain?
  • How to Register a Domain Name with GoDaddy
  • Network Solutions – How to Register a Domain Name

How to Register a Domain name for Free

This is the best way to register a domain to create a blog or website.

A domain name typically costs $14.99 per year, while website hosting plans start at $7.99 per month. If you’re just starting out, this is a large amount of money.

Bluehost has kindly agreed to give our customers a free domain, SSL Certificate and a 60% discount on web hosting.

You may acquire hosting for $2.95 per monthly. Additionally, you will receive a domain name free of charge. This allows you to start your own website without spending a lot.

Bluehost is the biggest web hosting enterprises worldwide. Bluehost has been in business since 2003. They host over 2 million websites. They are also recommended by WordPress.

You will need to go to the Bluehost website, and hit on Get Started button.


This would grab you on the pricing page. Our users love their Basic and Plus plans.


To continue, click on the “Select” button below a plan.

Then, you will require to select a domain name. You will receive a domain name for free if you enter the domain name into the “New Domain” box.

select domain name

If the domain you have entered is available, you would be grab straight to the signup page. You would require to insert in your account personal  details. 

You will see some additional hosting options below your account information. They are not recommended to be purchased so they can be unchecked for now. You can always buy them later if you perceive you actually require them.

hosting extras

You can  insert your amount details and complete the purchase.

Bluehost will register your domain, create your hosting account, and send you an email containing a link to your control panel.

It makes sense to buy both web hosting and a domain name together to create any website.

Bluehost is not the best option if you don’t wish to use it to get a domain name. You can also use Dreamhost, Hostinger Hosting, InMotion Hosting, HostGator or Hostpapa Hosting. Each of these companies offers web hosting and domain name without any cost to our readers. # How Can I Get Domain Name? is the best choice if you are looking to register a domain name temporarily without creating a site.

It permits you to easily manage your domain name, without having to make a site.

Once you’re ready, point the domain to your preferred WordPress hosting provider.

First, visit and search for the domain name you want.

If the domain you wish is present, it may auto included to your cart.

The registration period can be extended to one year. You posses the choice to either retain or withdraw privacy protection. It will lower the cost of domain registration.

review cart

To resume, hit on Continue button.

You can review your order on the checkout page and then click the “Proceed to billing” button.

proceed billing

To complete the purchase of a domain, you would require to insert your account details and payment information.

finish purchase will now register the domain name and send you an email containing the link to your control panel.

How to Register a Domain name with Network Solution

Network Solutions is one the oldest companies in the domain name industry. Since 1993, they have been registering domains and were the sole registrar for all domain extensions.

They are today one of the most important domain registrars, with more than 7 million domains.

They offer domain registrations with a simpler control panel and simple tools for managing your domain names.

Here’s how to register domain names with network solutions.

For Firstly, please visit the Network Solutions website. You would require to insert the domain name that you desire to register in the search field.

network solution

If the domain name that you’re looking for is available, it would auto attach to your shopping cart. After you receive a successful message, click on the checkout button to continue your check-out.

domain available

You will be asked to sign in at checkout if you are returning customer or continue as guest.

purchase steps

Next you will be offered to enable domain privacy addon. It is better to exclude the above step and add it later, if necessary.

privacy domain

You will then be able to add additional products to your shopping cart. You can skip them by clicking Continue under the “Domain Only” box.

domain upsell offers

Finally, you will be able to enable domain protections like premium DNS or malware protection add-ons. These can be skipped for now, or you may include above after if required.

domain upsell offers 2

You will finally reach the checkout page.

redeem offer code

You can then continue to check out and make payment.

GoDaddy # How to Register a Domain name

Godaddy is the top well like domain registrar worldwide. They currently manage more than 77 million domains for 18 million users around the globe.

These hosting providers offer an easy to use domain control panel that allows you to point your domain at any provider you choose when you’re ready to create a website.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to register a domain with GoDaddy.

You first need to proceed to the GoDaddy site. Next, insert the domain title that you wish to acquire in the search box.

search domain godaddy

If your domain is available, you will receive a success message. Your domain title would be listed at the top and now you can include the above domain name into your cart.

add domain cart

To checkout hit on Continue to Cart button. 

GoDaddy will immediately display extra resources you may purchase with your domain name. These can be skipped by clicking on the continue button after selecting ” No thanks”.

continue checkout

The next page will display your domain name as well as its registration period. If you wish, you can extend the registration period up to 10 years.

We don’t recommend this. It is possible to resume your domain name at any moment prior to above domain lapse. If you are looking to save money, you can choose only a one year registration period.

domain cart

To start, you would required to make an account at Godaddy.

Once you have created an account you can enter your billing address to make a payment for the domain name.

GoDaddy will now register the domain name and send you an email containing a link to your control panel.

Pro Tip: Godaddy will automatically renew your domain name and pay bill from your account. If you forget to resume your domain, you will not miss it.

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FAQs about Domain Name Registration

Here are some answers to the most common domain name questions.

What will be the top domain registrar in your area is our favorite registrar because they offer all the features that you require.

It’s better to save money and get a domain free of charge with Bluehost web hosting. If you are not satisfy with your present provider, you can transfer your domain name.

What domain extension should I buy?
It is best to stick domain names. These domain names are easy to remember and most mobile devices have a dedicated key for .com.

Do I need to register domain extensions?
There are many other domain extensions that can be used in addition to the most popular .com, .net, or .org. These new domain extensions can be difficult to remember and hard to brand. 

For more information, please see our article on how to choose a new domain extension that will suit your website.

What will be the top ways to buy a domain name for lifetime?
A domain name cannot be purchased for a lifetime. Domain name registrations are done annually. You can pre-pay up to 10 year for a domain name. This guarantees you a domain for 10 years.

What happens to my domain once it expires?
If you don’t  resume your domain, it will expire automatically after the period for which you paid. Although some domain companies offer a grace period for renewing your registration, it is not guaranteed and you could lose control of the domain name.

How can I renew my domain?
Your domain control panel allows you to renew your domain. To automatically renew your domain, we recommend you enable auto-renew. If you don’t wish to resume your domain, you can turn it off.

Your domain registrar may remind you to resume your domain enrollment before it lapse. However, you could miss these emails and lose control over your domain name.

How do I buy a domain name but still reserve it?
You cannot reserve domain names without buying them. If you wish to reserve it, you must purchase it. It’s a low investment for businesses, considering the cost of domain names.

Is it feasible to buy an present domain name?
You can use brokerage to acquire domain names. It’s possible that the seller won’t want to sell the domain or offer a high price, but it is not guaranteed that you will receive the domain name you desire.

Premium domains can also be purchased from premium domain brokers like BuyDomains.

We wish you got above article useful in learning how to register a domain for your website.

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