How to Insert Footnotes into WordPress Posts in 2021?

Last updated on December 3rd, 2021 at 03:48 pm

Footnotes are a general ways to extend your article and insert transparency to any article. This is also a common way to share links and cite work. Probably one among the absolute most often encountered screens of footnotes can be found in websites like Wikipedia.

However, how can you place footnotes on WordPress?

As soon as it can develop these types of aspects manually, it is frequently simpler to utilize a plugin. In this example, you can notify guests without modifying a single setting, giving your blog post a more elegant and professional look.

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Inside this tutorial, I’ll explain the way you can add footnotes in WordPress and also the manner in which you are able to begin making your articles without delay.

what is reason to include Footnotes in WordPress?

Footnotes are largely utilized to incorporate mention substance, resources or high-light key facts at the bottom of your own content. Thus why they’re termed footnotes. So, according to the kind of articles your site creates, you might have area for footnotes.

For example, if you’ve written about historical events, you’ll undoubtedly have many sources from which you’ve gleaned information.

But as of how simple it’s to join right to some origin, they’re less hot since these were previously.

1 thing that they incorporate is actually a feeling of professionalism. Adding a genuine footnote vs an easy outside links appears wholly distinctive.

Hence, in the event that you would like to check slightly bit more professional and also allow your viewers get the resource or uncover any critical details, then incorporating them may be quite a fantastic advantage.

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With Easy Footnotes

Today, I’ll be demonstrating how to use Easy Footnotes. This is a highly rated plugin that sets up quickly.

This is sometimes arguably among the finest footnote plugins for WordPress. It includes a pop-up-on-hover characteristic and creates a listing of notes at the bottom of the specific article.

Be aware: In the right time with this tutorial, how the more plug in exhibits the “This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress.”  Concept. I’ve verified this plugin works absolutely in variant 5.3.2 of WordPress. 

Establish and then activate Easy Footnotes. This will definitely add a shortcode to WordPress, which generates making footnotes easy.

plugin installation

Proceed to Settings and select Easy Footnotes Option


The settings screen for your plugin exhibits exactly the shortcode you will utilize to incorporate into articles. Therefore, if you would like to bring a footnote, you can use the”[efn_note]” command.


Incorporating Footnotes

Imagine in case you like to bring an mention to a author . You’d place: [efn_note] author name [/efn_note].

Be aware: If you’re employing the Gutenberg Editor, you can add the shortcode to a traditional text box, or you may make use of a shortcode block. It is suggested the text block as footnotes really are a part of the text, nonetheless, that a shortcode block is a choice.


The plugin will immediately add a number and footnote at the bottom of the WordPress post.


If a user hovers over the numbers within the article, they may additionally observe a pop-up of the articles related to the footnote too. This is helpful if you produce longer WordPress articles. Rather than scrolling down to underneath, an individual can observe that the relationship in this pop-up.


Incorporating a Footnotes Tag

Return to the setting display for Easy Footnotes. What if you prefer a tag to highlight at which the footnotes are exhibited in articles? Possibly you would like to demonstrate a list with reference sources or material.

Change that the”Footnotes” tag while in the text field.


Click on the checkbox into Insert Easy Footnotes Tag.


You have to click the Update Options to Keep label.

update options

The tag will reveal that every other place you’ve might have footnotes.


Remember, this label will be visible any place footnotes are. Hence, if you’re using your footnotes in different ways, such as highlighting facts, the tag may not make a lot of awareness.

Congratulations on learning out how exactly to add footnotes in WordPress.

When for whatever reason that you usually do not like the Easy Footnotes plugins, then you will find a lot of alternate options to pick from right down below.

Additional Footnote Plugins to Look at

Even though the Easy Footnotes plugin is maybe one of my favorites, you can find lots to pick out of WordPress. All of it boils down to everything you are the most acceptable match for whatever you attempt to communicate to your website.

Below are some different plugins you might need to think about. Some of them do the job properly with practically any type of WordPress hosting accounts.

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Inline Footnotes


Inline Footnotes is just another straightforward and effective system, much like this application above. It supplies a pop-up section for users, although offering a couple of additional options to alter the footnote’s color.

However, this plugin will not include a list of the footnotes in the bottom of this article.

Footnotes Made Easy


Footnotes Made Easy features has a lot more customization options on the market about the plugins. It manages paginated articles, offers tool tips with jQuery, and unites equal notes to prevent replicating. However, it will not use a traditional shortcode since it depends upon double parenthesis rather than.

Modern Footnote


Modern Footnotes usually takes an intriguing tactic you might need to look at. On a desktop computer, footnotes will look like pop-ups. Yet they expand under the text formerly seen via a mobile apparatus. This might help keep the content functional and clean on almost any gadget.

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Enrich the User Experience

Employing footnotes merely serve to boost how user watch your content. By generating the article more specialist in appearance, it works to boost brand awareness and authority. Cite your resources nicely, and visitors will probably trust the content longer.

What types of factors do you give visitors to enhance brand reputation? How frequently do you mention cite in your article?

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