11 Points Checklist on How to Get Google Adsense Approval Within 24 Hrs?

Last updated on December 6th, 2021 at 07:30 pm

If you’re trying hard to acquire approval from Google Adsense afterward, the primary reason is that you do not understand very well what Google Adsense is trying to find when you should apply. So this guide tell you on how to get Google Adsense Approval .

And also, this is common for all, therefore no to be concerned about.

What you presume Obtaining Adsense approval is magical. It’s a far more demanding task; Adsense simply approves to specific sites, even if that’s the case, then you’re mistaken.

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Since the only method to acquire quick Adsense approval is after guideline, what Google Adsense is currently expecting, and the fantastic news is that I’ve listed most of those in this guide.

This guide would be a checklist for Google Adsense endorsement; however, to over-deliver, I also have covered the many asked questions by the close of the guide.

So, read all of the points attentively, and I am pretty sure you are certain to get Adsense Approval fast within 2 4 Hrs.

What’s Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising platform from Google, and it’s amongst the very widely used platform where they possess an inventory of adverts beginning $0.01 to $500 to get every ad.

So the company goes to a platform to bid for advertising to Google Adword and using Google Adsense displays those advertisements on various platforms like Google Blog, YouTube channel, etc., which are any approved publishers.

Therefore It’s a real business, and someone’s spending money to promote their products, so It’s evident to Search for quality publishers for Google Adsense or even blogger, put simply.

Therefore that the rule would be, you need to develop into an excellent publisher to acquire Adsense approval.

Now let us proceed through every one of the points and explain how to be eligible for a Google Adsense.

11 Point Checklist for how to get Google Adsense Approval

Below listed all points are researched, and so only follow the same mindmap, and you’ll have the remedy to all the problems.

No 1 # Minimum Quantity of Website Posts and Website customization

You website must have quality content and well optimized so this is the golden rule approved by Google Adsense.

Hence that the reviewer receives a look and believes that you’re a real content creator.

So my proposal is to publish at least ten blog posts with a minimum sentence length of 1500-2000 words.

Make sure you possess social-media account linked to the site, the font you’ve used for articles is readable, and also the font size has to become 14 px.

That makes your website prepared to critique further.

No 2 # Have To Buy Custom Domain name

It’s nowhere written in the rule book of Google Adsense or someone of its coverages; you need to have a customized domain name such as I possess “askjitendrakumar.com”

But we strongly urge you to own a custom domain instead of any subdomain such as “health.askjitendrakumar.com.”

Therefore irrespective of what you may do in your blogging journey however consistently get a customized domain name, and also you are able to purchase it from  NameCheap, which pays less than $ 9 for annually.

Also, to make sure that your domain should be over three weeks old, you can use any free SEO Domain Age Checker tool to check any domain age.

domain age checker tool

This tool may allow you to track any domain name status, as it was initially registered so when it was updated and how older the domain is. You’re able to utilize the same tool while purchasing the expired domain.

No 3 # Proper Navigations on-site or menu

Navigations means having menus or categories on your website, which aids an individual to intercept particular website articles.

In line with Google Adsense Website eligibility criteria, they’ve said about easy-to-use navigations.

google adsense eligibility

Why site navigation is mandatory, as it helps a user and the manual AdSense reviewer, what kind of content you have written.

Adsense doesn’t accept any site that includes written adult or gambling-related articles.

This navigation helps them navigate through your site and get quick reviews.

So they will find that you have made things easier for the user and that you are a legal source of information.

It also made them believe that you are not hiding any content from the visibility of a reviewer; this means providing complete transparency.

No 4 # Site Should Have Desired Pages

It’s part of essential site customization, and you need to explain to the user what you’re doing on your site.

Thus ensure your website needs to have the below pages at the least.

  • About Us Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Contact Us Page
  • Disclosure Page

On the about us page, clarify you along with your website. Contact us page add any contact form or your current email address.

The privacy policy page needs to explain what you’re doing with user data if you’re capturing some or possess them, notifying how the cookies and surf data are captured get a far better user experience.

The disclosure page is optional, but there should be a disclosure note at the bottom of each post or on the sidebar widget to promote certain affiliate products and sponsored links in the content.

No 5 # Comment Section Enabled on website

You’re writing content to help individuals, that are searching for specific questions simply, or so the reader may genuinely have a unique query.

To provide them with an opportunity to create their issues, ensure your comment box for each site article should be enabled.

But don’t allow end-users to post a comment and publish it immediately instantly; instead, have them under moderation mode.

So that you’ll initially review, after which approved comments will probably be visible to everybody else.

This is because many users may post a spammy or adult comment or blog link in the comment box, and you’re liable for your website content.

Therefore, while Adsense reviewers examine your website and discover your articles are good or possibly the finest, your comment is connected with a spammy or adult site. You will get rejections.

Therefore, in short, comments are compulsory however ought to be under your control.

No 6 #  Mobile Responsive website

The site should have a Frequent variant for the Desktop and Mobile.

The website has to be mobile responsive. Google Adsense additionally starts looking for the user experience on-site, on both the mobile and desktop versions.

However, if the site view on mobile is terrible, you may get a rejection from Google Adsense.

Therefore, the quick solution is to use the Mobile responsible theme, and here my recommendation would be the GeneratePress theme.

It is possible to check with ourFree Mobile-Friendly test tool if your website is mobile-optimized or not.

mobile friendly test tool

No 7 # Structured Meta-data has to be implemented

Any search engine is a crawler and requires a definite guideline on what your content is about and the best way to go through structured metadata.

Structured metadata is a code implemented on your site, which in other words also known as data structured schema.

This is a part of the original Google Webmaster Guidelines, and to implement such code, and you only need to use the default schema optimized theme.

A free SEO Tool call search engine spider simulator can help you understand how your website is visible to any search engine crawler.

Simply install the theme, and you’re finished with an optimized schema website.

No 8 # Website Loading Speed and Performance

User experience is above everything for Google and its services and products; for example, Google Adsense and maybe not merely theme customization but website loading speed is essential.

If your website requires more than 3-4 minutes to load, perhaps not merely your website can get affected in Google rank but get rejections from the Google AdSense approval.

It is possible to examine your internet site loading speed and performance with our free site speed checker.

So if your site is on Google’s free blogging platform Blogger, then you need to optimize the theme and images, which are all necessary.

However, if your website is on WordPress afterward, your vital element is the hosting you’re using.

If you are a beginner and have a budget of less than $ 20 / year, then the best affordable solution is to go with Hostinger.


Therefore, make sure that your site has a good loading speed from user engagement, making your Adsense approval opportunities higher.

No 9 # Do Not Write Plagiarized or Scap Content.

Your website needs to have written original and unique articles and ensure that it should not be thin content.

Thin content usually means this content span is less than 600 words and having such articles on the website creates your website less quality and fewer chances of getting approved.

In other words, do not copy other content, so the total percentage of your site’s content should not be more than 20-30%.

However, how to check on the plagiarism of articles?

The simplest solution is to use our free Plagiarized Pro tool to check your content against Google index pages and give you an accurate score.

 Plagiarism checher tool

 Plagiarism checher tool

Simply put your articles of every post in the Edit box and then click to check plagiarism and the application does its job linking Google API.

Now check the plagiarism score, it should not be more than 20-30%, and if so, then you are as good as copying one of my blog post content, so the tool shows it 100% matching with the existing content.

So write plagiarism-free and authentic content and apply it to Google Adsense.

No 10 # Connect with Relevant External Sources

Your site is a digital property, where people will see, and Google Adsense will put adverts for advertisement purpose.

Thus, whatever information you’re providing, including connecting to outside sources, all need to be with a legit source of information.

If you provide an external connection to any weblog or youtube video, be sure the site also complies with Google Adsense policy.
Else the situation will stay the same: you’re presently writing excellent content but connecting with any suspicious website or Youtube Channel.

To check if the linking domain name is suspicious or not, then you should utilize our free Domain Spam Checker tool. It is going to scrap the global spam database and will provide you results.

domain spam checker tool

If you are using external videos or images, be sure to give them credit as you have taken this information from this source.

No 11 # Google Adsense Account Personal Profile

Even though you are good at all points, you need to make sure about the personal information in the Google Adsense profile.

Adsense only allows users who are over 18 years of age. nSo if you are younger than this and are applying for AdSense approval, you will get instant rejection.

In that case, create an advertising account in the name of your parent or guardian.

If you do not follow the Google Adsense Ads policy, then link your parent’s bank.

Bonus Recommendations FAQ on Google Adsense

Well, everything we discussed is that Google Adsense is hopping from any user website, but I’ve received lots of queries from Bloggers.

So I thought to cover all these in bonus tips so keep reading.

Q.1 #  How much traffic do you need for Google AdSense approval?
Google Adsense only looks for website optimization, loading speed, and original and unique content, so you do not need any traffic to be approved for Google Adsense.

Q.2 # Can I use Amazon to affiliate with AdSense?
Yes, you are allowed to use an Amazon affiliate on a website where you have already placed a Google Adsense ad. While ensuring you have a disclaimer page on your website, explaining that your site has Amazon Has partnered with the Associate Program.

Q.3 # Can I use Adsense with other advertisements like Media.net or Mediavine etc.?
Yes, Google Adsense allows you to use other 3rd party ads on your website with Google Adsense, but make sure that you keep the distance between the two ads and do not overlap them.

Q.4 # Should I use AMP with my site for Google Adsense approval?
AMP (Quick Mobile Page) is not mandatory, but you can use the AMP version website of the theme you are using, not mobile responsive or quick loading.

Q.5 # Your site is not available due to a Google Adsense error; what does it mean?
When you apply for Google Adsense, they have given you a code that needs to be copy-pasted into the website’s header tag.

If you have not copied that code and sent it to your website for approval, you will not receive an acceptance instead of that error message.

Second reason is that the website loading speed is very slow.

The third biggest reason is that your site may be down if you are using cheap web hosting. If you are good at all these three points, you will not have any errors for Google Adsense approval.

Q.6 # How to fix you already have an existing Adsense account problem?
This problem is widespread for many bloggers because they do not know that Google Adsense allows only one account.

If you have more than one website, you will need to apply using the same account in the site section.

To fix this problem, create an entirely new AdSense account with your family member’s name, do not use an existing email, name, mobile number, or even backup email.

Now after the creation of a new account applies for Adsense, you will get instant approval.

Q.7 # How long does it take for Google Adsense to approve the website?Ideally, Adsense responds in a maximum of 48 hours, but it also depends on how many websites are queuing at a time because it is the approval process manual.

But in a maximum of 2-4 weeks, it takes Google to reply from Adsense, and there is no way to communicate with the Google Adsense team.

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