How to Delete All WordPress Comments in 2021?

Last updated on April 18th, 2022 at 09:01 pm

Would you like to delete all of your comments from the WordPress website?

It’s infrequent, and however, in certain situations, a website owner may choose to delete all of the comments from their WordPress website. When you own plenty of comments, then that can require time and energy to delete them.

In the subsequent advice, we will explain  how to delete all WordPress comments readily.

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Before Removing All Comments in WordPress

There are several valid scenarios in which an individual wants to delete all WordPress comments with no hesitation manually.

As an instance, you filled WordPress using random comments over a development blog only to observe just how they’d search. You want to delete Those comments prior to proceeding into a live site

There are several different scenarios, too, at which a website owner might like to get rid of the comments out of their WordPress website.

But as long as you wish to delete the junk comments, look at our manual to batch delete junk comments from WordPress.

If you’re upset about spam comments onto your WordPress, then be certain to assess these suggestions and tools to fight comment spam on your WordPress.

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After you detect comments seeing upon the pages, examine in how to disable comments on web page from WordPress.

In case none of those above events apply, then read on. Initial, you ought to create a whole WordPress backup of your site.

Removing all comments in WordPress may be a very lasting exercise. You’ll be unable to reverse it the moment you’ve deleted these comments.

This really is why it’s essential that you have a backup.

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Technique 1 # Removing  All Comments through Plugin in WordPress

The simplest means to disable all WordPress comments at the same time will be using a plugin.

Notice: this course of activity is permanent, and you ought to take a whole WordPress backup before proceeding ahead. This permits you to restore comments if you change the mind.

The most important thing you’re looking for to accomplish would be setup and activate Delete All Comments of the WordPress plugin..

Upon activation, you have to visit the Tools -> Delete Comment page. This is where you could determine the entire number of comments on your site and selections to delete comments.

delete comment

You may decide to delete all comments, pending comments, spam comments, or comments in the garbage.

If you would like to delete all WordPress comments, pick the All comments option and click the Delete Now button.

The plugin will permanently delete all of your comments from your WordPress website, including those in junk and trash.

Now you can visit the comment page, and you may understand all comments securely deleted from the WordPress website.

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Technique 2 # Delete Each Of WordPress Comments Employing phpMyAdmin

You may even immediately delete all of the WordPress comments applying MySQL or even phpMyAdmin. This manner is recommended for much more innovative consumers

Notice: this course of activity is more permanent far too. You ought to take an entire WordPress backup or make a WordPress database backup before proceeding ahead.

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It is compulsory you have to log in the cPanel dashboard of WordPress hosting accounts. And now, you must visit the database section and then click phpMyAdmin.


Within phpMyAdmin, then you have to find your WordPress database. Today you can observe the full-page showing most your WordPress database tables.

empty comments table

Assess the box adjacent to wp_comments along with wp_commentmeta tables.

The identify of your comments table can vary depending up on the table prefix you pick on through the duration of your WordPress installment.

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The time picking the comments table track down the drop-down menu under the table list and select for vacant  from drop down menu.

PhpMyAdmin will show you a warning asking if you want to drain these tables.

confirm deletion

And Opt for the yes button to carry on. This will absolutely delete each the WordPress comments  from this database.

You might also delete all of the WordPress comments applying MySQL console (command line ).

TRUNCATE `wp_commentmeta`;
TRUNCATE `wp_comments`;

Only log in to Your MySQL console and execute this command:

That is all we hope that this informative guide helped you know just how to delete all of the comments in WordPress.

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