How to Create a Custom Home Page in WordPress?.

Last updated on April 17th, 2022 at 08:51 pm

We generally get asked if it is feasible to make a customized homepage in WordPress. WordPress defaults to displaying your article on its homepage by default. You may need to make your business website more appealing.

This will allow users to find the information they are looking for and increase sales conversions.

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This article will demonstrate how to create a WordPress custom homepage. There are many options to make  a customized Homepage in WordPress. The easiest option is available.

What is a homepage?

A homepage, also known as the ready made introductory or front page of a website, is a page that serves as the home page. It’s the page that is displayed when someone enters the domain name of your website in their browser’s URL bar.

home page

Your homepage serves one purpose: to direct users to your business or website.

It should include all information required to permit users access to other pages on your website.

WordPress default displays your most recent blog posts on its homepage. It only displays a small number of your most recent articles, which is not a good thing.

The default homepage of a business website does not include information about your company, products, or services. Users are not able to reach you through the default homepage.

WordPress comes with a built-in function to permit you to make a customized home page.

Choosing a Customized Page to be utilized as Homepage in Website

You can easily choose a custom page to be used as your homepage in WordPress. To generate brand new pages, simply visit Pages -> Create New Page in the WordPress dashboard  admin area.

Let’s name this page as Homepage and publish it. This page will be your homepage.

Do not worry about the layout and design of your website at this time. We will later show you how to design your homepage.

If you wish to have a blog on the site, you will need to create a separate page for it to display your posts.

Proceed to Pages >> Add New Page and create a new page named Blog. You can publish the page.

After you have generated pages, navigate to Settings >> Reading page in your dashboard admin area in WordPress. Select the A static webpage option in the ‘Your homepage displays’ section.

select home page

Next, select the homepage or blog pages that you have created previously.

To save your settings, don’t forget about clicking the Save Changes button.

Once you’ve created a page that will be your homepage, let us begin designing your WordPress homepage.

Method 1 # Make a customized homepage using Gutenberg.

WordPress launched Gutenberg, a block-based editor, in December 2018. The new editor allows users not only to create content but beautiful layouts too.

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You can use blocks to organize each content element to create the page structure you want.

WordPress blocks can be used to design things like cover images, columns and tables, text, media, and galleries.

homepage gutenberg

Each block has its settings that allow you to personalize its appearance to suit your design needs.

Gutenberg block plugins allow you to extend the blocks available to increase your block collection. These plugins let you use advanced elements such as sliders and testimonials, and other designs.

gutenberg ultimate addons

Gutenberg readymade WordPress themes are also available. These themes allow you to be more flexible with working with blocks.

We recommend Astra. It comes with Gutenberg templates which you can use using their Astra Starter Sites plugin.

After you have imported a template, the default WordPress editor allows you to edit it and create a professional-looking homepage.

Method 2 # Make a Customized Homepage utilized Page Builders

This is a straightforward method that does not require any design or coding skills. In this procedure we would utilized a plugin for WordPress Page builder.

A page builder plugin lets you create custom page layouts with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Beaver Builder is our favorite page builder plugin. It’s easy to use and very user-friendly. You can easily install dozens of homepage templates from the Beaver Builder.

After the template is installed, you can make changes to it using point-and-click tools. You can modify the content and images or extend the template with additional widgets and sections.

homepage beaver builder

Making a customized FrontPage utilized Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder provide you permission to approach  Beaver Themer, that is permit you to make your theme with no code.

Elementor is another option. Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder plugin. It comes with drag-and-drop templates and an intuitive interface.

home page elementor

Method 3 # Make a Customized FrontPage Manually (Coding Required)

This method requires programming and is not recommended to beginners. This method requires you to be familiarized with WordPress coding practices, HTML, and CSS.

Let’s find out how it works.

The files that make up your WordPress theme are many. These files, known as templates, control how certain sections of your website are displayed.

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Front-page.php is one of these templates. WordPress will display your customized homepage if your theme uses this template.

site front page

If your theme doesn’t have it, you can make one.

Save the file as front-page.php. The file must be uploaded to the current theme folder in your WordPress hosting account via FTP.

WordPress will display your homepage as soon as the file is uploaded. This file is empty, so you’ll see a blank page.

This can be fixed by adding your HTML code to your homepage. It is easier to use existing code and templates from your WordPress theme.

You can, for example, use the same header as your footer. WordPress generate it simple to incorporate these templates.

<?php /* This page is used to display the static frontpage.
// Fetch theme header template
get_header(); ?>
<div id=”primary” <?php astra_primary_class();
<div class=”custom-homepage-container”>
You custom homepage code goes here
</div><!– #primary –>
//Fetch the theme footer template
<?php get_footer(); ?>

This is an example code that removes the sidebars and content but preserves the navigation and header templates.

Tips on How to Make a WordPress Custom Homepage Effective

The homepage of your website is the most crucial page. It is the first page that visitors see to learn about your company, products, or services.

Keep your homepage design simple. We have found that users are more comfortable with more straightforward layouts on our websites.

Don’t clutter the page, but make sure you don’t hide important information that users may want to see. It is vital to prioritize which content should be included first in your layout.

Before you create a website homepage, write down your goals. This will help you to identify an explicit design goal.

Website visitors should be converted into customers for most blogs and businesses. This is possible with OptinMonster.

It is the finest plugin to generate popups and lead in WordPress. It converts website visitors into paying customers and subscribers.

You will want to monitor how your customized homepage performs. Install Google Analytics  on your website to do this. This allows you to see the origins of your visitors and what they did on your site.

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It is also essential to make it easy for users to reach you. WPForms is the best WordPress plugin for this purpose.

A click-to-call button can be added to your website so that people can call your business.

We recommend that you look at the websites of your competitors as well as other sites in your niche. You don’t have to imitate their designs. However, we recommend that you learn from their best practices before you create your homepage design.

We hope you found this post useful in making a WordPress custom homepage. Check out our proven tips for rank website on Google  and how to promote website on Google?.

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