How to Build an eCommerce Website from Scratch?

Last updated on March 28th, 2022 at 07:51 am

Surveys show that online businesses are growing faster than traditional businesses. Online selling has become a complementary activity for established businesses. First, it is mandatory to have an eCommerce website.

There are unquestionable method for creating and managing an eCommerce website. Although professional assistance is always sought, fair knowledge can also be helpful in the creation of an online business.

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These steps will help you build an eCommerce store.

Select the Product You would like to Sell

You must have seen multiple websites selling different items while browsing the internet. Some websites are committed to selling specific service or  products, such as fashion, travel plans, clothing, etc.

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There are also other eCommerce websites that sell multiple products, such as mobile phones, laptops, and household appliances, books, CDs or home theatres, handy cameras, sports goods, etc. It is a large departmental store that sells everything under one roof.

select product

It is important that you must choose the product or service you want to sell via your website from the beginning. It is important to determine the local demand before you decide on an item for trade.

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Whether the item is online or offline, buyers will always prefer to purchase items from local vendors. Local suppliers will always deliver faster, have easier payment terms, and provide quicker replacements for defective or wrong shipments.

Select Your Business Model

business model
You can choose the business model that suits your needs as an eCommerce business owner. You can either sell through your eCommerce store or on marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay. You can also sell products on both platforms simultaneously.

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Select a business and domain name


After choosing your business model and range of products, it is time to pick a business name. Your business name should reflect your products and be easy to remember for your target market. Your domain is your identity. It makes it simple for prospective customer to find you online.

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It is possible to share a domain with small enterprise that have little financial budget. It is simple to reach your specific buyers by sharing a domain name with an established company. You have to get a unique domain for your business to help with search engine optimization and recognition.

Select An eCommerce Website Builder

website builder
You can select any eCommerce website builder that makes it easy to create your online store. You can create websites with this DIY online software in a matter of seconds and start selling products immediately.

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Your eCommerce Store Design

ecommerce store

Your eCommerce site must be your outlet. It should be simple to utilize for your buyer. You should incorporate details regarding the services and goods you provide on your site.

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Your website should include images, descriptions, prices, and user comments. Your web page must accurately showcase your products, so buyers don’t get misled. Your website and web pages should be attractive because it is your brand’s online representation.

Installation of the Payment Gateway

payment gateway
Online businesses should provide various payment choice to buyers. There are many eStore builders, can automatically set these functions upon your website. The buyers must be able to make payments by credit cards, online wallets, cash on delivery and debit cards.

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Installation of SSL Certificate for Securing  Your site

ssl certificate

Secured Security Layers (SSL) is required for all websites that transmit data online. Your website will be secure with an SSL certificate. It also builds trust between your customers. Google recommends that every website have an SSL certificate.

Choose Your Shipping Partner

shipping partner
You will need to ship products to customers once you have started selling products on your eCommerce website. Sprocket is an eCommerce logistics aggregator service that you should choose. You have multiple options for shipping your product to different courier agencies, which allows you to maximize your profit.

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These are the method to make an eCommerce site for your product or service and get started merchandising immediately.

A word of caution

PPC ads can be too exciting for eCommerce store owners because they provide immediate ROI. It leads to many eCommerce store owners neglecting their SEO.

It is a best alternative if you are trying to make quick money with your online shop. Search engine optimization is a compulsory if you want to create a brand and sustain business.

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Summing Up

  • Find the most popular products consumers are likely to purchase. To identify these products, you can use Trend Hunter or Google Trends.
  • As you’re spending a lot of time and money on your business, align your passion with your business.
  • Create a new service or concept.
  • Find the best web development company that can assist you with technical aspects.
  • Try to marketing your online store, and never stop improving it.

No better time than now to build your eCommerce site, whether you are a new entrepreneur or an established retailer is looking to increase your online presence. There are many effective ways to reach your target market, regardless of which eCommerce solution or marketing channel you choose.

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The competition for this audience will only increase as more online retailers emerge every day. It’s important to start the ball rolling as soon as possible, whatever that means for your business.

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