How to Arrange Two Photos Or Screenshots Side by Side in 2021?.

Last updated on December 1st, 2021 at 10:27 pm

A full-time blogger is often asked if I would like to display two photos or product images side by side. Unfortunately, either the blog tools I use don’t allow this or make it difficult.

What’s the solution? Quick Picture Tools – Combine Images is a simple Web tool that’s quick and easy. This is how you can combine two images into one.

It can also create a 4-image collage. This is a process that becomes apparent after you have started with two images. This tool is  attach several images into one.

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Feature of Quick Picture Tools.

  • You can combine up to nine images such as (three images horizontally and three vertically).
  • You can add up to nine text. In the empty text fields, enter your texts.
  • This tool can create images with widths and heights of up to 8,000 pixels.
  • If the width/height is greater than 4,000 pixels, it will shrink to 4000 pixels.

You can shrink the image. You can also enlarge it to three times the original size. The server will not receive the loaded images. Your computer will generate the modified image.

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Process for Attach Two Images  to One Side by Side 

Step 1 # Start Quick Picture Tools by opening your browser. There will be a blank window with several options below.


Step 2 # You have to go to 1st of the four box, select one of top left and click on the Add button. Then select the folder that include the first image you wish to add, then click the button to open it.

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Zooming out may be necessary to see both images side-by-side.

Step 3 # Continue the process by selecting the Add button at this top right. You would now be in position see two images side-by-side. You’re good if they are roughly equal in size.

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You can click the zoom selector to choose between 25 percent or 50 percent if either one of them is too large. This should let you at least view them side-by-side.


Step 4 # Adjust the Height and Width fields to make your images approximately equal. You can leave the sizes of two screenshots alone, though. You can use the width/height or padding tools to properly space and size your images.


Step 5 # Use the Padding tool to create extra white space between images. Click and hold the up button until you have the desired space. Or, you can manually enter a value.

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The Margin tool will also add a border to the outside edge of your images, while Rounded Corners will round out the edges of your images.


Step 6 # Type text in one of the fields beneath the Add Image Tools. The preview will be displayed immediately. You can drag it and drop it wherever you like. You can also modify the size, font, color, and font.


Step 7 # Select the output format you prefer (JPEG, PNG), and then click Generate Image. Select your Save As option and name the new image.


This is the final result of using Quick Picture Tools – Combine Tools.

combine images

This is not a complicated process, but it offers a fast and efficient way to combine images. This is all from my side, I hope you find it useful.

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