How to Add Title Attribute in WordPress Navigation Menu in 2021?

Last updated on December 3rd, 2021 at 07:28 pm

Not too long ago, one of our subscribers asked if there is a means to add title attributes in WordPress menus?

The title attributes give you the ability to furnish extra information regarding a hyperlink. Often it looks as tool tip text as soon as the mouse goes across the hyperlink.

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Inside the following article, we’ll explain how to add title attributes in WordPress navigation menus.

Why Use Title Attribute at Menus?

Title attributes are an HTML feature that may be inserted for any part. However, it is most widely used in combination with images and links.

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It enables you to give extra info regarding the hyperlink or your image.

title attributes

Generally, web browsers display the title feature on mouse over. This permits users to observe which this link will take them until they click on it.

Screen viewers read the title feature, but quite a few display screen readers will probably disregard it and certainly will just read the alt text.

A few search engine optimization experts feel it isn’t of good use, while some assert it’s of good use for search engine optimization since it enables you to supply broader context.

WordPress eliminated title attributes from add hyperlink popup in variant 4.2. But, you may quickly insert the title and rel=nofollow options in the insert hyperlink popup.

Addition of  Title Attribute in WordPress

For adding title attributes you first have to visit the admin dashboard of  your website  backend and choose Appearance-> and select Menu page and then click the Screen Options tab in the top right corner of the screen.

enable title attributes

This will bring down a menu in which you have to click the check box and next to the Title Attribute option.

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From then, only scroll down and click any item on your current menu to automatically enlarge it. You may finally see the title attributes field.


You may now insert the text you wish to use as a title and repeat it for each menu item inside your navigation menu.

Do not neglect just to click the save menu to store the own changes.

You may now go to your site and choose your mouse into some link within the navigation menu. You may see that the title attributes exhibited as a tooltip.

title tooltip

You may take title attributes further with jQuery with the addition of detailed tooltips on the mouseover effect.

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We expect that this short article helped you know how to add title attributes in WordPress navigation menus.

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