How to Add Custom Fonts in WordPress in 2021?

Last updated on April 15th, 2022 at 06:06 pm

Are you ready to include custom made fonts in WordPress? Customized fonts ensure it is feasible for you make use of a wonderful combination of different fonts on your site in order to boost typography and user friendly.

Besides looking excellent, custom fonts may even allow you to boost readability and make a brand image and boost the time users devote to your site.

Inside the following informative guide, we’ll demonstrate how to add custom fonts in WordPress with Google Fonts, TypeKit, along with CSS3 @Font-Face with the approach.

Notice: Loading numerous fonts may slow down your site. We advocate deciding on two fonts and rely on them around the site. We will also demonstrate how to load them without even slowing your site precisely.

Formerly we look at just how exactly to add custom made fonts in WordPress. Let us look at finding custom fonts you may utilize.

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How To Locate Customized Fonts to Utilize in WordPress

Fonts used to be pricey, however, no longer. You will find lots of places to come across unique free web fonts like Google Fonts, Typekit, FontSquirrel, along

If you don’t find out exactly how to combine and match fonts, then subsequently try Font Pair. It can help designers pair exquisite Google fonts jointly.

Since you’re selecting your fonts, bear in mind that having many custom fonts will probably slow off your site. This is why you need to decide on two fonts make use of them throughout your design.  This may additionally bring attention to your design.

Incorporating  Custom Fonts in WordPress from Google Fonts

fonts previews

Google Fonts is your most significant, totally free, and most often used fonts library among website designers. You’ll find several methods by which you may incorporate and utilize Google Fonts in WordPress.

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Technique 1# Integrating Custom Fonts With Easy Google Fonts Plugin

If you’d like to incorporate and utilize Google Fonts onto your site, then this specific way is unquestionably the simplest and advocated for newbies.

The first point you ought to do is install and then activate the Easy Google Fonts plugin.

install and activate easy google fonts plugin

Upon activation, you could go to visit ->>Appearance ->>Customizer web page. The Customizer will open the live theme customizer interface at which you will observe the brand new Typography portion.

typography tab

Choosing Typography can reveal various segments of your site at which it’s possible to implement Google Fonts. Click here ‘Edit Font’ beneath the section that you would like to edit.

typography setting

Under the font family section, you may pick any Google Font you would like to utilize onto your site. You may even select font style, font size, padding, margin, plus additional.

Depending upon your theme, the variety of segments could be constrained, and you may be unable to right change the font selection for several segments on your site.

To fix that, your plugin also permits you to produce your controllers and apply these to change fonts onto your site.

To begin with, you have to visit setting ->> Google Fonts web page and offer a title for the font control. Utilize something that will help you immediately know where you will use this particular font control.

font contol

Following That, click the create font control button, then you may definitely be asked to input CSS selectors

You may include HTML elements that you like to aim for (for example, h1, h2, p, blockquote) or utilize CSS classes.

You may use an inspect tool on your browser to determine which CSS classes can be employed from the unique area you wish to modify.

css selector

Click on the save font controller button to store your own settings. You may make so many font controls as you require distinct segments of the site.

To utilize these font controllers, you will need to head to visit ->> Customizer and then click the Typography tab.

Under Typography, you are going to see a Theme Typography option too. Clicking on it is going to present that your custom font control you generated earlier.

Today you can just click the edit button to Choose the appearance and fonts for this particular control.


Do not neglect the save or publish button to store the changes.

Technique 2# Manually Include Google Fonts in WordPress

This method lets you add code into WordPress theme files. To start, take a look at the Google fonts library and choose a font you would like to use. Click on the quick usage  button under the font.

select fonts

Along with the font page, then you’re likely to see the styles out there for this font.

Choose the styles you would like to use in your project, and then click the sidebar button on the top.

embed fonts

Then, it’s necessary for you to change to the embed tab in the sidebar to manually replicate the embed code.

You will find two ways that you may bring this code into an own WordPress website.

To begin with, you may easily edit the theme’s header.php document and then paste the code before thetag.

But if you’re not familiar with using code enhancing in WordPress, then it’s possible to work with a plugin to add this code. 

For Insert Headers and Footers plugin that you want to setup  and then activate the above mentioned plug in.

Up on activation, then subsequently go  setting->> Insert Headers and Footers page and then paste the embed code in your Scripts in the header box.

add font code

Do not neglect to click the Save button to store the changes.  The plugin will likely start loading the Google Font embed code all pages of Your Website

You May use this font in your theme’s style sheet such as that:

.h1 site-title

font-family: ‘Open Sans’, Arial, sans-serif;

Visit our guidebook for much more comprehensive guidelines about what steps to take to add Google fonts in WordPress topics best.

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Incorporating Custom Made Fonts in WordPress With Typekit


Typekit from Adobe Fonts is just another no-cost and excellent helpful resource for exquisite fonts you may use in your design layout. They have a paid subscription in addition to a free plan you may utilize.

Only subscribe to get an Adobe Fonts accounts and visit the navigate fonts section. You have to click on the </> button to choose a font and generate a project from the following.

addtypekit font

Next, you are going to observe the embed code together with your project ID. It will even explain to you just how to utilize the fonts in your theme’s CSS.

You first require to copy and paste that code within the segment of your site.

typekit font code

You will find just two ways that you may bring this code into a WordPress website.

To begin with, you may easily edit the theme’s header.php document and then paste the code before the tag.

But if you’re not familiar with using code enhancing in WordPress, then it’s possible to work with a plugin to add this particular code.

Find the Insert Headers and Footers plugin, then install and activate the plugin. 

On activation then you have to go to dashboard in WordPress and search setting menu and choose Insert Header and Footers paste the embed code in the Scripts in header box.

type wp add code

That is all, and You may now utilize the Typekit fonts you have chosen in your WordPress theme’s style sheet such as that:

h1 .site-title {
font-family: gilbert, sans-serif;

Incorporating Custom Made Fonts in WordPress With CSS3 @font-face

Essentially the straightforward way of incorporating custom fonts in WordPress is by simply adding the fonts using the CSS3 @font-face method.  This action grants you the capability to make use of any font that you want in your  website.

The very first thing you have to download the font that you prefer in an web format. In the event you not have the web structure for your font, it will be likely to convert it with the FontSquirrel Webfont generator.

As soon as you’ve got precisely the Webfont files, then you’ll require to upload them to your hosting server.

The best area so as to bring the fonts is within an fresh fonts folder in your theme or little child theme’s directory.

You can use FTP or file manager f this C Panel to upload font.

Once you’ve uploaded the fonts you have to load up the fonts on your theme’s stylesheet Using CSS3 @font-face rule like this:

@font-face {
font-family: Arvo;
src: url(;
font-weight: normal;

Don’t forget to substitute for both the font-family along with URL by yourself personal.

Shortly later you are able to use these fonts everywhere in your theme’s stylesheet, like this:

.h1 site-title {
font-family: “Arvo”, Arial, sans-serif;

Loading fonts directly using CSS3 @font-face is not necessarily the best remedy

If you’re employing fonts from Google Fonts or even Typekit, it’s better to serve the fonts directly from their server for optimal performance.

That is all we expect that this article enables you to add custom fonts in WordPress

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